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  1. Farewell to the greatest Dev

    Be patient. We only started asking for an update/clarification/proposed path forward more then a year ago. It takes time to have a vision apparently. "Actions speak louder then words" - Good words to measure the responses by.
  2. Wurm Online "Cancer Sucks" Fundraiser for Tich

    Are you open to "donations" for the auction? If so then please post an ingame char where items can be mailed etc.
  3. When you need solid bridge support

    That's pretty awesome!
  4. Poll Wurm Veteran Status

    I think it's supposed to be a Queen
  5. Golden Valley

    I look upon this valley that's so dear to me It's been my life, my essence and my reality So many attractions and people of the past have left me be Here I remain, a guardian of the Golden Valley actuality - Ziad, citizen of Green Valley
  6. Name and Shame - Necroedarkslayer

    It's too bad they can't introduce a new field in the player's database called something like "Secondary password" and give that password only the ability to use the account, no ability to transfer ownership, change email etc. Then people could share knowing that whoever held the primary password could always retake the account. I imagine the login code would just need a slight tweak to check the password provided at login against two fields, the current primary password field and a secondary one. It doesn't fix everything but maybe it preserves a key area. At the end of the day people are only as good as whomever they are as people. No amount of technical things will overcome the root of who they are as a person. When I left Epic for a break back when WU came out, I freely gave 4 deeds to my kingdom, asking nothing. I transferred mayorship of the fifth deed, a deed that I really liked and had spent significant time and effort on to someone I thought of as a close friend, with the clear understanding that if I came back to the game it would be returned to me. When I came back the deed wasn't returned. That's on me for trusting them and ultimately on them for lacking whatever it is that makes a person honorable and trustworthy. At the end I lost the money, time (more then a year of steady building/terraforming) and effort put into the deed. More importantly I no longer had a friend that I had thought highly of. The key thing I didn't change (and had to make sure I didn't) was willingness to continue trusting others despite this event. I have no intention of naming the former friend. They know who they are and what they did. It's just really unfortunate is all.
  7. Valrei International. 057

    It would be nice to see this arrive on Chaos soon so that they can be enjoyed there as well.
  8. Valrei International. 057

    Congratulation @Darklords. That is easily the best news update I have read in awhile just knowing you are joining the dev team.
  9. Deedplanner IMPORT?!? :O

    Almost two years back a suggestion was made in the suggestions thread to use this sort of thing to allow people to move deeds from one server to another which in turn could be used as a way to consolidate players on a server or two and eventually reduce the number of servers out there.
  10. Why nobody pvps in wurm.

    There are a number of people playing in JK on both Serenity and Elevation. Connect with me via private message and I can get you connected to someone on whichever server you want.
  11. Have you Scored a Affinity yet?

    Paving and two mind logics
  12. Time to support one PVP server

    There is a big difference between full time, around the clock efforts to build a deed and occasional visits to have a weekly big fight with BL. As far as being active we had people online every time you guys popped our deed alarms (four times I think) as well as the many, many, many, many more times when BL people dropped by. We also had a continuous presence on Elevation capping towers and having death tabs since Sandy Shores was deeded on Elevation. The reason you are unaware of the death tabs that popped is likely that you just weren't around to see them. We were. Tell you what. I will stop talking about what I observed of your team if you also take your same advice and stop spouting off about JK and others on the server who you have no right to speak about. Meanwhile enjoy your time on Chaos. We will continue to enjoy our time on Epic.
  13. Time to support one PVP server

    It's true that we had this conversation. Actually mentioned it to the core group members who were in TS just after it occurred so not sure why you would even consider it a big deal that the conversation happened. Of course the "everyone was disbanding deeds" was a bit of an exaggeration as it turned out because not "everyone" has disbanded their deeds at this point. Still people on MRH, JKH, BLH and Elevation even today. Some deeds are gone and based on McLaven's comments a significant number of people turned their semi-retired status for Epic into permanently retired. Ok. Even JK has disbanded some deeds and allowed some premiums to lapse in support of the general goal of receiving some CC communication ( @Rolf@Retrograde@Budda ) As far as moving forward the only main options left to us at this point seem to be: 1) Leave epic like many but not all have 2) Stay on epic and figure out a way to make it work so people still have fun 3) Retire from Wurm for a while and observe from a distance Where people play in the game is very much a personal choice, it's not subject to some herd mentality that instructs us how to spend our time and money. That's our choice. No one in JK or any other kingdom will face any negativity if they choose to go to Chaos. They will go with whatever help I can give them and well wishes. Seems to be a common refrain from others in JK as well. The people who choose to make a go of it on Epic aren't villains to do so. There is no shame in their decision to try to take lemons and make lemonade. It's what they want to do. The interesting thing is that with the population thinned out perhaps this is the time when Epic could go through the most radical possible changes without anywhere near as much risk as previously. In my opinion the primary reason so many -1's have been placed in this suggestion thread is because it appears to try to remove a player's personal decision on where they play the game and replace it with an experience that is sub-par and very restrictive. Force people to play the way you want is just a stronger drive to see more people and deeds leave the game because the 4th option that isn't listed above is to just leave Wurm for good. So many people have already taken this very popular option historically. The game gets more narrowly focused and people opt out. It's time to break the cycle if you want to see this change. Modify the suggestion (or create a new one) that states that you would like PVP changes currently on Epic to also be available on Chaos and I will instantly +1 that suggestion. Expecting anyone to +1 a suggestion that essentially forces them to play somewhere they don't want to means that I strongly encourage you not to hold your breath while waiting for me to give approval of that one. Very unlikely to ever happen.
  14. Time to support one PVP server

    Fair enough and something I usually do. In this case only 1 source, I usually look for at least two before considering it fact.