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  1. would make sense to turn Chaos into an Archeology Server, and leave the unique mobs there, maybe add some more stuff to archeology, make things a bit more interesting.
  2. So, I am a long time WO player, who well lets just say I wanted to find a server that was more relaxed and well modded, as WO just didn't offer some of the things I was looking for. I re-searched the WU servers, and found, that I really Like Geriatric Hermit Server. Its great, great community, were small but growing, I even met some WO players I had known. So if anyone is looking to for a great server with great mods, my favorite is the moon metals being added, oh and the bounty on animals. That and no monthly subscription fees. You can vote daily and get 50c to pay for deed upkeep. Hope to see you there, were a great group and hoping to grow the server population. Come find a home. See you there. Oh did I mention the Hunting server with Rift Mobs and Materials?
  3. I too have quit playing after 7 years, the DEVs never listen to what content players want, the Lag is horrible when servers have too much population. The code needs re-written or something. The world only feels alive when there is enough players on, but even then it still kinda doesn't. Not sure if NPC's would help, or likely add to lag. I also have pointed out before that everyone can do every thing, I suggested having careers. Races would also be cool, like Dwarves and Elves, etc. In all honesty WURM died awhile back when the economy went away. I did like having the option of selling Silvers if I wanted. What really killed WURM for me is the broken email system that is supposed to warn you when Deed Upkeep is low. I never got the message and by the time I was messaged by a player what was going on at my deed having disbanded, I just said feck it and I'm done with WURM. You DEV's have never understood what we want in the game. So RIP WURM, you were good while it lasted.
  4. WURM Unlimited Geriatric Hermit server is fun, looking for more villagers, players, come have fun with new and old friends,
  5. Geriatric Wurm

    would be interesting if we got paid for building highways, towers, tunnels, canals, etc
  6. I have made several posts suggesting we be able to lock pick OFF Deed Only to clean up the abandoned clutter and crap on the old servers, pack off old carts, hand carts bsbs, and other cast off junk to either be used or tossed on a lava tile. GMs never give it even a look, and 1% of the population throws a fit over lock picking off deed. Same with ships and wagons. I have even suggested making locks decay at same rate of containers they are on. That way at least at some point the trash will get picked up and hauled off to disposal. Now un-terraforming that can be very time consuming and just not sure how to approach that.
  7. Dev's, Rolf, Game Chest Folks: For the love of God and before Steam starts getting bad reviews over lag and you start loosing new folks, make another Island on Northern Servers, spread us out to about 600 per server please. this lag and bad reviews will kill WURM off.
  8. One more Island would help spread us to about 600 per
  9. Oh wait are those maybe spawn towns?
  10. Just logged in on Niarja and see Defiance towns already started. I didn't think launch was till later today? Whats going on?
  11. Had a great time, loved the last evenings Story Telling a top the Inn, Though VirusMD may wonder who drank all the beer, haha. Wurmians can drink, dang. Epic. Was there going to be a posting of the Grand Prize winners so we can oohh and aaahhhh their shiny prizes when we see them around the Islands? See you next year God Willing.
  12. I would assume if they ever decided to make a WURM 2.0 and place it on a new platform instead of JAVA, we would see the lag monster go away. Its just a matter of I would think of well WURM does and if they Game Chest Folks think spending a year or two to re-code and move onto a new game engine like Unity or Unreal.
  13. Carriages would be cool to make, could be made to look very fancy, lamps, velvet cloth seats, precious metal accents. Would be a pretty cool addition I would think most would agree. Also I think in addition, some type of passenger transport wagon, like a 3 seated buckboard style from mid to late 1800's? Actually i would even bet there was something like this as early as even as 13th century.
  14. Ah I have a thought on the Ship Focus, as the Server will be brand new and Highways likely not an immediate project on everyone's minds as deeds are established and walls, fences, housing, guard towers will likely be the main projects for awhile. Ships likely or at least sailboats will be the main travel I am guessing, till Corbitas and or Knarrs can be built. So my guess is until Highways and Canals are developed, that is why the focus on Ships in the Video. ?????