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  1. Ago's modloader updated independently of WU in the past. What happens if a new feature is needed for the modloader now that it's integrated with WU? Since WU is no longer being updated are we now effectively stuck with the current version of the modloader as well? I haven't seen this discussed anywhere so I would appreciate comments around it.
  2. Full Steam Ahead

    We should likely consider how the Steam launch will likely go. A few assumptions can be made (and if they are wrong assumptions then likely things will be somewhat different then predicted). Assumptions: 1) Game is very similar in feature sets and settings to current WO 2) Premium and Deed costs remain similar to current WO 3) Grinding and action speeds remain similar to current WO (specifically Freedom speeds) 4) Multiple characters are required for the "full" experience of being able to do everything possible in the game 5) Using WU servers, especially 1x grind/action, as an example activity curve How it will likely go: Day 1 - New server, land rush, lots of new players, explorers every where as the perfect place for a new home is sought Day 8 - Server population is continuing to grow as word of the new server gets out and friends join from other servers/games Day 15 - Grind is starting to wear on people especially those who have been playing since server launch Day 22 - Server population is mainly holding steady/small decrease depending on age demographics of server population. Older population with real-life responsibilities are starting to hear that they are neglecting family etc Day 28 - Server population is starting to reduce as grind fatigue sets in. Many people leave once they have their initial deed created/started. Many will never return This continues. By Day 60 (roughly two months) players have left largely with a small core group hanging in there. The problem with Wurm is the challenging part is in the beginning from when you first join until you have the safety of your first deed/home. For many people the "game" part is then replaced by the "grind" part. More adventure/things to do/ excitement is needed to go beyond this stage. I think this is also why the whole "roll out a new server" strategy that WO used works so well and yet later servers are left to largely die as they get older. Possible success criteria: 1) Day 180 - Server population, concurrent usage, 500+ 24 x 7 2) Day 360 - Server population, concurrent usage, 1000+. 24 x 7
  3. My thanks to those who have answered this thread so far. I've enjoyed reading the various answers and a bit surprised to see it softening my harder edges around this topic. Thank-you for sharing!
  4. In the last few weeks I've seen even more chats about quitting Wurm Online. Lots of players selling out including many long timers. Out of pure curiosity on my part, if you've decided to stay what's the reason for it? Perhaps this feed back can help the dev team be more careful about what features they yank without discussion or notice.
  5. Very nice deed to look at (in the pictures you provided). Nicely done!
  6. Would bdew's excellent Custom Actions mod help you with what you are trying to do?
  7. In WU there are also mods that some people use to generate trade. So merchants that buy your products, others that make things for you to purchase.
  8. Switched my Shares

    What's that old quote? I think it goes like this..... "Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me". How many times over the years had CC broken promises? What makes anyone believe they won't break yet another one again? The thing about this whole thing is that there are ways to still have a WU revenue stream. Consider selling DLC, sure it's a broken promise too but at least there is a path forward especially if you explain how things have changed. The problem with the broken promise is that when it was originally offered that all updates would go to WU (and first) it was suggested that better revenue positive choices were out there instead of just one price and updates forever. The same customers who are the recipients of the broken promise pointed it out. Humble bundle offered WU for $1 at one point that I recall. Was that a legitimate and approved arrangement? I ask because I have a Humble Bundle subscription and I don't want to support a company that is doing illegal things. If it was a legal bundle then I must question who the wise guy was who decided a $1 bundle offering was a good idea?
  9. Switched my Shares

    (snip) On 9/23/2019 at 1:23 PM, Samool said: How is that different from content features? Both exclusive content and exclusive client features are additions to the game that are meant to make Wurm Online more appealing compared to WU. It's not a secret that we benefit more from WO being successful than WU right now, as in the end WO is the game that pays our contracts and keeps it all running. This decision really was taken weeks before the new owners situation (as Retrograde mentioned), they are hands off. (end snip) Hmm, if that last sentence is correct and if I am interpreting it correctly then the decision to break a promise made to WU players happened BEFORE the change in ownership which is very, very different from it being a decision caused by merger etc. The whole thing just leaves a bad taste in my mouth and many others it seems. I hate when people say one thing and do another, not a trust building type thing at all.
  10. WO Steam Discussion

    Quite honestly I've been reading this thread from the beginning. I still fail to see what the "big selling point" is going to be for the new version on steam. What's the value proposition that will get people to buy the new game? So far I have read a lot of potential downside: - Crash of remaining WO population - Cutting loose WU/loss of player trust/bad steam reviews on launch - Breaking commitments made to players on both sides (no more updates for WU, no more new servers will be added for WO) So if even one of these things is likely, what's the upside that makes the risk outlined above worth it?
  11. WO Steam Discussion

    I couldn't agree with you more if I tried. WU is where things are tried and experimented upon. WO is rigid in comparison.
  12. WO Steam Discussion

    I agree with you about WU servers that are 1x + compared to WO especially if they have some QOL mods running. For WU running at 1x or less like 0.5x I have to admit that WO seems like easy mode then!
  13. WO Steam Discussion

    This makes me wonder if they have considered the ramifications of this decision at product launch if even 0.1% of those 300,000 abandoned WU owners decide to point out the broken promises? Many, many other games have experienced this type of thing when launching a new product on steam after making a decision to abandon an old one. Usually this doesn't go well for the developers.
  14. One suggestion - You might consider a section on what to change/add/do if you want to run multiple wurm servers on the same machine (for example server 1 is a production server, server 2 is for testing and server 3 is for dev work on mods - this is how I typically set mine up).
  15. With all this talk about WO paying for development with minimal contribution from WU. I wonder how much WO made from prems since WU came out? How much was made from WU sales since it came out? Numbers don't have to be perfect, just rough guesses, percentages etc.