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Found 3 results

  1. I'm sure this has been visited repeatedly, but here goes: Hunting is lacking the excitement of discovery. There's a thrill when you kill a humanoid and get a recipe. That same thrill and hope could be applied to other creatures through Wurm in small ways in order to create a greater level of excitement around killing creatures. Yes, this also introduces TAXIDERMY, a skill that should be a new subset of tailoring. This involves several changes, I'll separate into spoilers so this doesn't just look like a wall of text. Random Drops Lore and Skill Journals with Alternative Crafting Recipes Taxidermy
  2. Taxidermy is the preserving of an animal's body via mounting (over an armature) or stuffing, for the purpose of display or study. This could be cool, there are so many nice mob models in wurm that would look cool if they could be mounted on walls or turned into stuffed statues. Just imagine a goblin standing in every house on Xanadu. Could even use the same model of the statues just with the skins of the actual mob.
  3. Hello Wurmians and Devs, I have a few suggestions and ideas for WURM. First off Taxidermy, its been suggested before and I know alot of folks have been talking about it in global. It would be cool to be able to stuff and display some of our greater kills, say that Raging Champion Crocodile that took my leg off at the knee. Har Har no my knee and leg are good. But seriously it would be a cool way to display our first kill, ect etc. Second, i propose tapestry wall hangings and paintings as either craftables or maybe some sort of loot drop. The walls just seem a wee bit bare in some of these grand player Mansions. Also up this alley would be suits of armor for those lonely drafty castle halls. Third idea,, well quite a bit here, from windows and window panes, to stained glass for the chapels and cathedrals, to bottles for potions, beer, ales, wines, and such. Fourth Idea, potions and healing. I know there are a few potions in game, but would be cool to see more types of potion from healing, to various defense and offense like the affinities on meals, but these would be non skill gaining, just boost for fighting, crafting etc. Also suggesting more stuff for healing such as Antidotes for poison, maybe splints for broken bones, more variety of salves for burns, etc. Fifth Idea and its an old one that I think need to be badly re-instated. Salvage for abandoned Boats, Wagons and Carts. There are just so many ships and wagons abandoned around, especially Glasshollow Harbor. I was thinking these could be causing some of the massive lag in that area. My best thought would be players could buy a salvage title with coin and then use that title on a ship or wagon once it hits 65% Damage. This may spurt a little in game economy growth and might clean up some of the abandoned clutter. I know some folks have concerns of somebody coming back into the game and their ship or wagon sold, but most of what I have seen the deeds have disbanded, the buildings, long gone. I know these will generate some discussion and I am eager to see what we WURMIANS come up with for Ideas. WURM must start to grow and I know Budha and the Devs are working hard and putting most likely a lot of their free time into WURM. Life is Feudal to me is a flop that I would love to see WURM grow and become a very thriving game. WURM has to much to offer and it should and will start growing again. Just give it time and thanks to Budha for all his hardwork and the Devs too. SIncerely, Arthurhawkwing