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  1. WTB Yellow potion

    I have a bunch if you are still looking for them, 10 for 5c sounds good will COD them to you.
  2. Dwarven Imperium of WURM recruiting (New Alliance)

    Many Alliances and villages recruit actively though WURM tends to lean towards a Hermit life style playing style. Many may ask why should or would I join your Village or Alliance? Well let me tell you a story my friends, gather round the fireplace and fill up your mugs. The day in WURM started out like many others, tending the animals, Dragon Slaying, occasional troll trying to have lunch. I had ventured down to the Glasshollow Docks to check my Merchant and see if I had the great fortune of selling something. A voice called out to me and I saw a woman coming down the hill. She was very distressed and called for aid, as a mob of Trolls had just slain her out to the east in the wilds of Xanadu. I offered the young lass whose name I learned was Cerebulon, a ride up to my deed where I could give her arms and armor and a horse. Having been out in that region before and knowing it was quite infested with Trolls and hell hounds, I called to my Guildmate and friend Chromega, and explained the situation. We quickly readied ourselves and met Chromega at the edge of the Great Desert. Off we went into the wilds out to an Allied Deed, Resting Patch. The road was not to badly over run with mobs and we dispatched a few here and there on the way out there. Once past resting patch, we proceeded off road till we found a way back down to the lake and dispatched a collection of Trolls and other fiends preparing to feast upon her corpse. A lengthy fight and the fiends were dispatched and Cerebulon was able to recover her possession's. Chromega repaired and improved the condition of her sailboat and we parted company, returning back to Resting Patch.
  3. Returning Player

    Dwarven Imperium, Citadel Feldbar Xanadu D11 is recruiting new and returning players. Great safe deed, housing available or space to build. Small newer Alliance, but great group of diverse players, active, friendly, and having fun. Why would I join my village? Well last night a returning player had the misfortune of getting killed near her old deed and Chromega and myself escorted her back out there and helped her retrieve her body, belongings and sailboat. That's what we do, good folks helping others.
  4. Lagoon bay trader deed for sale fully loaded

    Would you be willing to sell just the Trader or is it Planted to that location?
  5. Lagoon bay trader deed for sale fully loaded

    I might Suggest Keeping your Mol Rhen Wagon unless you can still make them. Hit me up in game, been building an English Style Village above ground on Xanadu D11. Will have Dwarven housing underground too haha. Citadel Feldbar.
  6. Make Alloy Armors Attract Monsters

    would be realistic if there were metal eating monsters like the Rust Monster from Forgotten Realms Advanced Dungeons and Dragons.
  7. Client Update: 16/MAR/19

    ignore the above looks like it got fixed since last night, awesome
  8. Client Update: 16/MAR/19

    fountains are not showing water flowing and forges seem to be staying lit a long time and not burning normally.
  9. Trader deed on Release Move in ready!

    pics would be nice
  10. WTB completed Deed, Xan/Prestine Coastline only

    Might try contacting Dups in game, he has/had a deed in Xan D11 on the Interior bay there, ha some buildings, large mine, also close to an active Alliance planning on making a better highway and harbor near there too.
  11. The Crusaders Merchant

    I'd be interested in trading Support Beams for a Man vs Bear HOTA and Dogs vs Boar HOTA. How many are needed per HOTA? I believe going rate is 4s per 100?
  12. Fertilizers

  13. Maes Knoll

    Awesome, hehe you should come hangout with us Dwarves at the Dwarven Imperium and Citadel Feldbar, no public notoriety here, just shenanigans and lots of cool planned projects
  14. Mayors who recruit, why do you do it?

    Ya the locked and abandoned carts and chests can be a pain, wish they would give Deed Owners more ways to deal with these, after players quit.