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  1. [Bug?] Cleaning forge

    Was cleaning a forge, got 2 moment of instpiration with 10 seconds between them , in one action and 3 rare ash, with different QL if that matters. [04:42:21] You start removing the ash from the forge. [04:42:30] You have a moment of inspiration... [04:42:30] You found some ash! [04:42:40] You have a moment of inspiration... [04:42:40] You found some ash! [04:42:49] You found some ash!
  2. Wickedwench Leatherwork/gear/imps

    Misc Leatherwork I have many saddles and studded sets in stock If you're looking for leatherworks thats not listed, feel free to send me a message here or in-game or comment bellow. My current skill is 98 so I do imps higher than I've listed, guess we will find a price we both like. ALL leatherwork that have "Rgr" as signature I will offer a discount on imps! Picnic baskets 2,5s (2 left) Planks 2s/1000 Dirt 1s/1000 Clay1s/1000 Concrete 1s/100 Check my auction for a rare studded set Will update with more stuff as soon as I got control on what tools I got where /t Rgr
  3. Wickedwench Leatherwork/gear/imps

    Updated with more rare tools
  4. [Bug?] Cleaning forge

    But does cleaning one forge count as 3 actions? So if I queue 4 forges to clean, its basicly 12 actions? If you understand...
  5. [Bug?] Cleaning forge

    Yeah, but I got 3 rares out of 2 moments...
  6. WTA [ENDED] Rare studded set QL above 94t

    Rare studded set ql 94 5 day auction!  Buyout: PM with offers Sniper Protection: 30 min Start Bid: 15s Increment: 1s No reserve. Happy bidding! Can be imped higher, for a small share of coins, same with the cast, I know a dude you will get a good deal... Its possible its over 93-94-95 when its over, I will imp em while the auction is going when im bored, but we have a chat when its over and see if you want em higher... Questions or buy out offers? Pm me here or /t Rgr EDIT: Was QL 92, now QL 94
  7. WTA [ENDED] Rare studded set QL above 94t

    Conrats with a nice armor! The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  8. Lets start it off with 8s
  9. Wickedwench Leatherwork/gear/imps

    updated prices with up to 94ql imps
  10. WTA [ENDED] Rare studded set QL above 94t

    Dont miss out! This is still cheap concidering 2,5-3s per piece, plus many silver in imps til 94ql!
  11. WTA [ENDED] Rare studded set QL above 94t

    1 day left!
  12. Wickedwench Leatherwork/gear/imps

    Added rare enchanted awl
  13. WTA [ENDED] Rare studded set QL above 94t

    Edited the topic with new QL.
  14. [No Bug] Valrei Item Mission Not Completing

    Same om Indy two days ago, no complete Message...
  15. WTA [ENDED] Rare studded set QL above 94t

    Almost QL 94...
  16. Achievements

    Its already been asked for in another thread, and it's what Sn00 says, ain't happening...
  17. WTA [ENDED] Rare studded set QL above 94t

  18. Kyklops blood still available?
  19. sold

    Kyklops blood still available?
  20. WTS wagons, rare weapons etc

    Kyklops blood still available?
  21. Wickedwench Leatherwork/gear/imps

    Updated with a set of rare horseshoes