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  1. Thief Alert

    Thanks for the heads up!
  2. it's worth around 325e if you find a pvper or two who want it.
  3. Thx again for hosting the party on your B-Day. Had a great time. *Hugs*
  4. And maybe woodcutting for Smeagain since it has wood affinity (heard it can't cut wood, but can't verify)
  5. Alliance chat before reading this thread: [04:54:35] <Scorpio> i dunno ,.. just trying to find something good about it [04:57:25] <Levin> welll, it makes my Nahjo alt much less useful, so I'll save money on premium. Only positive I can find
  6. PC account

    Sold for 280e. Looks like Sugarfoxx was the most accurate in this instance.
  7. Requesting fruit presses to be added With the cooking update coming, might be a good seller...
  8. rope tool (oak), BOTD93: 1s 67c to Levin, Thx
  9. If you have an old mag battery stashed away collecting dust and would like to sell it, then PM me here on the forums with what you have. Want to pay in silvers. Thanks.
  10. To people of Exodus

    I have a deed just north of that Mountain to the North. I occasionally use the clay pit just to the West of your proposed reed farm. As long as it's still accessible, I've got no issues with the proposal. o7
  11. closed

    6s for rare Large shield, iron? if accept, CoD Levin