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Found 29 results

  1. Not sure if its a known bug, but I have a bridge on my deed going down a mountain and at the bottom it has a locked gate. When i go down the bridge and through the gate the mob follows me and also goes through the locked gate. All kinds aggressive mobs seem to be able to get through when they have targeted me. The gate is supposed to keep my defenseless noob alts safe lol
  2. Taxidermy is the preserving of an animal's body via mounting (over an armature) or stuffing, for the purpose of display or study. This could be cool, there are so many nice mob models in wurm that would look cool if they could be mounted on walls or turned into stuffed statues. Just imagine a goblin standing in every house on Xanadu. Could even use the same model of the statues just with the skins of the actual mob.
  3. May have been suggested already. Just some thoughts off the top of my head while i was out in wurm winterland How about turning the black wolf into the snow wolf? It only appears in winter Can be made into the white wolf rug (same as black version just white) Maybe give it real blue ice eye colour *Edit, ambient wolf howl sounds triggered when near player? Will give frostbite as wound <<< need to beef this out a bit
  4. What the title says really! We have an almost unprecedented population of players on Harmony, all searching for livestock to keep and mobs to practice fs on. As a result, apart from high level creatures like lava spiders, hell scorpions and crocodiles, the number of animals found in the wild is extremely low. Players like me looking for livestock are having to go on huge trips to perhaps find a single cow that's been lucky enough to survive the players skilling fs. This also puts new players coming in at a disadvantage, as they'd be extremely lucky to find anything to pull their carts. I also know of some people who had a locked off deed pen broken into and all their livestock killed, presumably by someone skilling. So please, please can we have upped spawn rates on Harmony? Even if it's just for a while it would be very useful for breeders, skillers and new players. Pretty please?
  5. Sestra[5xSkill,3.5xAction,Mods] Server specification: PVP zone- PvP Arena Cathedral with all gods altars Portals to Altar of Three and Bone Altar Public Mine Fighters Guild with indestructible practice dolls More items on start with better quality 5 x Skill gain 3.5 x Action Map size: 2048(custom) Really beautifull world 15k creatures on map Money for killing mobs Rare Adamantine and Glimmersteel veins 40% Aggressive creatures No priest restrictions Highways Lower deed fees Now settlement upkeep off Mods: Betterdig Biggerhouses Boatmod Bountymod Bulkmod Bulktransportmod Cropmod Meditatemod Movemod Newportals Spellmod Timerfix Craftablepauldrons and more... Clear map preview: Some screens: Server map: Server Forum: Discord:
  6. I am unaware of mob counts on other servers but I would like to see an increase in mob counts or a faster respawn on Deli. I have spent several days "hunting" and literally have to do alot of traveling to find a decent amount , barely justifies turning on SB.
  7. Mobs get you target through wall but we cant attack to them [07:31:07] Aged mountain lion claws you pretty hard in the right hand and irritates it. [07:31:07] The plain stone barred wall blocks your attempt. Picture(if it helps or proof anything)
  8. A hell hound got into a locked building and killed someone. As the single storey building is fairly near some very high cliffs, it is possible that the hound came through the roof. The roof is a combination of normal sloped roof tiles and one tile of flat wooden flooring. There are no openings, stairs or ladders. Hell hounds seem to travel at greater speed than some mobs, so depending upon the implementation, it is possible that they travel further when travelling / running per second and get inside the building before any collision checks. Just a heads up. I would like to know if I should replace the one tile of flat floor with sloped roof, or if that would make no difference to such a fast moving mob.
  9. A hell hound got into a locked building and killed someone. As the single storey building is fairly near some very high cliffs, it is possible that the hound came through the roof. The roof is a combination of normal sloped roof tiles and one tile of flat wooden flooring. There are no openings, stairs or ladders. Hell hounds seem to travel at greater speed than some mobs, so depending upon the implementation, it is possible that they travel further when travelling / running per second and get inside the building before any collision checks. Just a heads up. I would like to know if I should replace the one tile of flat floor with sloped roof, or if that would make no difference to such a fast moving mob.
  10. I'm no sound designer, but it seems like some of the animal sound variety is a bit lacking, to the point where it feels like some kind of legacy code prevents adding more somehow. I hope that isn't the case. Good sound design can make a game feel a lot more vibrant and conveys important information in a subtle way. With that in mind, it's rather offputting to hear the same exact sound files used between wolves, hounds, and rift beasts. Similarly so for trolls, jackals, and ogres. I'd like to list some specific issues and what could be done instead: Wolves: The "whine" when hit is weird and does not convey the action's impact very well; they should yelp or growl when they are hurt so it feels like I'm killing a wild animal, not torturing a helpless dog. This goes for all the other canine-like monsters. Hellhounds: Perhaps they should share a similar sound profile to the wolf, but with a filter or added affect to differentiate them a bit more. Perhaps a more inhuman (incanine?) growl/yelp/whine to make them seem more demonic. Rift Beasts: Similarly to the hell hounds, they need a way to convey the fact that they are supersized alien dogs from an alternate dimension. Their size should reflect that too, with a much deeper pitch to all their sounds. Jackals: I know they have the troll sounds but perhaps they shouldn't sound like a dog either so much as the weird humanoid hybrid they are. A warbling effect, along with sounds more typical of a hyena's could be properly intimidating. Now for the more brutish side of things: Trolls: Good overall. No real complaints as they sound like the big, lumbering, nose-picking buffoons that want to club you in the head. Ogres: Like the rift beasts, they need a much deeper tone to their sounds to emphasize their size. And maybe some proper underwear too. Nogumps: I've never encountered these before but I assume they have the same troll sounds too. One fun detail I can think of is to make them play each sound twice or accompany them with a variation, to add to the theme of a two-headed creature. On a more positive note, I think the sounds for most of the other creatures is spot-on. Mountain lions sound fierce, crocodiles terrified me when I first encountered one, and spiders/scorpions are rightfully creepy with their chittering. That's all, thanks for reading.
  11. Hello people of Xanadu. I have travelled far and wide, from coast to coast, yet a Greenish Troll or any other greenish creature still evades me. Where are they ? Please input greenish sightings here!
  12. This mod bring back the old mobs coloured depending of its mood. You can change each color in the config file with RGB format. Source: Release: Colors by default: colorAlert=255,0,255 colorAngry=0,100,0 colorChampion=190,255,0 colorDiseased=255,255,0 colorFierce=0,255,255 colorGreenish=0,255,0 colorHardened=255,100,0 colorLurking=150,0,150 colorRaging=255,0,0 colorScared=150,150,0 colorSlow=0,0,150 colorSly=0,150,150 Note: Colors by default are not the best, feel free to contribute.
  13. More fun - Adventure - Play - Events - No Drama Come join us!!! WU Mythmoor Avatar & Uniques Fun in Moors Rest Wurm Unlimited Mythmoor 1st Raceway Obsticle Event Wurm Unlimited Mythmoor Xype hosts Aquatic Event at Moor's Rest Docks
  14. I would appreciate if anyone could send me a client side mod that outlines agressives in a red colour and non-aggresive in stantard blue color with a toggle command. Thank you
  15. Had a nostalgic attack and played some old Dungeon Keeper II, and got to looking at the possession spell for taking control of individual minions. Something similar in Wurm could be an enchant or personally better yet as a sorcery ability, perhaps even replacing one of the more "worthless" ones. Or an artifact ability, anything is possible. As the name implies, possession allows you to take over the target monster like its your own character. Your character remains where you cast the ability, vulnerable to attacks and etc. High difficulty to begin with, and it scales higher based on the target critter's combat rating. You are limited to what that particular creature is capable of to begin with on its own. You can remove yourself from the creature at any time, limited by the usual logout rules. EDIT: ie no leaving while in a fight. The creature dying while you are possessing causes a backlash, which permanently removes some of your mind speed and/or logic. The exact amount could correlate to the possessed creature's Combat rating.
  16. With the introduction to some nifty new loot with stats and disposability... I was thinking an addition of randomly spawning named mobs for solo fighting would be interesting. Everquest did this alot. Ordinary models with a unique name like 'Gash the Troll Chief' and would have a random item on it (most of the time something crappy). *No, alert that they spawned or anything... just find them randomly while hunting, travelling, or exploring. *It doesnt HAVE to drop loot everytime, but it could have a higher chance than normal mobs for rare coins too. *It should be noticably harder than normal un-named mobs and give more fight skill when defeated. *There is no need for extra work on models, just use normal models and change statistics. *Adds an element of surprise when fighting and possibly a unique 'pet' to bring around. -Doctorangus
  17. So after riding around in desperation for hours in heavy fog, I'm yet again frustrated by the fact that I've never seen one of these new creatures. Much less having killed one. First off I want to thank the devs for finally adding a new mob type. Those of us who can kill trolls in our sleep appreciate it. But something needs to be done. The fog+Fog Spiders event doesn't feel very..well..event like if you can't even find them. When the fog rolls in, these things should be WAY more visible and plentiful. They should swarm out from the fog. When the fog rolls in, people should be like "Oh crap, my FS is kinda low...I better stay inside or keep a look out!" More fog spiders please!
  18. So i am going through and editing the Wurmpedia and i notice that mostly everythings weight is 50, there are the small creatures who's weights are more realistic, but a pheasant wont be 15 kilos, a rooster isnt .36 kilos; A crocodile will be way more then 50 kilos, and its weight should flux between 50-150. Some animals should give more meat, some should give next to none. Wurmpedia Source
  19. I was playing round with zones the other day and the idea of making a zone where you walk in and a mob or a group of mobs spawns came to me, kind of like a popup but instead of a message(or even as well as a message) you get creatures spawn. For example on entering a grave yard and skeletons spawn that kind of thing, perhaps with a timer for resetting the zone once the mobs are killed. A few other ideas that could go with that could be treasure chests and loot (kill the mob and a treasure chest appears) and a control on the mobs and NPC's to keep them confined to the zone would be good too.
  20. I noticed recently the unnatural quantities in which hostile mobs spawn in remote areas. I was traveling through the desert and was killed by a combined force of a crocodile, mountain lion, several giant scorpions and spiders, and some wolves. I figured, "well, it's the dessert, its supposed to be dangerous, even if that was pretty ridiculous." but then later when I was trekking north to recover my belongings, I passed through an unpopulated, un-deeded area, and found it to be completely inundated by malevolent entities. The ground was completely covered in a thin layer of hell hounds, wolves, goblins, crocodiles, and about every other free-to-play killing filth that I know about, some of which I learned of right then and there, spaced a tile or so from each other. This absurdity seemed mainly to happen in clear areas without trees and with ancient paving from long gone settlements, or it at least seemed to center there. It stretched a ways beyond in all directions, I ran out of stamina and was killed before I made it through. This is how I learned what the real Wurm wilderness actually looks like. Is it like this in real life? no, of course it isn't, i understand that wurm online isn't supposed to be an exact imitation of our world, with its gods and goddesses, and with all its fantastical creatures, and of course magic, but an ocean of weird beasts whose only drive is to inconvenience avatars as much as possible makes for a very poor world indeed, especially considering that the only other place to go is a literal ocean in which you will die after 50 seconds. When being viciously and tirelessly assaulted by those dozens of mobs, I angrily wonder: why aren't at least some of these animals eating each other instead of just me, one small free-to-play human passing through, trying to recover everything he owns. mobs should attack other mobs, so long as it makes sense, such as wolves attacking a troll, or so forth. Whatever the case, whatever you deem ecologically realistic. Now back to my other point, too many mobs spawn too frequently, too close to each other. How are people supposed to live off the land when they are constantly being raided by hoards of random this and that? I suggest that mob spawning should be rarer and that mobs should be fewer and further between. Though it should be a case by case basis, for example, it would make sense for wolves to spawn closer together, and to band together like all mobs currently do, whereas bears should be very far between, and for that mater they should run away from humans rather than charge toward them, unless attacked, this goes for many of the passive mobs as well. I also suggest that mobs should have certain criteria that they require to spawn. wolves, bears, mountain lions, crocs, and most of those creatures that can be found on planet earth, should spawn in certain environments: wolves in the deep forest, bears in the very deep forest or in caves, mountain lions on the rocky peaks, crocodiles in marshy lakes, and so on, according to what makes most sense. (by the way, is it already like this to some degree and i am just unaware of it?). Whereas the monsters, like giant spiders or scorpions, and other oversized weirdness, should be rarer and spawn from, say, nests, or the like, lairs maybe, and perhaps scorpions could spawn in the deep desert where they look ecologically adapted. Some humanoid mobs should spawn at rare lairs as well. Trolls, for instance, are humanoid and are intelligent enough to have clothes, tools, and to open doors and gates, perhaps they should have villages with little item-based huts, or, if your version of trolls are solitary creatures, perhaps they should spawn from rotten tree stumps, thus encouraging players to destroy the stumps they leave near their deed, or maybe not trolls, but i think there should be a mob that spawns only when tree stumps decay away, wood imps perhaps. at any rate, i grow weary of seeing more trolls than i see other avatars. Now, as for elementals such as hell hounds or magma spiders, and other spirits unique to planet wurm, they should spawn when their component elements are brought together, as this, maybe, attracts them from whatever plane of existence they were on prior. for example, hell hounds could spawn on the site of a former camp fire when a pack of wolves passes near, or a water nixi or whathaveyou could spawn in a pool in the deep forest where at least 1 person has prayed in the last starfall. SO MANY POSSIBILITIES, I'm just planting a seed and hoping that it will grow, and that it will free the lands of Wurm from its menagerie-like infestation. Do consider these suggestions, though after all its your game from your imaginations, not mine. Thanks for reading.
  21. I have now had a mine on my deed for a very long time and it has been quiet down there. But today as my priest was to visit his magranon altar down the mine there where 2 cave bugs waiting for him down there. The mine is all on deed and there has been a mine door on it since the beginning of it, my question is if this is something new as I have been told that mobs cannot spawn inside on-deed mines?
  22. So upon recent hilarious discussions with a certain stubborn person who decides that dual wielding on chaos is a good idea, I thought of a good idea to not only help fix their terrible play style but to also encourage more people to use a shield! Ranged Creatures. Things like: Goblins/trolls/humanoids with rugged bows, spears, etc. Or more on the fantasy magical side with acid spitting scorpions Spiders with a ranged web ability to slow people etc #1 It will make hunting more diverse and less boring. #2 Stubborn dual medium maul wielding people will learn a lesson #3 it will be fun! thoughts?
  23. I know that there are champ dogs, and all the other agro mobs and unis, but are there champ horses and cows and bison?
  24. So, I just woke up today, logged in, jumped into my garden, started farming, *bam* snake (mature male anaconda), freaked out, tried to set my garden a-light. Luckily it was not able to get to the tamed animals pens at the back of my yard where several young horses are chilling out. The on-deed guards (set to aggressive) did not attack it. The snake was in a completely enclosed pen (completely on deed) behind a locked house. It effected the deeds animal ratio. I thought mobs were not suppose to spawn on deed - bug?
  25. Wouldnt it be great to have ice wolfs/golems, ent like mobs etc...? I think Wurm needs some new animals, maybe a bit more mythical ones rather than real ones