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  1. Proposed Features

    Peaches and Pear trees? Blackberry bushes would be cool too
  2. Starshards WInstar and Hawkwing Trading

    Greetings Wurmians, We have the following for sale in bulk and will be gladly taking orders for bulk materials and goods. We can deliver coastal. We also have alcohol for sale soon, and we have Bison available at 10c per trait, 5 trait Bison would be 50c (Xanadu Only at this time). We also hire out as laborers, 1/2 down due up front at contract negotiation. Support Beams 100 for 4 Silver Stone Brick 1000 for 2 silver Pegs 1000 for 1 silver Planks 1000 for 1 silver Shafts 1000 for 1 silver
  3. Proposed Features

    Also would like to see emblems on the shields, would be cool to put Kingdom Emblems or each Alliance/Guild make its own Heraldry and have their shields show that.
  4. Large Project Structures For Alliances or Kingdoms

    Or maybe have the Kingdom like Freedom Isles on Xanadu decide it wants certain structures built, or some sort. IE Maybe an Inn along the highway somehwere, Lighthouse, etc
  5. Proposed Features

    Good point Anarres, I was hoping for more input and how to structure the "Salvage" especially with ships and wagons/carts abandoned and locked on the owner deeds. It would be nice if we could unlock those and re-ownership those for deed use. As for the ones abandoned and the deed no longer around, would be nice to be able to pick the lock or still repair and they automatically unlock at say 10-15 Quality.
  6. Impliment gem discovery while surface mining

    Gem deposits would be cool, would have to be very rare, and might have to add in more gem types like amethyst and topaz.
  7. Proposed Features

    I'm all for the lock picking and it would be fun to use, especially on stuff that has decayed up to 65%. I always like finding a little treasure now and then haha. Oh wait I may have an addiction from Dungeons and Dragons Looting.
  8. Proposed Features

    Hello Wurmians and Devs, I have a few suggestions and ideas for WURM. First off Taxidermy, its been suggested before and I know alot of folks have been talking about it in global. It would be cool to be able to stuff and display some of our greater kills, say that Raging Champion Crocodile that took my leg off at the knee. Har Har no my knee and leg are good. But seriously it would be a cool way to display our first kill, ect etc. Second, i propose tapestry wall hangings and paintings as either craftables or maybe some sort of loot drop. The walls just seem a wee bit bare in some of these grand player Mansions. Also up this alley would be suits of armor for those lonely drafty castle halls. Third idea,, well quite a bit here, from windows and window panes, to stained glass for the chapels and cathedrals, to bottles for potions, beer, ales, wines, and such. Fourth Idea, potions and healing. I know there are a few potions in game, but would be cool to see more types of potion from healing, to various defense and offense like the affinities on meals, but these would be non skill gaining, just boost for fighting, crafting etc. Also suggesting more stuff for healing such as Antidotes for poison, maybe splints for broken bones, more variety of salves for burns, etc. Fifth Idea and its an old one that I think need to be badly re-instated. Salvage for abandoned Boats, Wagons and Carts. There are just so many ships and wagons abandoned around, especially Glasshollow Harbor. I was thinking these could be causing some of the massive lag in that area. My best thought would be players could buy a salvage title with coin and then use that title on a ship or wagon once it hits 65% Damage. This may spurt a little in game economy growth and might clean up some of the abandoned clutter. I know some folks have concerns of somebody coming back into the game and their ship or wagon sold, but most of what I have seen the deeds have disbanded, the buildings, long gone. I know these will generate some discussion and I am eager to see what we WURMIANS come up with for Ideas. WURM must start to grow and I know Budha and the Devs are working hard and putting most likely a lot of their free time into WURM. Life is Feudal to me is a flop that I would love to see WURM grow and become a very thriving game. WURM has to much to offer and it should and will start growing again. Just give it time and thanks to Budha for all his hardwork and the Devs too. SIncerely, Arthurhawkwing
  9. I have a Deed near Glasshollow also, its well established and we have plenty of houses, workshops, and loads of farmland to till and plant. Also lots of woodlands and two deserts to hunt nearby. Also a well developed mine, and access to the Public Market and Harbor. D11 Glasshollow Capital City
  10. Glasshollow Capital City

    Howdy folks, back online from nasty old work haha. just fed the deed so were good for 168 days. Hope to be able to be playing more regular now, and will try to get some recruiting going and line up some projects on the deed. Also yes we are looking for new players and villagers. Safe well fenced deed, excellent mine that needs expanding, bakery and kitchen, smithy, stables, gardens, huge brewery, shipyard, huge warehouse, housing, and eventually a temple and a Chancellery/Palace.
  11. whats the minimum level required to join? I might be interested in having a dedicated PVPer alt.
  12. Wagons overview

    Ok so I'm a bit over priced after some research and talking to folks in game, sorry about that. I do hope to sell this Black Legion wagon which is 50QL, for 20 silvers. I am selling this for a friend who is not able to play WURM currently. I have ownership and can transfer it over upon payment. I am also open to best offers but I know the lowest the owner will take so will decline any offers below that number. You can message me on the forums or PM me in game.
  13. Wagons overview

    For Sale Black Legion Wagon 50QL, Glasshollow Market North West Xanadu. I am asking 25 Silvers or best offer as I am selling this for a friend. PM me in game or message me here on the forums.
  14. Nooby noob waants a home

    The Capital is always looking for new folks to help learn the game and we have a very well established deed with plenty of things to do. Your welcome to join us and call the Capital a home. PM Arthurhawkwing or message me on the forum.
  15. Glasshollow Capital City

    Greetings Fellow Wurmians, Glasshollow Capital City is recruiting any and all interested players new and returning, plus anyone with a deed in Northwest and Northern Xanadu is welcome and encouraged to join up with our Alliance also. The Alliance of Glasshollow is a bustling Alliance with many many projects server wide including last night folks mined a sandstone vein blocking the New Spring Bridge and Highway. We are also improving the local Highways and will be adding new Guard Towers, Safe Houses, and improving old Guard Towers. We currently are looking to recruit a dedicated Farmer and a dedicated Equine Caretaker. We are a lively bunch, and open to all languages and age groups. We love to craft, hunt, and as we grow and get more fighting class we hope to hunt some of the nastier mobs. We are not just an Academy, we are an Alliance focused on learning WURM and having fun. The Capital deed is located in D11 East of Glasshollow Spawn and about 5-10 minutes from the Glasshollow Harbor and Market. There are well established mines, with plenty of Iron ore, gold, sandstone, copper, rock salt, gold, lead, zinc, silver, and marble. Player housing is available, please make sure the new houses are Deed Manageable. I have carts, horses, plenty of room to expand on a 30x40ish deed. I am planning a Bulk Storage Merchant hall, A Knight order and sermon temple area called the Halls of Vigilance. We have a shipbuilding shipyard, forge and smithy, stables, brewery, kitchen, carpentry, textiles shop, huge warehouse, most buildings have apartments above. I also plan an Armory. Players are encouraged to craft, work on any projects they want, would love to build an active group. I am active weekday evenings and sometimes on the weekends. Feel welcome to post here and let me know if your interested.