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  1. fek that, I want a 96 ounce steak rare, with horse radish and smoked gouda stuffed cremini mushrooms
  2. Crate racks are a thing already, a very nice thing
  3. Dwarven Imperium would like to offer trade and propose work on infrastructure around the region, repair bridges, smooth out highways, guard towers, canal work, if you folks are interested. Congrats on the village.
  4. I skipped ahead to page 6 so if this was already answered, I had not time to read all comments.
  5. Ritual of the Sun Meteor showers will occur and boulder-like meteorites will land across the server which have random metal type and can be mined directly for lumps (They will not change the terrain) SO are these spawning regular ores or Moon Metal ores for clarification?
  6. Would be cool if there were a couple different colors of slate veins. Add a bit of variety to the game and maybe lessen the amount of numerous sandstone veins. Blue and Green colored slate would be cool for roofing use in the form of the slate tiles. Also has been suggested adding in Rose Quartz Marble, a reddish tint iirc.
  7. I thought about this, almost a good idea, but part of making planks, beams is the chance for rares. Coal would be a cool addition, but then we have peat bogs already so 50/50 there whether we need coal veins or not. Trains wouldn't fit in with WURM, cause then once we break from the Medieval stance, then players will want fire-arms, muskets, cannon, etc. Most deeds anymore are coastal now or very near coastal, and shipping by sea seems to be the most used transport system. A good idea, but not for WURM due to the rarity system.
  8. True, I don't want the horse care thing changed at all. I have some horses I have found roaming wild cared by folks who don't play anymore and its nice to have them around. Only thing I want to see changed is the way things decay, just a simple code change to have locks fall off a vehicle/vessel at 70 damage. Plenty of time for people to login and repair things every couple months, longer on ships as it seems they take close to a year or more. The lower quality vehicles laying around will decay much quicker, and likely those owners are gone. gone.
  9. Everyone has had great thoughts on this, and sadly it looks like WURM will stay trashed and messy. The DEVs as usual ignore nor comment on this thread. There has been suggestions and solutions offered. Most ships decay so slow that a player can log in once a month and repair them. if they are too lazy to do that then, waaaaa, if you come back and you ships gone. WURM and all the abandoned trash just reminds me of how we trash earth and do nothing about it. Same problem here in WURM.
  10. Personally, I tried a game once that claimed you could make a ton of money in game, it was called Planet Calypso. What croc of shyte that game was. WURM was and is still cool, i did like the fact you could actually make a little money from it, but the player base dwindled and accounts sold, so new players instantly took over making money instead of grinding away. Traders were another easy money source for those who camped them at starter deeds or happened to find them or buy them on the smaller servers and hut them off from the rest of the world. That is all going away and in a way I am glad for some reasons. But i do disagree with being able to sell silvers. But:::::;; WURM sin't supposed to be about making money, its a game we should all enjoy for the various aspects. Granted the new owners want to and need to make money to keep it running. I have always been outspoken that the Developers are blinded by catering to one group of gamers instead of catering to the wide play styles of gamers. For a game to survive its needs a strong player base, more than just crafting to do, it needs some growth, it will need some PVP, it will need some adventure/questing/dungeon ruins to explore. I think we forget that there are many play styles of Gamers and games that survive need all those play styles. I loo at games that are still strong like Illyriad, DDO, WOW, Guild Wars, Fallen Earth, Ultima Forever. All those games have a good mix of PVE, PVP, crafting, things to explore, etc. I know many Wurmians are frustrated with the changes and boo when people want new content, but I think we forget games are like a grocery store or restaurant. At some point we are going to get bored with the menu and what the store carries. We have to see that not everyone likes fish and chips, or eating pizza very night just isn't for everyone. For WURM to grow, it needs to have a well rounded menu of things to do or our palates are going to stale.
  11. same i have finally gotten an affinity in Body and Body strength and i think i picked one up in butchering, but i play alot, and see people who play half as much with three times the affinites
  12. New World

    The new Steam Server? Ya I am thinking about seeing what its like.
  13. make that 2 MR wagons, and will take supreme weapon rack too