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[Revival] Silent Hill's enchanted gizmos and miscellaneous thingamabobs!

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Welcome to the revival of Silent Hill's Sales Thread! We hope you'll find something you'll like

The items will be sent from Independence and the buyer pays the mailcost. I might get some help from Jekkumage at times, with mailing the items (if another villager were to send the item we would give a heads-up so you'll know what to expect).



Silver items

                       Quality    Price

Bracelet       QL91     1s

Bracelet       QL91     1s

Bracelet       QL95     2s

Bracelet       QL95     2s

Ring            QL91     1s

Necklace      QL91     1s

Necklace      QL91     1s

Statuette, L QL91     1s

Statuette, F QL82     50c


Rare Silver items

                       Quality    Price

Ring            QL91     2s

Ring            QL91     2s


Gold items

                       Quality    Price        Enchants

Bracelet       QL91     1s

Ring            QL91     1s

Ring            QL91     1s 20c    nolo95

Ring            QL91     1s 20c    nolo97

Ring            QL91     1s 20c    nolo98

Ring            QL91     1s 20c    nolo99

Ring            QL91     1s 10c    B75

Ring            QL91     1s 40c    FP88

Ring            QL91     1s 60c    FP97

Ring            QL91     1s 40c    G84

Necklace      QL91     1s

Necklace      QL91     1s

Necklace      QL91     1s

Necklace      QL91     1s

Pendulum    QL80     50c


Rare Gold items

                       Quality    Price        Enchants

Ring            QL91     2s

Ring            QL91     2s

Ring            QL91     2s 50c    G91

Pendulum     QL91    2s


Iron items

Pendulum, QL        Enchants            Price

               91       litd76             1s 10c

               91       litd76             1s 10c

               91       litd80             1s 20c

               91       litd82             1s 20c

               91       litd83             1s 20c

               91       litd84             1s 20c

               90       w97 litw72      1s 20c

               92       w92 litw78      1s 20c



Pelts  -Their weight is listed here

Dog, QL        Enchants     Price

QL100        c64           10c

QL100        c76           15c

QL100        c77           15c

QL100        c79           15c

QL100        c84           40c

QL100        w82 c95    90c


Large rat, QL        Enchants     Price

QL100                c81           40c


Mountain lion, QL    Enchants     Price

QL100                   w61 c72    20c

QL100                   c65           10c

QL100                   c68           10c

QL100                   c72           20c

QL100                   c73           20c

QL100                   c76           20c

QL100                   w76 c73    40c

QL100                   w76 c78    40c

QL100                   c83           40c

QL100                   w85 c66    50c


Wild Cat, QL             Enchants     Price

QL100                   c70           20c

QL100                   c72           20c

QL100                   c87           40c

QL100                   w90 c92    1s




Steel, QL    Enchants    Price



Iron, QL     Enchants    Price

QL96        c76          20c

QL96        c76          20c


Silver, QL   Enchants    Price



Copper, QL   Enchants    Price



Gold, QL    Enchants    Price





M = Magranon, L = Libila, V = Vynora, F = Fo

Nolo = Nolocate

B = Blaze

FP = Fire Protection

G = Glacial

w = Wind of Ages

c = Circle of Cunning

litw = Lurker in the Woods

litd = Lurker in the Deep

Edited by Aeris
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Quality    Enchants     Price

QL97     w82 c71    60c

QL97     c87           40c

QL98     c80           40c

QL98     c80           40c

QL98     c83           40c

QL98     c84           40c

QL98     c85           40c

QL99     c73           20c

QL99     c79           20c

QL99     c80           40c

QL99     c82           40c

QL99     c83           40c

QL99     c85           40c

QL99     c85           40c

QL99     c86           40c

QL99     c87           40c

QL99     c89           45c

QL99     w86 c80    70c







Iron items

                     Quality    Enchants           Price

File                      QL7       c90                50c

File                      QL7       c91                50c

File                      QL91     w77               30c

Trowel                 QL91     c83                40c

Awl                      QL2      c84                40c

Awl                      QL2      c92                50c

Awl                      QL91    w88               45c

Stone chisel          QL91                         15c

Stone chisel          QL92    w80               40c

Stone chisel          QL92    w81 c75         55c

Scissors               QL91    w71 c68         20c

Scissors               QL91    w82               40c

Hammer               QL93    w86 c85         70c

Metal brush          QL2      c80                40c

Metal brush          QL2      c84                40c

Metal brush          QL91    w86               40c

Hatchet               QL5      c80                40c

Hatchet               QL5      c83                40c

Hatchet               QL6      c84                40c

Shovel                QL90    w80                40c

Shovel                QL91    w78                35c

Shovel                QL92    w79                35c

Shovel                QL91    w83 c89          70c

Shield                 QL82    c89                 45c

Rake                   QL19   c80                 40c

Rake                   QL6     c81                 40c

Rake                   QL1     c88                 45c

Rake                   QL2     c90                 50c

Pickaxe                QL92   w87                45c



                     Quality    Enchants           Price

Horse shoe          QL91      w64              1s

Horse shoe          QL91      w67              1s

Horse shoe          QL91      w74              1s 10c

Horse shoe          QL91      w75              1s 10c

Horse shoe          QL91      w85              1s 40c


Steel items

             Quality    Enchants           Price

Hatchet         QL1       c78                20c

Hatchet         QL2       c79                20c

Hatchet         QL1       c82                40c

Pickaxe         QL2        c76               20c

Pickaxe         QL2        c77               20c

Pickaxe         QL1        c79               20c

Pickaxe         QL2        c80               40c

Pickaxe         QL2        c84               40c

Pickaxe         QL1        c85               40c

Pickaxe         QL1        c88               45c



Oakenwood items

                  Quality    Enchants           Price

Grooming brush QL4       c91               50c

Grooming brush QL4       c93               50c


Stone items

                          Quality  Price



Rare bits and bobs

                                 Quality  Price

Clay jar                QL37   20c

Green cloth pants QL50   20c

Clay beer stein      QL15   20c




Meditation rug, QL    Enchants    Price

QL7                        c62          10c


Fine rug, QL    Enchants    Price

QL11             c75          20c

QL12             c70          20c


Beautiful rug, QL    Enchants    Price

QL60                    c71          20c


Exquisite rug, QL    Enchants    Price

QL45                    c90          50c

QL51                    c69          15c



Leather items

Toolbelts, QL  Price

QL80            60c (x16 in stock)


Saddles, QL  Enchants   Price

QL80          w81        1s

QL80          w86        1s

QL82          w83        1s

Edited by Aeris

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COD iaqb


Large rat, QL        Enchants     Price

100                          c102            4,5s



Quality    Enchants     Price

97            c96              2s 50c



Edited by Alastar

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Lump, whetstone and pelt are sent out. Will mail the ring in a bit. Thanks a lot =)

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Sickle               85            n88 lt43 c102    6s


COD to Sageruby Please, Thank you

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COD Levin


Large rat, QL        Enchants     Price

100                          c102            4,5s


Will be a couple hours till home from work to pick up.



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Dog, QL        Enchants     Price

100                 c65             70c

100                 -                  20c


Large rat, QL        Enchants     Price



100                          c58              65c

100                          c61              65c

100                          c67              70c



99            c78              1s

99            c79              1s


All items to Osiris please. Ta

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Large rat, QL        Enchants     Price

100                          c54              60c

100                          c55              65c

100                          c56              65c


CoD to Timeli pls

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All items sent out, thank you very much!

The send interface doesn't show enchants etc like the receiving one does so for purchases with multiple items of the same QL they might look mispriced, but the sums all add up to the same amount.

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I'm interested in the large rat 100 QL pelt for 65c, but I need to check that I have enough coin first.

Edit: turns out I don't have enough to buy it, sorry.

Edited by Tathar

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Please COD the 100 QL large rat pelt with CoC 97 for 4s to Tathar, now that I have a good amount of coin and can afford it.  


EDIT: If I don't receive it by the time I leave for work, I'll retieve it after I get back in 10 and a half hours.  


EDIT 2: Leaving for work.  COD it anyway, and I'll pick it up when I get back.

Edited by Tathar
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ql100 mountain lion pelt  w/ c71   70c


ql98 whetstone  w/c81   1s 10c


cod zaymin please

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