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  1. CoD a 50ql beautiful med rug to Briars please. Thanks!
  2. Currently at 87 farming skill. Selling bulk veggies 2s/k. Bulk wemp & cotton 4s/k. Want something specific? Tell me what to plant. 1 or 2 Chef packs still available 2.2s. PM Briars in game or respond here.
  3. Chef's Pack 1200 veggies 2.2s 2k 85 to 87ql wemp plants 4s per 1k. 3k 82ql garlic 2s per 1k. Taking orders on bulk produce. Let me know what you need. Delivery is possible. PM Briars in game or reply here.
  4. Thank you! The rake was awesome. Now I need that sweet, sweet 101coc butchering knife sent to Briars please.
  5. Cadence has nothing to kill. I can travel to hunt for meat but may players can't & it's hurting the game. They need to fix this or watch the bleeding away of the players they've gained.
  6. Staff, Silver 50ql 49LT - 1.45S #50 - 70QL - 56CoC - 0.80S(free imp to 70) #81 - 5QL - 45CoC - 0.40S COD to Briars please. Thanks!
  7. I just searched the shore line & the steeps of all the Northern Islands searching for bison. Found not a single one. It appears that only sand tiles are spawning mobs. Even around dens only 3 of 4 of the appropriate creatures could be found. The lack of animals to pull carts & wagons, not to mention for food, is beginning to turn new players off of the game. This needs to be sorted out ASAP.
  8. Incompatible communication protocal??? wtf broke?
  9. Briar Cove 3223, 3471 Thanks!