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  1. I can connect I just can't do a damn thing once I get on. The lag is worse than anything I've ever experienced in Wurm. Hope they get it sorted out soon.
  2. Please COD the 92botd rope tool to Ambersummers. Thanks!
  3. I think these changes will help the game finally attract & keep new players. I'll add my voice to those asking if we can have the ability to move our traders one time. Under the old distance rule I couldn't have a trader on my main deed & had to make a second deed to place him. With the 20 tile rule I think he could finally come home.
  4. I just started on this server a couple of days ago but I'm having fun so far. The people seem nice & it's rather fun being a noob again without crazy easy skill gains like every other WU server I've played on.
  5. If I keep this up soon I'll have pizza's for every skill! Thanks again for super fast service!
  6. More great pizza's. Thank you for saving me from having to grind cooking too!!
  7. grooming brush, oakenwoood 19ql COC92 - 1s COD to Ambersummers please.
  8. Just received my pizzas. Thank you for doing that so quickly!
  9. Hammer (Iron) 80 Q - CoC 95 1.10 Silver Please imp the hammer to 90 (add the cost of the imp) and cod both items to Ambersummers. Thanks!
  10. Kurson your pizza's are an absolute wonder! Thanks!
  11. Cod the human skull should pad to Ambersummers please. Thanks!