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  1. Eating sanwiches are supposed to restore stamina, but I have never tried it.
  2. whetstone: BOTD 95: 90c COD to Pinchi please
  3. I am interested in the rare imperial street lamp. If it cannot be mailed, where is the pickup location?
  4. Patch notes?

    Now that I understand the meaning of the graphic I can appreciate it. I honestly thought the graphic was unfinished. Please dont change it as Kohle is suggesting.
  5. Patch notes?

    Are we ever going to get a graphic update for knapsacks? Or are we stuck with a floating bag with no shoulder straps with a question mark as the knapsack graphic?
  6. After one week with no response or banner in the mail, please cancel my order.
  7. Please COD to Pinchi a Hots Banner Edit: Also include a Dreadnaught Dynasty Banner as well
  8. Rare frying pan and rare pants to Pinchi
  9. I am looking to buy a pickaxe with 97 coc or higher, but less than 30 quality. Can you sell one to me?
  10. Closed

    COD to Pinchi that horseshoe please
  11. Where is the pick up location or do you deliver?
  12. WTB Rare Smelter for a reasonable price. I can be contacted on this site or in game. My toons are Pinchi and Pincher. Edit: I found one! I am no longer searching for one.