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  1. seems it has returned to normal. having no more issues
  2. lag in the sense that i que up actions then there is a delay then the actions start and finish all at once or at least many at once. also opening piles and transfering between even typing in chat. long delays between the enter prompt until it shows up in the channel
  3. since the last update the lag has been the worst i have ever seen in this game. wondering if it will be fixed or if anyone else has seen this on deliverance
  4. i have gotten 22 2x body 2x body str 2x body stam 4x pickaxe 4x misc items 1x bs 1x mining 1x normal fighting 1x mind 2x soul 1x soul str 1x stone chisel
  5. no one wants to give this spiky shiny puppy a home?
  6. wts rare archeology statue of rift beast 15s messege me here or in game same name
  7. wts supreme great helm copper asking 12s message me here or in game same name