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Found 5 results

  1. Hello Wurmians and Devs, I have a few suggestions and ideas for WURM. First off Taxidermy, its been suggested before and I know alot of folks have been talking about it in global. It would be cool to be able to stuff and display some of our greater kills, say that Raging Champion Crocodile that took my leg off at the knee. Har Har no my knee and leg are good. But seriously it would be a cool way to display our first kill, ect etc. Second, i propose tapestry wall hangings and paintings as either craftables or maybe some sort of loot drop. The walls just seem a wee bit bare in some of these grand player Mansions. Also up this alley would be suits of armor for those lonely drafty castle halls. Third idea,, well quite a bit here, from windows and window panes, to stained glass for the chapels and cathedrals, to bottles for potions, beer, ales, wines, and such. Fourth Idea, potions and healing. I know there are a few potions in game, but would be cool to see more types of potion from healing, to various defense and offense like the affinities on meals, but these would be non skill gaining, just boost for fighting, crafting etc. Also suggesting more stuff for healing such as Antidotes for poison, maybe splints for broken bones, more variety of salves for burns, etc. Fifth Idea and its an old one that I think need to be badly re-instated. Salvage for abandoned Boats, Wagons and Carts. There are just so many ships and wagons abandoned around, especially Glasshollow Harbor. I was thinking these could be causing some of the massive lag in that area. My best thought would be players could buy a salvage title with coin and then use that title on a ship or wagon once it hits 65% Damage. This may spurt a little in game economy growth and might clean up some of the abandoned clutter. I know some folks have concerns of somebody coming back into the game and their ship or wagon sold, but most of what I have seen the deeds have disbanded, the buildings, long gone. I know these will generate some discussion and I am eager to see what we WURMIANS come up with for Ideas. WURM must start to grow and I know Budha and the Devs are working hard and putting most likely a lot of their free time into WURM. Life is Feudal to me is a flop that I would love to see WURM grow and become a very thriving game. WURM has to much to offer and it should and will start growing again. Just give it time and thanks to Budha for all his hardwork and the Devs too. SIncerely, Arthurhawkwing
  2. what do you think about slvaging ships, wagons, carts if they have for example 90+ dmg ? when you find abandoned vehicle with 90+ dmg, you can embark on it and it will change ownership to you? or right-click menu option "salvage"
  3. Undeeded, unused land across older servers gets gummed up by ruins and abandoned terraforming, leaving these servers 'stale' and pushing the same players to move to each new server for a bit of freshness before leaving a mess behind. What if the game could actually revert unused land back to a more pristine condition? One of the things Wurm needs is a deeper mechanism to return undeeded land to nature, particularly slopes. Something on the order of weekly run a batch check for every tile edge and if it qualifies, shift 1 dirt from the high end to the low end. Slope has to be above a certain threshold; 40 or maybe even 30. Higher corner can't be at rock level. Neither corner can be adjacent to a wall or fence. Couple that with a similar check to see if a given corner is the highpoint of the surrounding 4 corners. If so, and it's more than , say 5-10 dirt above all of them, then lower it 4 and raise the others 1. Add to that even higher decay for pavings that have more than two adjacent tiles not paved and some mechanism to kill hedges. Decay rates for furniture might also need a look. Usually long after the rest has fallen away, you still find a bed, bsb and chest in the woods somewhere. Obviously, all this applies on Off-Deed. The other thing it needs is a Salvage Skill. By giving a player a long timer action that might result in some useful materials you encourage players to clean up ruins themselves. Checks can be put in to prevent casual grieifng and affect pvp like: Only in your own kingdom influence. Not on a deed of which you aren't a citizen/have permission. Not from an intact (has all ground floor exterior walls) building of which you are not on the writ.
  4. Salvage Rules

    The area were i am set up (a bit north of the settlement redcliff) has a incredible amount of abandonded boats just sitting in the canal, one has even been there for about 6 or so months if not more i was wondering, if possible, if i could claim salvage on those ships
  5. A Suggestion if I may please Rolf? Back ground info: With only two exceptions, all of the boats my wife and I have salvaged were built by people who have quit Wurm and are no longer active. In those two exceptions, the owners assigned over to us the owner ship of the salvaged boat. With the shutting down of the old Salvage Rules, there is now no mechanism for someone who Salvages an unlocked and unmoored abandoned boat to assume ownership and use of the management rights controls. So Can a mechanism be put in place to enable people to assume management rights of an abandoned boat? May I offer A Potential Solution.... an improvement.... Attaching a Boat Lock would activate Management rights and make the lock attacher the Owner. Removing a Boat Lock would deactivate Management rights and change the owners name to "Abandoned", signaling it is not under ownership. So if someone wishes to abandon their boat for what ever reason (quitting, have a bigger boat now) they can "give it away" by merely Unlocking it, removing the Anchor and walking away. Thus IF Someone who finds it wants that boat, attaching a Lock would activate Management rights and put their name on it as Owner. This would free the GM's from a lot of the ownership transfers they currently have to do. Wurm is littered with abandoned boats. Boats which required a large amount of materials and time to build. Those of us who do salvaging, we take these derelicts and return them to good use, whether by personal use or by reselling them to a person who wants a boat. We salvagers in effect "clean up" wurm and make it more beautiful and enjoyable. Could some consideration please be given to this idea. Thank you for your time and trouble. Humbley and respectfully submitted, Hughmongus, Mayor of Albia Marina, on the FM West Hwy, at the foot of the ramp road.