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Found 59 results

  1. 84.86ql, 1.02kg. Asking 7s.
  2. Glimmersteel lump ql85.65 0.35kg (3s) Glimmersteel lump ql85.89 0.34kg (3s) Glimmersteel lump ql86.24 0.35kg (3s) Glimmersteel lump ql36.66 0.14kg (1s) Seryll lump ql83.50 0.25kg (1s) or make reasonable offer make offer: left layered shoulder pad, steel ql75 0.3kg ribboned shoulder pad ql75 24x rift stone shard ql ranging from 1.0 to 54.96
  3. I was just testing my BSBs ability to store some moon metal lumps. Put a .33 lump in, pulled it out and it was .32. Tried another and it dropped .01 of it's weight. Then I repeated with the same one and it dropped another .01 weight. Is this intended as a cost of using bulk bins, or a bug? If so, I guess I just need to create more free alts for storage.
  4. Sarmatian Traders Guild* *Known as Sarmatian Traders on Xanadu and Jerycho Trading on Exodus, and as Hussars Haven Trading on Deliverance One of the oldest bulk suppliers in Wurm is back! If you need reliable business partner (or partner in crime) - search no more. With 6 years of experience in Wurm market you know, you can trust us. Status: CLOSE Contact in game: Losik, Clasin, Azraiel, Sappiro Contact forum: Archer Location: Deliverance BULK SUPPLIES: High Quality Lumps and Animal Products Transmutation Liquid 2.5s per tile FAVOR 50c per 1k! 100QL GOODS ACTIVE BEE HIVE - 3s with free coast delivery! [- Azraiel ] Delivery Information We do not deliver inland and through cave tunnels. We can deliver to any "knarr reachable" coast. If you're from other than CET Zone it may be difficult to arrange delivery. If you want we can bring locked BSBs or/and FSBs with us, put them next to your deed (on coast) and send you keys. We will charge you 10c for each BSB/FSB, and add it to delivery costs. You will have to pay CoD fee (1-2c/key). Of course you can always pick up the order by yourself. Delivery fee depends on server you live in and can be anywhere between free and 2s. We do not deliver orders under 2s. Free Delivery: Deliverance for orders over 3s (also inland!) Exodus, Celebration for orders over 5s (coast only!) Independence for orders over 7s (coast only)! Xanadu for orders over 10s (coast only)!
  5. Adamantine and Glimmersteel = 8s/kg (90ish rare = +30c) Seryll = 5s/kg (Supreme = +1s) Seryll 11-49ql = 4.5s/kg Firm prices. PM Davih in game or here to buy : )
  6. 88.19ql Adamantine Lump 0.37kg pm offers
  7. If you need anything, send a message to me (Luttuosa) or Davih or write us in game Here the complete list of what we have. ADAMANTINE: adamantine lump 0.36 Kg 91,77 Ql. adamantine lump 0.38 Kg 96,30 Ql. adamantine lump 0.38 Kg 98,85 Ql. GLIMMERSTEEL: glimmersteel lump 0,38 Kg 98,81 Ql. glimmersteel lump 0,40 Kg 99,99 Ql. glimmersteel lump 0,38 Kg 97,18 Ql. glimmersteel lump 0,39 Kg 96,43 Ql. rare glimmersteel lump 0,30 Kg 52,12 Ql. rare glimmersteel lump 0,37 Kg 94,08 Ql. SERYLL: seryll lump 0,27 Kg 11,56 Ql. seryll lump 0,27 Kg 12,58 Ql. seryll lump 0,27 Kg 11,78 Ql. seryll lump 0,29 Kg 95,90 Ql. seryll lump 0,27 Kg 15,41 Ql. seryll lump 0,27 Kg 18,10 Ql. seryll lump 0,29 Kg 98,78 Ql. seryll lump 0,29 Kg 95,66 Ql. seryll lump 0,29 Kg 97,62 Ql. seryll lump 0,29 Kg 97,55 Ql. seryll lump 0,07 Kg 49,93 Ql. seryll lump 0,23 Kg 78,63 Ql.
  8. Please make an offer on all items, thanks!
  9. Please make offer on all items, thanks.
  10. WTS: Make me an offer! :)
  11. New pricing system! All the runes cost 2c/ql Runes: The attachment chance depends on the quality of the rune, and your Soul Depth skill. If you fail, the rune gets destroyed but nothing happens to the item itself. Attach chance in brackets are from 37 soul depth char. Libilla: Magranon: Vynora: Fo: Runes get damaged when stored in a normal chest or any other container - keep them on your character,or in a magic chest. Potions of Weaponsmith, Armoursmith, Woodcutting, Tailoring, Fletching: Shoulders: Right layered(75ql) Rings and bracelets: 2x bracelet of inspiration, seryll (75ql) 3x dark ring, seryll (75ql) 1x dark ring, seryll (50ql) 1x Artisan ring, seryll (75ql) [09:24:30] A ring engraved with various artisan symbols. It will improve skillgain for Artifacts. 1x Necklace of protection, seryll (75ql) Socketed ring seryll 25ql Lumps: Other: Snow lantern 99ql 0dmg 72ql fletching potion Post offers here or on PM. Services: Jewelry Smithing imp: (PM Kurois for more details) Gold: 80ql - 80c 90ql - 1s Silver: 84ql - 1,2s Blacksmithing imp: (Pm Kurois for more details) 90ql - 80c Partnership: If you need help with attaching your runes, you can check out our partners - Thor's rune attaching service. He has almost 74 Soul Depth and can provide much higher attachment percentages.
  12. Hi, I am looking to buy Seryll Lumps 80+QL PM me with what you have! Thanks, Novaflash
  13. I want to sell some 95+CoC randoms that are taking up space in my chests. 95 cast = 2s 96 cast = 2.20s 98 cast = 2.50 99 cast = 2.75 100 cast = 3s Answer here or PM Folke ingame.
  14. Write to me in the game /tell Kkane or text message below Toolbelts: Glimmersteel, lump: 5-slot - 20c ql50.47 0.27kg - 1.7s Saddles: rare Glimmersteel, lump: ql50 - 20c ql84.18 0.33kg - 1.8s Lunchbox: Seryll, lump: ql35 - 70c ql58.64 0.21kg - 1.4s Ribbons: Support beam; 600 ql17 - 5s 200 - 8s
  15. Ended.
  16. After much soul-searching I have decided to sell my collection of seryll lumps. I was considering a suit of armor, but need the coins more right now for other projects. There are 16 lumps, various quality and weight, as shown below. I am selling all at once, and please keep in mind buyer pays 16c COD fee for all. Please make offer on the whole lot, thanks!
  17. Sorry, this topic is outdated. Some rift items that are left are here:
  18. I would like to sell this diminutive lump, 80.36ql, .35 kg. Asking 3s.
  19. These days with access to massive resources, its become more and more apparent that managing large numbers of metal lumps has become overly difficult... even by Wurm standards. This is most apparent in hauling large numbers of lumps in crates. To help alleviate this, I recommend a larger unit of metal: the ingot. Exact numbers would really be dev specific; though, even something small such as 30 lumps for every ingot would have a huge impact. Perhaps even at the max limits for combining lumps. Offhand same creation method as anvils. In reverse, one could reheat the ingot back into lumps or simply have the ingot activated in place of the lump; though, unsure how much re-coding persay would be required with the later. Similar means could be taken with other small items; though, for this thread I'll just stick with molten metal.
  20. The items will be sent from Independence and the buyer pays the mailcost. I might get some help mailing the items at times from Jekkumage or Froggeryz. All items are completely undamaged. Jewelry Silver items Quality Price - M = Magranon, L = Libila, V = Vynora, F = Fo Gold items Quality Price Enchants - Iron items Pendulum, QL Enchants Price - Pelts -Their weight is listed here Dog, QL Enchants Price - Large rat, QL Enchants Price - Mountain lion, QL Enchants Price - Wild Cat, QL Enchants Price - Lumps Steel, QL Enchants Price - Iron, QL Enchants Price - Silver, QL Enchants Price - Copper, QL Enchants Price - Gold, QL Enchants Price - The Discount Corner -
  21. Please Close. Thank you
  22. Trying to clear out some of that rift loot on my alt and get some spare coin to pay prem. Here is what I have for sale: the used artisan necklace was only equipped once to check it then removed, never used for crafting. [22:54:07] A delicate necklace with artisan symbols. It helps improving items to a higher level. It is very stable and has much energy left. It can not be improved. Please make offer on all items, any reasonable offer will be accepted. Thanks!
  23. 51.54 ql seryll lump 3s obo
  24. As the title says, i want to buy any ql of seryll lump looking around 6kg paying 80c per 0,25kg or 3s for 1kg interested in sell yours, CoD to Paulneles. Thanks
  25. I believe its around 77ql and .25 i believe just going to grab it from deed so will be able to send it in half an hour or so.. any interest??