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  1. Thank you! The rake was awesome. Now I need that sweet, sweet 101coc butchering knife sent to Briars please.
  2. Please CoD rake, iron, 21,79ql, 78coc - 2,05s to Briars. Thank you!
  3. Cadence has nothing to kill. I can travel to hunt for meat but may players can't & it's hurting the game. They need to fix this or watch the bleeding away of the players they've gained.
  4. Staff, Silver 50ql 49LT - 1.45S #50 - 70QL - 56CoC - 0.80S(free imp to 70) #81 - 5QL - 45CoC - 0.40S COD to Briars please. Thanks!
  5. I just searched the shore line & the steeps of all the Northern Islands searching for bison. Found not a single one. It appears that only sand tiles are spawning mobs. Even around dens only 3 of 4 of the appropriate creatures could be found. The lack of animals to pull carts & wagons, not to mention for food, is beginning to turn new players off of the game. This needs to be sorted out ASAP.
  6. Could you CoD 6 thick ropes & a halter rope to Briars please? Thanks!
  7. Incompatible communication protocal??? wtf broke?
  8. Briar Cove 3223, 3471 Thanks!
  9. Could you COD a small square & a square sail to Briars please? Thanks!
  10. 4QL - 57CoC - 3.00S pickaxe head & 45QL - 34CoC - 0.70S butchering knife COD to Briars please. Thanks!