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  1. Please send the following to Pinchi: QL~7 Pickaxe Head Steel c100 (1.3s)
  2. Please send the following to Pinchi: 19,27ql spindle, oakenwood - 98coc // 1,20s
  3. I grew up around people who believed that Satan was infiltrating kids through toys like Smurfs, Barbies and He Man. Also, through games like D&D or Pokemon so I believed his original post. It was a good joke though.
  4. Eating sanwiches are supposed to restore stamina, but I have never tried it.
  5. whetstone: BOTD 95: 90c COD to Pinchi please
  6. I am interested in the rare imperial street lamp. If it cannot be mailed, where is the pickup location?
  7. Patch notes?

    Now that I understand the meaning of the graphic I can appreciate it. I honestly thought the graphic was unfinished. Please dont change it as Kohle is suggesting.
  8. Patch notes?

    Are we ever going to get a graphic update for knapsacks? Or are we stuck with a floating bag with no shoulder straps with a question mark as the knapsack graphic?
  9. After one week with no response or banner in the mail, please cancel my order.
  10. Please COD to Pinchi a Hots Banner Edit: Also include a Dreadnaught Dynasty Banner as well
  11. Rare frying pan and rare pants to Pinchi
  12. I am looking to buy a pickaxe with 97 coc or higher, but less than 30 quality. Can you sell one to me?