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  1. Misc Leatherwork I have many saddles and studded sets in stock If you're looking for leatherworks thats not listed, feel free to send me a message here or in-game or comment bellow. My current skill is 99,50 so I do imps higher than I've listed, guess we will find a price we both like. ALL leatherwork that have "Rgr" as signature I will offer a discount on imps! Picnic baskets 2,5s (2 left) Planks 2s/1000 Dirt 1s/1000 Clay1s/1000 Concrete 1s/100 Will update with more stuff as soon as I got control on what tools I got where /t Rgr
  2. CLOSE

    Where you at?
  3. CLOSE

    And both rare pottery planters
  4. CLOSE

    Rare crate to Rgr
  5. wta

    Maybe add a timer so we know who have the last bid?
  6. wta

  7. Rift Inde

    Maybe I will join
  8. [SOLD] WTA Rare Statuette of Digger

    Sweet Cod Rgr Thanks
  9. [SOLD] WTA Rare Statuette of Digger

  10. Moonmetals, arch frags, few potions, shoulder pads

    I take the mining potion too you want 1s more
  11. Moonmetals, arch frags, few potions, shoulder pads

    1s for lw potion?
  12. WTS high woa saddles

    All sold, thanks to all the buyers. Please close.
  13. WTS high woa saddles

    Offering 5 highly enchanted 91ql saddles! woa 90 and 91 - 2,2s woa 94 - 2,5s SOLD woa 96 and 97 2,8s SOLD Please leave your ingame name with your comment if you like to buy one of these. If you want them imped higher that can be arranged for some coins. (ex imp to 95ql 2s extra)
  14. Wickedwench CHEAPEST Leatherwork/gear/imps

    Added supreme tools and updated prices.
  15. WTS Various rare/non rare tools (update 17-04-19) priced to sell

  16. WTS high woa saddles

  17. Wickedwench CHEAPEST Leatherwork/gear/imps

    Bump! 2 sets of 95ql studded sets sent to a happy customer
  18. WTS Various rare/non rare tools (update 17-04-19) priced to sell

    20c each mortar if i buy all? Cod Rgr if accepted
  19. [Gypsy corner] High enchanted tools

    Recommended wierdo! He have done many awesome casts for me!
  20. [SOLD] WTS BLACK Color Rune, Wood

  21. [Auction] Rare Horse-Gear Set