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  1. Have you Scored a Affinity yet?

    i have gotten 22 2x body 2x body str 2x body stam 4x pickaxe 4x misc items 1x bs 1x mining 1x normal fighting 1x mind 2x soul 1x soul str 1x stone chisel
  2. [SOLD] WTS BLACK Color Rune, Wood

    curiosity bump
  3. good merchant happy with my order and delivery of bronze. thank you
  4. i have one of these it is like a cute shiny german shappard puppy.
  5. wts rare rift beast

    no one wants to give this spiky shiny puppy a home?
  6. wts rare rift beast

    wts rare archeology statue of rift beast 15s messege me here or in game same name
  7. wts supreme great helm copper

    still selling
  8. wts supreme great helm copper

    wts supreme great helm copper asking 12s message me here or in game same name
  9. The Screenshots Thread

    super impressive!!! nice work
  10. The Wurm Economy Problem

    i have no issue with the cost of owning and upkeeping deeded lands. you get what you pay for. my point was if more silver ( as a result of premium bought cheaper with silvers than cash) were spent on premium the game owners would make more on the sale of silver coins that would be depleated although still needed for in game trade and deed upkeep
  11. The Wurm Economy Problem

    fixing the wurm economy is simple. 1st make drake and scale impable with drake and scale like every other armour. 2nd make all drake dragon kills leather and scale payable toall people of the kingdom. this will give all players something of value to spend through all tiers of the market. the people who can afford drake and scale just like seryll would have to afford to imp it thus raising those prices and everyones trade value every month when a drake is killed in the kingdom with more to spend on higher value items the whole market will increase in activity and value. supply and demand. there is an over supply of nearly everything in the markets with the exception of people with money to spend jmo another thing you could do is make premium cheaper with silvers. this would depleat the number of silvers available and instead of people selling them for cash they would have to buy them for deed upkeep. once the silvers are depleated i think the game would make more money with the need of silvers for trade
  12. wts rare archeology statue of eagle

    sold please close
  13. wts rare archeology statue of eagle

    picture https://gyazo.com/3ae3a5eb97ffd0a028e280fe64e06171