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  1. Hello, I would like to order 1x Claymaker, 1x Texas Peat, 1x Tarnation. COD Zaymin please
  2. Thats good info. thank you. I recall friends talking about that program but i did not know you can actually export/ thanks!
  3. just a funny thought, but was wondering if it is possible to save and export my Current Wurm Online server info like my immediate area (indy) and save generate that into a Wurm Unlimited server? sorry not sure techinal lingo..but long time fan of WO and would love to preserve my area even if means private server.
  4. darn, just came across the post. these still on the highways or too late? Woohoo..nvm.., i found one on the side of road. what does the ring do btw??
  5. CLOSE

    Drake hide for sale?
  6. pm'n about: 1. a38 rare hatchet c75 w imbue 100 2. c50 star sapphire 20ql
  7. Heya TeeBomb, i thought building underground houses couldnt touch mine walls at all. this new? i been on so many breaks im outta the loop
  8. Hello, what is the benefit with the large planters so far? Have you tried mushrooms underground yet? that sounds cool to me
  9. Hello, Looking to sell 4 powders, SE Indy, same in-game name
  10. poor sheeps
  11. eep scary seeing my name only on weaponsmithing, i can only imp those to 50. hehe but im sure all the impers will be jumping around cheers!
  12. I may be able to help with 70+ ql strings, still needed? *** Nvm, seen it fulfilled (green) **either way I'm heading up, willing to volunteer also I can blacksmith ~80-85 ql Cloth to 60 Shield smithing and weps to 50. *** these 2 I'm looking to skill** I'm at work now so don't have my skill sheet in front of me, but I'd like to help this year
  13. Great doing business with you , thank you -Z