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  1. That probably came from Wurm too. Seldom are WU mod developers/programmers/designers credited for their work when it later comes to WO. I am pointing to the many mod writers in WU who wrote stuff for free and then it later turned up in WO. Possibly coded differently however creative rights still apply even if all they did was come up with a successful idea and then code it. Even if coded differently the original idea still has value and should be recognized. Would like bond the communities a bit better too.
  2. Two sides to this for me: 1) With the age of all PVP servers now if you decide to redeed an area that had a deed at one time you may decide to redo the entire mine, perhaps go from one large mine to multiple small ones. Would be very nice to be able to signficantly reduce the time needing cleaning-up what others left behind so that you can actually get to work building what you need to survive. +1 to the idea for this reason 2) Safe mines are essential especially for smaller, more vulnerable kingdoms that live in the shadow of the big bad ones with constant threat of attack looming over them especially if the big bad kingdom also likes to practice scorched earth where they take everything they can whether they need it or not. Any changes to reinforcements are especially important because mistakes lead to "not working as expected" which usually means stolen stuff in some easier way. -1 for this reason
  3. I suspect we are talking an order of magnitude difference here if we are comparing the freedom free pass to your points. Having said that I have no objections to investigating fair options for both the merchants and the CR nerf. We should also reopen the vein cap on home servers as part of this too. When it originally sounded like skilling would be much faster on epic V2 it seemed like it would be a reasonable trade off for people to bring skills from freedom where the grind is much much slower or they stay on epic with a 4x skill gain speed with more risk. We didn't end up with the 4x it sounded like we were getting on Epic so now it's unbalanced too much towards avoiding any risk at all.
  4. The implications of this statement are pretty big. If you can go to a safe place on Freedom to skill what's the point of having a deed etc on Epic? You only need a deed in order to maintain a supply of horses, weapons etc. So realistically one deed could suffice for each kingdom's PVP needs. This is turn means that Epic becomes a place less lived in meaning fewer accidental encounters and targets of opportunity. Instead people can skill in safety and occasionally come over to fight on Epic knowing that everything of importance is safely protected back on Freedom. So with time, less deeds and lower population are likely on Epic except for the planned big battles between kingdoms. It's interesting that we've adopted a model which supports a more protected lifestyle rather then encouraged the older Epic view of nothing is really protected, PVP could happen anywhere including home servers.
  5. True however being fair about it, the change allows more Freedom people to try Epic while preserving their skills and being allowed to be on epic with their actual character fully skilled. I think that was a major limiting factor in the past for people from freedom trying epic so it's likely well worth it if people start playing epic too.
  6. Hmmm, seems unbalanced that epic players who skill on epic can die and lose skills however people who skill up on Freedom can die on epic, lose skills and then regain their loses simply by doing a return trip via the portals. Then again the only loss we are talking about from a pvp death is fight skill so not really a big deal to me I guess. Not talking about the one time free time --> epic transfer where new players arriving from freedom can bring their skills with them, absolutely no issue with that at all.
  7. Yes, have experienced it myself. Thought there was a low chance of it happening or something like that. From: The chance that a tile is replaced with a vein or shard other than rock is extremely low.
  8. Why would they be obsolete? I think they actually might be complementary. Issue new recruits an iron set for their training cycle. Once ready and skilled for front line duty issue them a steel plate set fulled imped up. I think there's room for both types.
  9. Played around a bit with both steel and iron plate imping a set of each from creation through to 80+ ql. It really feels like iron plate takes more effort compared to steel once you get past about 70 ql. Anyone else tried this out and noticed anything similar?
  11. Are you running the 64 bit client? I had a similar problem when I returned to WO and it put me on the 32 bit client. Switching to 64 seemed to fix it.
  12. Morrowen is a good man. Although he is in a different kingdom then I currently, I can, without reservation, recommend him to new players wanting some help getting started!
  13. As it will be a second time when he slays you - grin
  14. Poor Rhianna, picked on by everybody....
  15. Interestingly enough though they do understand a common favor because if you vessel a gem with one priest type, another priest type can use it.