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Found 9 results

  1. No longer should we risk someone stealing a unique skull we have positioned in just the right way or a yule goat someone leaves by their deed token. Is there a reason they aren't securable?
  2. Are you the owner of a large draughty castle? or maybe just a tumbledown shack where the wind rattles through each crack? It's time to use up those scrap materials and make an anaconda or crocodile draught excluder/floor cushion to lie across those draughty doorways and halls. You will need: An anaconda skin* or crocodile hide: 10 balls of cotton or wool (rare+ balls of cotton or wool have a chance to turn the draught excluder rare+) Some cotton string or wool yarn *Maybe Soon (TM) Instructions: Stuff the anaconda skin/croc hide with the balls of cotton or wool and sew up the skin or hide with the string or yarn. Difficulty: Easy Difficulty of obtaining the anaconda skin or croc hide in the first place - could be problematic. Result: Sit back in the warmth and admire your draught-free sitting room If anyone else has any good or funny ideas on how to make good use of rare balls of wool or cotton - please add your ideas below!
  3. Auctioning Supreme Turret, pick the wood type and turret type! Starting bid: 5 s Increment (minimum): 50c Reserve: off Buyout: off Private Bids: not accepted Sniper Protection: 30 Minutes
  4. WTS 4* Marble Brazier pillars 70ql 5s each pm SteliosKontos
  5. Welcome! Here at the Grandmaster's Shop we don't only look forward to making a few silvers but we aim to teach and practice honesty. If you have any questions about anything in my store please ask I will do my best to ensure the best buyers experience. _________________________________________________ ~ Unique Hide ~ SOLD OUT __________________________________________ ~ Blood ~ Ask for Quantity Green Dragon Hatchling Blood - 60c ________________________________________ ~ Potions ~ SOLD OUT ________________________________ ~ Armor ~ Studded Leather Armor provides 0%+ Casting Buff Studded Leather Sets QL 75 - 1s Studded Leather Sets QL 80 - 2s Studded Leather Sets QL 85 - 2.5s Leather Armor provides 30%+ Casting Buff Leather Amour Sets QL 75 - 1s Leather Armor Sets QL 80 - 2s Leather Armor Sets QL 85 -2.5s ___________________________________________________ ~ Leather Goods ~ Other Leather Items can be Ordered, this is what is currently in stock Tool Belts QL 70 - 50c Tool Belts QL 80 - 65c Horse Saddle Creation QL - 10c Horse Saddle QL 70 - 50c Horse Saddle QL 75 60c Archaeology journal QL 75 - 40c Almanac QL 75 - 40c Leather Barding QL 80 - 80c Leather Barding QL 70 - 70c Saddle Bags QL 19 - 10c Leather Backpack QL 19 - 5c ____________________________________________________________________________ ~ Leather working Imping Service ~ Free Drake Creation Available Lv.94.5 Leatherworking Leather + Studded Drake Up to QL90 _____________________________________________________ ~ Weapons ~ SOLD OUT ________________________________________________________ ~ Furniture ~ ► Underline Contains Picture ◄ All Rugs are Creation Quality PM Legios for higher Quality options. Brown Bear Rug -10c Black Bear Rug - 10c Mountain Lion Rug - 10c Black Wolf Rug - 10c _______________________________________________ ~ Assorted Goods ~ FREE Valentine Pottery Picture Bellow Valentines are redeemable for premium players by using the /redeemkey chat command: /redeemkey TXFX4VCF7B8W-ABGWDXESZWO3 (2015) /redeemkey XDH94OUQA4UL-ABZIM4ESSVSY (2018) ► Underline Contains Picture ◄ ?Valentine's Pottery - 1s/ea? Snow Lantern - 2s/ea ____________________________ ~ Food Items ~ Milk (Sheep, Cow, or Bison) 20c per small barrel Honey (PM for qualities and quantities available) ~ Sprouts (Pick-up Only) ~ PM Seriphina for quantities and qualities, qualities available up to QL 100 Apple, Birch, Blueberry, Camellia, Cedar, Cherry, Chestnut, Fir, Grape, Hazelnut, Lavender, Lemon, Lindenwood, Maple, Oleander, Olive, Orange, Pine, Raspberry, Rose, Thorn, Walnut - 1c/ea Oak and Willow - 2c/ea ~ How To Place Orders ~ PM Legios or Seriphina either here or in the game or leave a comment on this thread to place an order. We have a runed mailbox, so larger items can be mailed and arrive in just a few minutes. For pickup orders such as bulk and furniture, we are located in Lorewood at H23 on Xanadu. We do offer free coastal delivery on orders over 5s for all servers except Chaos. Here is a cat drinking milk straight from a cow to Brighten up your day, because smiling is so important to a healthy and humble life.
  6. Valentines is right around the corner so why don't you spruce up your deed for that love one of yours! PM Legios in game for faster response time! Valentine Pottery only 1s each!!!! Limited Quantity Here are some keys thanks to the wonderful Wurm Communities to get 2 free!! Per Premium character!!! Valentines are redeemable for premium players by using the /redeemkey chat command: /redeemkey TXFX4VCF7B8W-ABGWDXESZWO3 (2015) /redeemkey XDH94OUQA4UL-ABZIM4ESSVSY (2018) If you ever need more than 2 you know where to find more! have a wonderful Wurmy day!
  7. Looking for the following items rare, quality does not matter. Only thing that matters is how swag my room is, and that it looks better then Mclovins High Bookshelf x3 Canopy bed x1 Open Fireplace x1 Coffers x2 Large red rug thing x2 Chest x1 Candelabra x4 Unfinished Altar x1 Bench x1 Low bookshelf x2 High Throne looking chair thingy I don't remember the name x1 Message via forums if you got any of these and we can negotiate. mclovins house is ugly
  8. Hello Could you please add wood colors to furniture e.g. if a table/chair in made from cherrywood it should take on the color of cherrywood too. Thanks Pebble
  9. Option to behead a corpse with any two handed weapons (besides maul, that would just make smush). With the head you could mount it on spikes and place it down as decor to intimidate your enemies and scrolling over this decor would appear as 'Head of '[name of character]' or you could fling them into enemy deeds via catapults if you so desired, the choice would be yours entirely.