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  1. 45 litres of liquid at low ql could not transform one clay tile to dirt. Hardly seems worth the effort for the resources needed to change one bridge's clay pier to dirt so it can be paved.
  2. WTB summer hat for silvers or paypal. PM me here if you have one for sale.
  3. Just logged in. Sending you the large maul.

    1. Neville


      It turns out I have an issue:

      [15:41:46] You can not mail the large maul anymore. The spirits refuse to touch it.


      Apparently, when I bought this item over a year ago, the ###### who sold it to me already used up its mail limit. This means the only way I can sell this to you if to delivery it to you. Of course, you won't want the item anymore because you can't mail it to be imped or enchanted so basically the item is worthless now. I'm pretty angry about it because I just found out today so I've posted on the Plan for a Plan forum to ask the devs to remove the mailing limit because it's stupid. We'll see if they do or not.


      I'm really sorry about this! If you still want it let me know but I doubt you'll want it now.

  4. Would buy as present for someone but 4 s at the most.
  5. Time to get the ability to lower clay. +1
  6. Tonight a cart and one horse went into a pen where a door was, driver did not have permission to go through the door of the writ and the door was locked, yet the cart and horse went into the pen through the door, then the driver was thrown off the cart and could no longer embark the cart as driver. Could also not enter the house as was not on the writ. Support ticket had to be placed. Horse and cart was on the other side of a locked door inside a locked pen. Please fix this as a matter of priority. It costs lives and property, and it will cost Wurm players.