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  1. 20s buyout, PM me
  2. Hey all, Looking to buy 2 x gold coins for 55Euro each. 110E for both. PM me with details, Thanks.
  3. Hey all, I want to buy a high ql high enchant drake set or two, 1 x spyglass, and 1 x BoK. PM me on the forums for more details. Thanks!
  4. So i'm looking for Diggers to do some terraforming and digging jobs. The place is named Skylit Shore Located at : 20x, 39y in Independence.png map. This job require some dedication, since it's a large project, it will be seperated in small or larger jobs (this is up to your choice ) and will be done by diferent diggers who accept it and will work together. Optional Work Offers 1 x BSB filled - 1.20s. (Looking for 5 people) 2 x BSB filled - 2.40s. (Looking for 5 people) 3 x BSB filled - 3.60s. (Looking for 5 people) 5 x BSB filled - 6s. (Looking for 5 people) As for travel I will pay you 30c as soon as you start digging aka accpet the job and turn up. Details Candidates must have a 50+ Digging QL 40+ Meals & water will be provided during your work; Payments only after you finish your job; The dirt you dig must be stored by yourself in Bulks, provided by us with your own name on it. (I will make the BSB's prior to your arrival.) Post here which of this offers you would like to take and your Digging Skill please! I DO NOT want people to come in and out. If you want to do the job you must stay until it's finished. Everything you need (Meals, water, carts) will be provided! I'd like this work started ASAP.
  5. -1 for all rares. Silly idea not only for PvP but for newbies in general. Rolf, please take the game back a couple of years just after the Wurm servers crashed. That's when Wurm was at it's best, from then till now Wurm has only gone downhill... and fast.
  6. Looking for 20 x ql70 gold hanging lamps, 20 x ql70 iron torch lamp, 1 x mailbox with 90+ enchant. Thanks Jessie, Talk soon.
  7. As the title says i'm looking for a highly skilled account. Looking for 70+ Mining, Digging, Woodcutting (or close to) High overall smithing If the account is right I will pay UP TO 450Euro. Please PM me skilldumps & details. Thanks, Buliwyf