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  1. WO Steam Discussion

    One reason why I ended up leaving WO for WU permanently a couple years ago was that the monthly cost of multiple premium characters (main and two priests) plus a deed was far above the value I was getting out of it. If it was the deed only, I could stomach it (or join someone else's deed if I couldn't), but I think this double-dipping for cash is a big reason why so many leave WO once they hit 20. Priest restrictions were another major pain point that led to my move, because it made the monthly cost problem that much worse. There's also the problem of the in-game economy being mostly stagnant, with what little cash flow there is generally going from those at the bottom to those at the top. There needs to be more circulation of coin between players, and with specific attention to how that circulation flows. Some of this also has to do with high-QL tools being priced so low that mid-QL tools can't even sell, so maybe there should be something that makes high-QL stuff much more expensive or difficult to make, scaling the price steeper. Also someone should look at how tool repair prevents tools from leaving circulation, making the problem worse over time, and take steps to change that. If I'm going to come back to WO, I *need* these issues to be addressed, because a new cluster and starting over isn't going to be enough to win me over. I can do that on WU already, without the massive real-money cost per month.
  2. I was on PS2 with the VS when it was pretty new, but Crown fights were just dreadful and PS2 never had any lasting impact from player actions like Wurm does. Thanks for the introduction!
  3. I wouldn't say that there's such a thing as a fair price for dye. I've made enough good-looking but low quality dyes to know that you don't need much skill to make something look nice, and dyes are ultimately a luxury item. Dye-making requires a lot of specialized skills and resources, but there isn't enough of an economy in this game for it to be worth selling. You're better off selling your acorns and woad to someone else. More generally, if you're playing Wurm to make money, you'll be disappointed.
  4. Maybe there should be a separate form of in-game money that isn't directly purchased with real money then? My suggestion would be completely separate from RMT if the entire game economy wasn't driven by RMT. We need some sort of economy in the game. It's a driving factor of whether people stay or leave, and without an economy, everyone's gameplay suffers. Right now, the economy is largely stagnant.
  5. I know how you can make it work. You could imp the weapon heads instead of the weapons themselves, and make it where the QL and rarity from the weapon head transfers to the completed weapon 100%. The completed weapon wouldn't be able to be imped, but could be repaired. That would work for non-rares at least. Rares may need a buff to balance out the item sink. (Maybe they could be exempt from this?) We do need some sort of item sink to remove existing items from the economy as people craft more of them. Right now, high QL items hardly take any damage on use, so there's very little reason for anyone to replace their existing tools. That's hurting the economy.
  6. I'm trying to make various stir fry recipes, and I'm noticing that I have to add a lemon on this tool in place of corn oil, so I'm guessing they're both +8. I haven't tested other cooking oils.
  7. +1 to this. I was working on brewing for a while before I realized that pizzas were so much more useful. It really ruined my interest in doing it.
  8. Or we can get the best of both worlds by having dyed weapons only affect part of the metal. That way you can see what metal the weapon is made of, and still have your matching outfits.
  9. Dyes could be really nice if we push their capabilities further like this. February's dye update is very nice. I missed it until now, but I'm impressed! The quoted post got me thinking. Could we make dyes include an alpha transparency channel (or maybe use QL for it) to emulate the paint vs. stain spectrum? Higher quality dyes could act as more of a paint replacing the wood grain textures, while lower quality dyes could act like a stain that just alters the color of the existing texture. As something separate from woad, copper lump, and cochineal, we could have an additional item that acts as a primer, turning the resulting dye into more of a paint instead of a stain.
  10. Has this generator been updated for the new vein, bush, and tree types from 1.3 and 1.4?
  11. WurmWorldGenerator

    I thought the same, but it was worth asking the author anyway in case there was an explanation for the delay.
  12. WurmWorldGenerator

    Is this still actively being developed? I think Sklo's right about needing pictures of the maps this generates, but I'm interested in the GPU-based map generation you're doing here.
  13. I'd like to add sealed barrels to this suggestion. Sure, we can send bulk *solid* items this way, but if I can't send my fine ale to people in bulk the same way, is the bulk transport feature really complete?
  14. I wouldn't exactly say it's foolish unless you live by the water or you're otherwise told to evacuate. We Floridians know when it's time to pack up and leave for a few days, and when it is not. Personally, I didn't evacuate either, in part because my fairly recently built house has hurricane shutters and was built to exceed the Miami building codes of the time, when local building codes weren't nearly as robust. All I had was a few shingles missing from the roof and no power for a few days. Likewise, there's no way that the people hit by Harvey could have expected it to linger in the same area for so many days. Hurricanes usually move around and don't have time to build up so much floodwater in one area.