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  1. But it would work in PVE vs npcs also right? Glacial would in theory boost the now changed damage of the weapon through salve of frost?
  2. Thanks. Ok so I would get a dual boost from glacial, on both frostbrand and on salve of frost. Would this weapon then make more damage than fully enchanted bloodthirst one?
  3. I have been breaking my head around a following scenario: High ql large axe with frostbrand 90+ enchantment and 100 salve of frost imbue 2x ring and 1x necklace (all ql90+) with 90+ glacial casts Would glacial boost the damage of salve of frost since its now cold damage? Would there be some sort of penalty for having salve of frost and frostbrand on same weapon? Just a brain teaser. It would take me too long time to have this tested in the field so I was wondering if someone already tried it (toxin, fire work in the same way)
  4. I hate the lootbox randomness planned, its so childish and not in line with what Wurm community is about... There, I said it.
  5. Of course. Sent. Thank you and have fun.
  6. Hello Wurmians. Here are some of my finds while digging through historic remnants I'm willing to part with for a fair price: Statue of goblin comes with a final part, of course, which would be mailed to you, upon an agreement. Rift beast statue is only for sale with the rare fragment that should make it look awesome on your deed. Taking fair offers on rare lava fiend fragment. First good offer gets the prize. (I will not respond to insulting offers nor will I indulge in haggling. Thank you for your understanding). Also for sale 11 sleep powders. 1s each or 91c each if you get all 11: Ping me here or ingame (PBlack on Freedom) Happy New Year everyone!
  7. Hello Wurmians. I'm selling my collection of alcoholic Wurm drinks, that have been maturing near my stills for more than two years now. I have no clue what the pricing is so just offer me something interesting. I'm fully aware that drinks are a gimmick (apart from moonshine) and that better bonuses can be obtained with bazillion ingredient pizzas. But how many of you can treat their guests with high QL Whiskey, Brandy or Vodka? They also make fantastic presents for New Year parties. The list of drinks: All drinks come with low QL oaken barrels (as it should be) and have been really maturing since early 2018. The QL in the name is what my tasting skills tell me, it could be a bit higher or a bit lower (by a fraction of %) once you open it up. Most drinks will give you a 1.5 hour affinity on 0.25 quantity (pottery flask). Moonshine actually gives a very long bonus, 18 hours, on 0.25 quantity, which you can see here: Just ping me here or ingame (PBlack on Freedom) if you would like to have one of these spirits or those two barrels of high QL red wine. Bottoms up.
  8. Hey Wurmians. I'm selling some of my rares and supremes, taking (good) offers without desire to haggle (I'll take first good offer on any of the items). The links are below. Let me know here or ingame (Pblack on Freedom) if you fancy or or more items and how much are you ready to pay. I'm very flexible with pricing but I will not respond to insulting offers (had to point this out, excuse my rudeness) Rares & supremes: Also a set of rare puppets. Offer me for one or for the entire set: Have fun.
  9. Selling following items. Post here or msg Pblack on Indie server. you can also drop by and purchase the items off my trader next to my deed (right next to Freedom Market, Tribute is the name of the deed, connected to highway)
  10. One fine carpentry pizza please, cod to Pblack on indie. Test meal: [07:17:46] You think the breakfast might give you more of an insight about long bow! Thanks.