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  1. Glasshollow Capital City and Glasshollow Alliance recruiting all player new and returning, plus anyone with a deed in Northwest and Northern Xanadu is welcome and encouraged to join up. We are a bustling Alliance with many many projects server wide including last night folks mined a sandstone vein blocking the New Spring Bridge and Highway. We are also improving the local Highways and will be adding new Guard Towers, Safe Houses, and imping old Guard Towers. We currently are looking to recruit a dedicated Farmer and a dedicated Equine Caretaker. We are a lively bunch, and open to all languages and age groups. We love to craft, hunt, and as we grow and get more fighting class we hope to hunt some of the nastier mobs. We are not just an Academy, we are an Alliance focused on learning WURM and having fun. Also Join us for the Glasshollow Dcember 22nd-31st 2017 Impalong.
  2. Glasshollow Capital City 1769, -975. Were a Training Academy and ever expanding deed. Also seeking a fulltime Farmer and an Equine Tech
  4. ah thanks, will do that
  5. Ok so i did the pack update, installed Java Version 8 64 bit, I log in and it looks like i'm walking on Glass, re-verified packs, made sure I only have Java version 8 144 64 Bit. Took some screenshots and don't know what else to do. Not sure how to load or share those.
  6. Quick update, workshops are up, Tailoring, Pottery, Carpentry, Bakery, and Archery, and The Smithy is up and ready fro crafters.
  7. No premium required, though most folks do get premium once they hit the 20 skill cap level.
  8. Glasshollow Capital City is recruiting new folks and returning players. We are an evolving Academy to help folks get started and back in the game. We are building a new deed from the ground up, player housing, mines, access to Glasshollow Market and Harbors. Message me or PM me in game. Welcome back and hope to see you soon.
  9. We welcome Azathewise and Thiedari, to Glasshollow Capital City.
  10. Greetings fellow WURMians, we are currently recruiting new and returning players to our new deed that is under construction. We will be a full service Training Academy with the background of a Capital style city in pace. Player housing, crafting halls, etc. We currently are looking to fill two Trainer positions or for some players mainly interested in either Training folks in Farming/Gardening and Livestock Management. Basically we are looking for a player that wants to Farm, and a Player that wants to breed and manage horses and livestock. You can message us here or in game. Have a great day in WURM
  11. We warmly welcome Bekkie as our newest member and villager. Welcome to the Glasshollow Alliance Bekkie.
  12. We warmly welcome Karltanner to our ranks as our newest Villager. Welcome to the Capital Karl.
  13. Anyone wishing to become a Villager in the Glasshollow region you can PM me in game, I'm generally on Evenings 5pm Mountain Time Zone. Or Message me on the Forums. Ravenlure also can pm me as we are on at opposite times depending on Her and My schedules. We welcome any new deeds also wishing to join the Glasshollow Alliance. "Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success". Henry Ford
  14. We are also inviting local deeds in the Glasshollow D11 Region and Norther/ Northwestern Xanadu to join the Glasshollow Alliance.We are active and have many infrastructure plans in the works, plus trading, markets, great Alliance group to chat with and get to know.