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  1. Sold Close plz

    What is the character name of the WS?
  2. Wow, I forgot about this old series on trying out PVP: Did a quick search using Google and found the following entries:
  3. Sure, turn them off. Turn off priests too while we are on it.
  4. Never thought of players as serfs before so not my intention. Truth is that players will do what they want regardless of designer intent however the design could include elements that would allow home servers to play a role in the fight too. Of course this means there has to be some reward element included for home server people so that there is something in it for them as well. I recall reading Rolf's original vision for the game. I remember it being like a life journal or career log where the player goes through progression from personal skill growth, to village life to eventually joining the kingdom combat and then eventually retiring back to the home servers after a successful war career. This idea is meant to extend on that vision, realize it to some degree and somewhat bridge the gulf that currently exists between hard core elevation and sandbox home servers.
  5. The answer to the home servers and PVP is to give them the ability to affect combat on Elevation while also being the kingdom islands they are today. The home islands become supply points for the main fight. Using Serenity for the home server example, could be any server. As an example, farm corn on Serenity, using a ship transport it to a depot on Elevation (open field combat opportunity). When the corn is transferred to the depot it is consumed by granting the kingdom's elevation combat troops a small combat bonus for a period of time. Repeat the cycle to keep the bonus. Have Elevation have a very rough environment so weapons wear out quicker. Make it so weapons made on Serenity and transferred to Elevation receive a bonus against damage (or perhaps have a special paste made that can be applied to weapon to do same thing - again only craftable on home islands). The key is to better connect the home islands to the fight while still allowing people who prefer living on the islands to remain there if they want to. Also makes the home islands a bigger target for raids (to cut supply of corn for example). The problem with the current home servers in my mind is that the job isn't done, the integration isn't complete, make it more relevant and more combat ops will happen.
  6. Started on a WU server recently with only crude knife, crude axe and a steel/flint. No weapons, no armour, nothing else that I can recall. Was pretty cool. Of course was also on a starter toon, not a skilled up character.
  7. Personally I would love to see the homeserver/elevation portal with no items stay until the next map reset that's planned.
  8. Well I was thinking about my inventory items specifically but thanks for the joking around - missed you too - grin
  9. Will characters forcefully moved to home islands be moved with or without any items that they might currently have on them now (Pre-new elevation map)?
  10. hey nappy do you have an archery tower mod that i can use on my WU pvp server .. your name was mentioned when i submitted a mod request


  11. Instead of max deed count use a metric where the number of premed citizens impacts deed upkeep costs. For example only - numbers can be modified of course: At 10 premed citizens normal deed upkeep costs At 5 premed citizens deed upkeep is 3 times normal At 2 premed citizens deed upkeep is 5 times normal At 1 premed citizens deed upkeep is 10 times normal Also consider using same guidelines however add in number of drains to disband, at 1 citizen it takes 2 drains, at 5 it takes 4, at 10 it takes normal. This way you can still allow for kingdom expansion however you need the numbers to realistically support it. If you want to go even better then test for certain skills and if beneath a certain level across those skills then it's just an alt, so counts as half instead of a full citizen. Go even further and tie in last login, last skill gain etc and pretty soon you can have a true indicator of real players versus alts etc.
  12. It's almost a gasp moment, I find myself in complete agreement with McLavin here on this one. It really does support the group mentality if everyone gets reset at same time. The nice thing also is this is a time limited map according to OP so it's also setting a precedent for this kind of thing in the future if it works well. ~Nappy
  13. Why exactly is it so difficult to reset all skills to 1 again? Run a database query and set all Epic skills to 1. It only gets complicated if you are trying to have a skill level for Elevation and a skill level for non-Elevation servers. As far as item transfers just make it that you can't take boats across, only by swimming can you cross the border. This will eliminate 99.9% of the items people worry about coming to the server. For meditation just turn it off for elevation server only - make it so it does a simple check on user login if they are on elevation. If so then no meditation skills, if not elevation then let them have what they want. Seems simple. (pseudo code - If server name = "Elevation" then exit else turn on mediation stuff). Do the same thing to turn off tome effects, If on Elevation off, else on Similar logic can be applied for faith, priests etc.
  14. For the current population size (and even if it was to quadruple) I strongly recommend you go with a smaller map. Just like in real life, close proximity is what drives aggression/combat etc. DesV2 had a 2k map, same with DesV4. Both of them had less intense combat then DesV3 which was 1k. DesV3 also had at least 140 concurrent players online at all times over an 8 week period with population peaks hitting 240 to 260 players. This is far above what WO sees today. Even on DesV3 there were large areas of the map that were abandoned and not used with most population living on the front lines. If you want a combat zone then make one. Going too big is just encouraging separation and longer travel times, both things which reduce the intensity and likelihood of combat.