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  1. We warmly welcome Karltanner to our ranks as our newest Villager. Welcome to the Capital Karl.
  2. Anyone wishing to become a Villager in the Glasshollow region you can PM me in game, I'm generally on Evenings 5pm Mountain Time Zone. Or Message me on the Forums. Ravenlure also can pm me as we are on at opposite times depending on Her and My schedules. We welcome any new deeds also wishing to join the Glasshollow Alliance. "Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success". Henry Ford
  3. We are also inviting local deeds in the Glasshollow D11 Region and Norther/ Northwestern Xanadu to join the Glasshollow Alliance.We are active and have many infrastructure plans in the works, plus trading, markets, great Alliance group to chat with and get to know.
  4. It would be nice if there was some sort of Container for small and large rare materials so folks could store them instead of trying to use the bank, or a mule alt character. Also Taxidermy would be a cool skill so we could make wall mounts and life mounts of the creatures that almost got us, haha, or we got them.
  5. The Mountain Scenery surrounding the valley is amazing. The views of tthe stars at night, storms rolling in from the coast, lightning, rainbows, its just amazing. We in the North here are gifted with abundant scenery.
  6. We need more Minions eeerr villagers, we have a Fabulous region and many more planned construction projects and regional infrastructure projects being planned.
  7. For sure, we are currently getting ready to build beautiful 3x3 cottages and villas.
  8. Glasshollow Market Alliance and Glasshollow Capital City are recruiting new citizens, villagers, and settlers. We are a well established and well known Alliance. We have extensive Markets, skilled tutors and crafters. We have established access to m.any resources and areas to craft and store supplies. We would love to have you join us, build with us, start your own deed, and develop the Northern part of Xanadu into a beautiful Jewel of the North. We plan to expand mines, re-work local roads to fix steep grades and improve access to resources like Peat, Tar, Clay. We also have and continue to establish expansive groves of fruit and nut trees available for all Alliance members to harvest. Come join us and raise a Mug with us and your skills too. PM me ArthurHawkwing in game or message us here
  9. A warm welcome to our newest Citizen Starshard. Raises mug!
  10. We are the same Alliance Sila, Glasshollow Market Alliance. Though i'm not sure Glasshollow City has been brought into the Alliance yet. So yes we would for sure need an invite.
  11. We are proud to announce Headmaster and renowned Brew-master Tathar has arrived and will be teaching and brewing amazing drinks at Glasshollow Capital City. And a warm welcome to our new citizens Covfefe and Leonxnoel.
  12. Were on Xanadu by the way. I believe that is section D11.
  13. xanadu

    Glasshollow Market Alliance begins building new Capital City. We seek citizens, villagers, old and new. Come Raise your Mugs and Skills with US.
  14. I am new to the Forums, though I am a WURMIAN Veteran of well over two years. Glasshollow Market is an Alliance that is slowly growing and and senior players like myself and started stepping into more active roles. We wish to help new villagers, citizens, players and new deeds thrive here in the North. We hope to build this great and brand new Capital City into a bright and shining Jewel here in the Northern Lands of Xanadu. We are seeking players that wish to be active among active veterans and learn the game and have safe places to store things and craft. We hope they we see this as a place to call home and join us at our Round Table and become Knights, Crafters, Rangers, Clergy, and Physicians of the Freedom Isles. The call goes forth, come one and all new Citizens of Glasshollow Market Alliance. Raise your mugs and skills with us!
  15. The Glasshollow Alliance has just founded its Capital City. We are looking for new and returning players who are interested in learning the game and teaching others WURM. We are dedicated to building a strong supportive community. We have access to the Glasshollow Market and the Huge Harbor area. We will provide/ help create housing, food and water on site, crafting resources available, fields, animals, etc. We are a community focused on helping each other. Join now. PM Me Arthurhawkwing in game or post here.