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  1. I would say this would work very well for the New Steam Servers,
  2. rifts used to be shorter, only 3 waves, and used to be 1.5-2 hours max unless nobody showed up. Now rifts are 4 waves and usually come close to 3 hours or more. That is a lot of time for some people to tie up, especially trying to do the journal 100 rifts.
  3. New Dawn for Freedom and Red Dawn for Chaos,
  4. Still no luck being able to login, still getting to the Welcome Back etc, and then crashes. Any advice, anyone else having issues?
  5. keep trying to login, get to the load screen and it crashes just as you start to enter after all the connecting, anyone else having issues? Niarja appears to show some folks on
  6. thanks I am blind, looked through Linton area twice, sheesh, need moar coffee
  7. Not seeing the deed on the Map,
  8. hehe ya have to go to Chaos to do that and look for small settlements or join a strong Kingdom. Kenn Jellon is good, they will teach you the basics.
  9. Daaaaammmmnnn, ok need to put WURM on that
  10. But but we are Dwarves!!! No seriously not sure what Pyramids have to do with Xanadu or any of the history or Pantheon of WURM. I would rather see the community focus on fixing roads and adding more guard towers, maybe get some Inns built here and there along roads as safe spots for players that get heritage protection. Maybe focus on fixing some super bad terra-formed area, tearing up roads to nowhere, something like that would make sense. Maybe projects that will help or involve new players?
  11. Dwarven Imperium has several deeds recruiting, Citadel Feldbar D11 NW Xan and Rerbor by the Sea, brand new deed, coastal, large canal projects, the Inn isn't even complete. PM me in game
  12. Hmmm interesting was thinking something similar in Alliance chat the other day. Would love to see more missions for the Pantheon where players make tools, weapons, ect to sac. While you gain Karma, sleep for this, would be cool for players to also gain points they could trade in for "Kingdom Currency" then used to buy unique crafting recipes. Make these recipes either new skins with the makers mark and or new and unique items not in the game. Maybe medium quality tools, weapons, armor with decent buffs "New spells or runes not yet seen", that will mainly help new players vs old player who can craft 70 plus quality items. Maybe set a limit on the number of the items crafted too? Idea sounds cool above, WURM definitely needs a bustling growing economy. Hehe maybe even add a in new mobs that damage and or can destroy a weapon or armor piece on advanced players.
  13. Erebor by the Sea, map Coordinates 1408, 1096, feel free to add.