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  1. WO Steam Discussion

    I couldn't agree with you more if I tried. WU is where things are tried and experimented upon. WO is rigid in comparison.
  2. WO Steam Discussion

    I agree with you about WU servers that are 1x + compared to WO especially if they have some QOL mods running. For WU running at 1x or less like 0.5x I have to admit that WO seems like easy mode then!
  3. WO Steam Discussion

    This makes me wonder if they have considered the ramifications of this decision at product launch if even 0.1% of those 300,000 abandoned WU owners decide to point out the broken promises? Many, many other games have experienced this type of thing when launching a new product on steam after making a decision to abandon an old one. Usually this doesn't go well for the developers.
  4. One suggestion - You might consider a section on what to change/add/do if you want to run multiple wurm servers on the same machine (for example server 1 is a production server, server 2 is for testing and server 3 is for dev work on mods - this is how I typically set mine up).
  5. With all this talk about WO paying for development with minimal contribution from WU. I wonder how much WO made from prems since WU came out? How much was made from WU sales since it came out? Numbers don't have to be perfect, just rough guesses, percentages etc.
  6. Full Steam Ahead

    I've worked in software development for years and many of those were working on very complex product suites. If the branching strategy is well thought out then they could likely separate the unique stuff for each platform and have a common stuff for everything that goes to all. Technology can often be used as a way of trying to hide the business directive behind a decision. Besides it's not like we get complete transparency here anyway.
  7. Full Steam Ahead

    It's always a mistake to try to generalize a vast group of people. Some WU servers have survival mods, start with only a crude knife, crude shovel and a hatchet while others are perma-death meaning if you die you completely start over. There are servers with no compasses, vampires and much harder mobs to kill. Some servers have 1x or even slower speeds. There are also faster grind servers that do more with content to make the game less about watching a number and more about having fun. WU in many ways has advanced far beyond WO. WU servers have experimented with trying new things. Unfortunately WO prefers to keep making foolish mistakes rather then reaching out to these people and finding out how things worked out. I have yet to see a single compelling reason for the new steam product that will make people want to play it. Perhaps the compelling reason will come as product details become more known. If it turns out it's just Wurm on steam then I suspect you are going to get another shock. ~Nappy
  8. Full Steam Ahead

    What? Why? (and we aren't on Steam here so why would steam terms of service apply to this conversation?
  9. Full Steam Ahead

    Well the neat thing about messing around with not giving updates to a game that's already on steam is that many of the same people who play that game will likely feel compelled to "warn" people about being abandoned etc. I can't think of a better way to kill a product launch before it even starts. Lots of examples of other companies making this mistake when launching a second product on Steam. Most later admit that it had a giant impact on the success of their new product. Please reconsider before you shoot yourself in the foot. ~Nappy
  10. The thing is that I wasn't referring to that. I was referring to an overall general feeling that you hear people express time and time again. It's not an easy thing to combat, it might not even be a fair thing to have to deal with, it is however one of the realities out there on Steam. Wurm Online moderation is not always seen as a shining example of how best to work with an online community. Any public relations or marketing around a new product launch is likely going to have to address this in a meaningful way otherwise the launch itself will likely be somewhat challenged by people who no longer have the high level of trust in Wurm Online that others do. ~Nappy
  11. I've been trying to think about how the steam WO could be successful especially in light of both WU and existing WO, the concerns around unjust moderation and of course the changes around what content made it to WU compared to what was promised. A few observations apply to both WU and WO: - New server rushes are very popular - The time from first login to building your deed tends to be where the Wurm appeal is strongest for many - The feeling of living on the edge of life versus doing chores in complete safety tends to also line up with the second point - Usually once people build their deed then their participation starts falling, slowly at first and then building up steam overtime until they've moved on to the next new server - Not everyone can afford the massive amount of time needed for 1x WO or 1x WU so many look for a logical ending point, often when a deed or building is built to some arbitrary level One advantage WU has over WO is the ability to find a server that is different, it's not the same experience everywhere you go. Custom mods, custom maps, even custom themes exist and can be experienced relatively easily by everyone who wants to do so One disadvantage of WU is the ease at which "cheater mods" can be written and used with no real control over them. This makes things like PVP next to impossible. WO has the advantage of being perceived as having the most likely chance of a server being there for the long haul. In reality it's a business and like all businesses the decision to turn it off can happen at any time. Things like back-ups etc aren't really any secure on WO then on WU. I've had high usage servers running with 30 minute backups while I think I read that WO runs at 3 hour intervals. Really depends on the admin decisions more then anything. WU has the advantage of being able to pick whatever level of server hardware you want. Again, I've run on server hardware that was much better then whatever WO is using. Advice for making this successful on steam? 1) Give people multiple experiences to choose from. Don't make every server the same in terms of grind, map, feature set etc. Experiment with a no-deed server, a snow server, a hunting server, extreme survival server, a roaming pvp server and a pvp deed destroying server. Go for 1x, 5x , 10x to capture those with limited time. Introduce different concepts to let people enjoy Wurm in different ways 2) Capitalize on the "new server" syndrome. Make a server time or event boxed. When something key happens the server ends or perhaps after x amount of time. Maybe the island sinks under a massive volcanic eruption and everyone has to flee from the approaching lava after building a ship so they can run to a new server that in some ways is another new experience when they arrive 3) Put some clear rules around moderation and follow them. Be transparent, be honest. No-one wants to feel like they can be banned for whatever reason someone comes up with out of the blue. There are a lot of people on steam who left WO and the most common thing they cite is the "fear of unreasonable/unfair banning". It doesn't matter if it's completely true or not. The problem is you are entering an environment that is under less WURM control then this forum and if enough people think this way (and they do) then it's a real problem. (BTW - To be clear I am blaming the poor policies on what has happened rather then saying any particular staff are a problem. In my few encounters with actual moderators or GM I have nothing but good things to say. When people have absolute freedom to do whatever they want then they often do). 4) Keep your promises. You will be going up against anyone who cares to review on steam. If you say you are going to do something then do it. Otherwise when you introduce this shiny new game the doubters are going to start calling out what happened before, the broken promises etc. 5) While the focus is often on giving people a better endgame, one clear winner might be to figure out how to keep the grind reasonable while extending the portion of the game that happens between when someone is brand new and when they get a new deed. Some WU servers have experimented with very, very minimal starting gear which dramatically extended the initial parts of the game. A second product launch on the same platform where you have an existing product is hard especially if you don't have a clear and distinct advantage for the new product over the old one. In light of my comments above it's unlikely to be enough to say "Managed by Wurm staff" as the difference, it will have to be something way more significant then that. Personally I wish you well with what you are attempting to do. ~Nappy
  12. WO Steam Discussion

    I think a better solution is to determine a way to take a deedplanner copy of a deed and reimport it into a server. The deed sizes for the old_location and new_location would have to be the same. Then once the deed is imported you would still need to terraform the borders to blend it in plus the mines would have to be rebuilt as well (perhaps the rock layer could be placed where the mine was so you simply tunnel in. I suspect there is a way to programmatically do this. If it's possible then at least server shutdowns to move populations together would be much less painful.
  13. WO Steam Discussion

    BTW - I encourage someone to do an extensive "test experience" session comparing a week or two grinding at 1 x on WO with grinding at 1x on WU. Personally I found WU was worse.
  14. WO Steam Discussion

    Well how about a WU DLC that includes all the stuff that WO has kindly withheld from WU? I am willing to reach into my wallet for that.
  15. Switched my Shares

    Thank-you Bdew, I appreciate the confirmation of what I and many others have said for a long time.