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Found 71 results

  1. The Asylum Wares **All items are sent through wagoner, mail, or must be picked up (CAD only H19 The Asylum)** Any product I don't have on hand I will make for you, this does take time. I greatly appreciate patience.Right now my stone cutting times are 5hrs per 1k. If you are wanting a double order expect 10hr wait times. I am doing my best to up my times right now this is the fastest turn around time I can provide you. *Please contact me with order request to make sure I have stock or have the slotted time for your order* Merchant Lily Ann Merchant Lily Bulk Items Bricks Sand 2s per 1k Stone- 2s per 1 Concrete- 2s per 100 Round- 2s per 1k Mortar- 4s per 1k Marble 4s per 1k Dirt-2s per 1k Slate 4s per 1k Iron 2s per 1k Pottery 5s per 1k Tar 2s per 1k Sandstone 3s per 1k (ask if I have it on hand)
  2. trying to use a spyglass will crash your game, couple of people already experiencing the same crashing with head bobbing and without feel free to move it to client bugs if this belongs there
  3. Title says it all. But then I'll say a little more anyway... They are given out every year now. Nothing special about them anymore. You can put them on a trader. Why not mail one to an alt, or when selling them? Seems silly to make suicide trader alts, just to make quick deliveries.
  4. Spyglasses 2s each Fireworks 75c each Soft Cap (Santa hat) 1s each White Dragon Blood 1s Garden Gnome (red hat) 1s Yule Goat 1s each Yule Reindeer 1s each Rod of Transmutation 25s Valentine Pottery 1s each Medallions (1 rabbit, 2 pheasant) 2s each Snow Lantern 1s each
  5. I have no idea for prices so putting some down to see if they sell for it or not, they are not set in stone if not sold. Items can be picked up on SW xanadu, Deed called gothenburg (R12) or mailed if it fits in a mailbox. Items sold: Rare horse shoe set w100 horse shoe w99 horse shoe w98 horse shoe w98 horse shoe w97 horse shoe w97 horse shoe w97 horse shoe w95 horse shoe w97 saddle w93 saddle w90 saddle Seryll armour Seryll lumps Sleep powder HOTA Dragon HOTA Lady HOTA Boar Potions/Oils Supreme forge 99ql medallion Rare forges: #1 95ql - 5s #2 95ql- 5s #3 89ql - 5s #4 90ql - 5s #5 89ql - 5s #6 95ql - 5s #7 78q - 5s #8 49ql - 5s #9 89ql - 5s Horse shoes 90+woa/BoTD) Price: 1s/each Gold mine door. Price: 2silver Lockpicks Price: 2 silver Longbows. Price: 1s/each. Saddles. Price: 90+woa 1.5s/each, below 90+woa 1c/power Staffs and spyglasses Price: Staff, 3s/each. spyglass 3s/each Medallion (HoTA winning) Price: 1s/each Star gems Price: 3s/each? Transmutation liquid Price: 20s? Items can be picked up on SW xanadu, Deed called gothenburg (R12) or mailed if it fits in a mailbox.
  6. Hi, i need a pricecheck on (selling) spyglass, brass (QL70, 2kg) personal merchant contract yule goat, straw (QL99, 0,5kg) yellow potion (QL32, QL32, QL16, QL16) compass, brass (QL64,56, 0,6kg, settles in less than 1s) (buying) cog, would prefer oakenwood, med QL thx
  7. Bag of Keeping (99QL 1.5 DMG) Starting bid 70 euro. Increment 1 euro. 2x Spyglass (94, 85 QL) Starting bid 1 euro 3x Res Stone Starting bid 1 euro 10 silver is also available. Is the going rate still 1 silver = 1 euro? All items are pickup at Northern Light on Independence. Not interested in silver or trades.
  8. have some tools and stuff laying around, i will send the stuff with my mailbox, Courier has been cast on it, so it seems to be possessed by something. [87] if you want something send a pm in-game (Nachtiti) or here with a decent price and if i agree i will send it =) can trade for otherthings, send a pm what you have and what you want. Longsword, iron Ql76,79 (N67 LT77 COC71 Mindsteeler 10) Stone chisel,iron QL44,50 (WOA67 COC49) Pickaxe,Iron QL62,64 Pickaxe,Iron QL62,82 (coc80) Pickaxe,Iron QL1,27 (COC80) Pickaxe,Iron QL37,15 (COC80) Pickaxe,Iron QL66,35 (WOA77 COC77) Pickaxe,Iron QL56,10 (BOTD54) Pickaxe,Iron QL33,82 (COC79) Ropetool. oakenwood QL78,44 (COC63) STARRUBY QL40 SPYGLASS QL70 SPYGLASS QL70 SPYGLASS QL70 X3 Sleeping powder GEMS Total QL267,24 Sapphire ql1,39 Emerald ql59,81 Emerald ql58,00 Opal ql61,84 opalQL38,20 opal ql48,00 Butchring knife,iron QL69,58 (BOTD70) Butchring knife, iron QL66,67 PICNIC BASKET, STRAW QL99 inkl thermos and compartment saw, iron QL73,99 (COC80) RARE LUMP, ZINC QL92,19 WEIGHT 1 needle, iron QL63,72 bow, willow QL71,50 Hatchet, iron QL36,62 (WOA47 COC17) Mallet, birchwood QL75,92 Trowle, iron QL62,02 Trowle, iron QL34,13 (WOA64) RARE NEEDLE, IRON QL37,09 file, iron QL73,52 (COC71) Large maul, iron QL67,81 (N72 LT74 COC75 MS60) Sickle, iron QL70,30 HAmmer, iron QL77,95 (COC59) Rake, iron QL70,25 (COC70) Pickaxe, steel QL66,39 (WOA68) Pickaxe, steel QL31,88 (COC75) Pickaxe, steel QL9,95 (COC22) shovel, iron QL57,50 (COC77) shovel, iron QL6,61 (WOA61)
  9. I want to sell a 70 ql spyglass 4.5s. Pm if interested.
  10. I want to sell: Oil of the weaponsmith: ql 90, 2s ql 73, 1,5s ql 56, 1s Potion of acid ql 33, 50c Rare forge, 6s Spyglass, 3s Gems: Higher than ql10, total ql 827,25, 8s If you don´t like the prices, give me an offer and I´ll consider it Pick up at Q18 Release
  11. 57.96ql red hatted garden gnome 3.5s 70ql spyglass 3s 92.58ql ointment of tailoring 4s 90.64ql woodcutting potion 5s 51.12ql rare pottery flask 1.75s 2x 99ql snow lanterns 2s each 80ql fireworks 1s60c
  12. I want to sell 70 ql spyglass (4.5s) and 2 sleep powders (2s) PM me if you want to buy.
  13. Looking to sell these items pm me here or in-game for any offers -----= Whats Left =----------------------- 3x 86.04 Seryll 1.00kg lumps 3.5s ea. 3 x Spyglass 4a ea. ql 93.49 hatchet, tin 5s ql 86.45 pickaxe, tin 4s ql 85.34 hammer, tin 4s ql 93.25 Mask of the returner 5s ___________________________ One Mask sold. ql 98 seryll lump sold. addy lumps sold. glimmer lump sold.
  14. As the title say WTS, send me an price in-game or private message her on the forum. Ingame: name Nachtiti or Voorheezz Black drake Leather armor QL80 with Cap SOLD If you wonder how it looks, i send a link from wurmpedia hole set is Black Drake Hide jacket , Leather QL80 Black Drake Hide Cap, Leather QL80 Black Drake Hide sleeve, Leather Ql 80 Black Drake Hide sleeve, Leather QL80 Black Drake Hide Gloves, Leather QL80 Black Drake Hide Gloves, Leather QL80 Black Drake Hide Boot, Leather QL80 Black Drake Hide Boot, Leather QL80 Black Drake Hide Pants, Leather QL80 Fantastic Knapsack Tin SOLD rare Knapsack cherrywood SOLD 3X Spyglass 17x Sleeping powder SOLD to platinumteef 49x Yellow Potion rare Large Padlock, Iron Ql 16.41 SOLD Rare Twenty Coin, copper QL70
  15. 6 soft cap 98,51ql 1,5s 7 soft cap 98,94ql 1,5s 8 soft cap 97,32ql 1,5s 9 soft cap 97,22ql 1,5s 10 soft cap 94,94ql 1,5s 11 tin shovel 87,82ql 2s 12 tin file 85,80ql 2s 13 tin saw 94,22ql 3s 14 tin hatched 90,33 ql 3s i am about to head to work in 40 minutes, Will back in 6 hours
  16. I have a few odds and ends I'd like to sell (specifically, what I mentioned in the title). I can't travel, so the sleep powder and spyglass are pick-up only. Sleep Powder: 75 copper each or best offer; 7 in stock 70.00 QL Spyglass: 3 silver or best offer Yellow Potions: 5 copper each; 25 in stock
  17. I think you should be able to Examine at range when using a spyglass. Not at unlimited range but as long you can load objects they should be examineable. I don't Chaos so no idea if this would be OP in PvP.
  18. Comment with item and price and i will mail it to you asap. Buyer pays COD, I am located south Exodus. Spyglass - 5s 70ql Spindle, cedar 98woa = 2,44s
  19. I'm settle on Release. PM me here or ingame.
  20. Auctioning my spyglass Starting price 1s Bid increments 1s No snipe protection Buyout 5s
  21. All items will be COD'ed from independence. All proceeds will go to cancer research charity. For more information, please look here: Items are sold on a first come, first serve basis. Only public buyers are recognized. Please do not PM me to buy items from this list. Please make sure you write your ingame name I can COD it to! The Spyglasses may be picked up at R9, Muspellsheimr, Independence. Tools Willow Fine Fishing Rod, 78ql, 87CoC - 1s (pickup) Oak Grooming Brush, 14ql, 94CoC - 2s Oak Grooming Brush, 16ql, 98CoC - 2s Oak Mallet, 48ql, 99 CoC - 2s Oak Spindle, 92 ql, 101WoA 81CoC - 5s Exquisite Meditation Rug, 6ql, 97CoC - 2s Hatchet, 29ql, 87CoC -1s Rake, 11ql, 88CoC - 1s Saddle, 80ql, 96WoA - 2s Seryll Pickaxe, 1ql, 85CoC - 1s Pickaxe, 2ql, 92CoC - 2s Pickaxe, 1ql, 90CoC - 2s Pickaxe, 34ql, 86CoC - 1s Pickaxe, 2ql, 87CoC -1s Pickaxe, 90ql, 91WoA - 2s Weapons Huge Axe, 90ql, 80V 80N SHD - 3s Etc Brass spyglass - 6s (pickup only) Brass spyglass - 6s (pickup only) Yule Goat x3 - 2s Oakenwood Emerald staff, 6ql - 1s Black Dragon Hatchling Skull, 100ql - 10s Goblin Leader Skull, 98 ql - 10s Snow Lantern x3 - 2s Fireworks, 80ql x3 - 1s Valentines Pottery x3 - 1s Rare Toolbelt, 90ql - 8s Black Opal, 65ql - 2s Black Opal, 30ql - 1s Star Ruby, 37ql - 1s Star Diamond, 24 ql - 1s Rare Frying Pan, 91ql - 4s Rare Frying Pan, 91ql - 4s Rare Frying Pan, 91ql - 4s Rare Frying Pan, 91ql - 4s Blood (woodcutting) - 3s Blood (leatherworking) - 2s Blood (leatherworking) - 2s Blood (stone cutting) - 1s Blood (armour smithing) - 2s Potion of woodcutting, 15ql - 2s More sales and auctions coming soon! Stay tuned!
  22. Due my inactivity in game, I am not able to send items by mail , so I put them on my merchant in Green Dog Market on Deliverance. Here is a picture of items I have to offer:
  23. I got a spyglass in a trade deal the other day that i do not need i am asking 7s for it and can deliver it to any starting deed on Xanadu or even your deed if you invite my alt to your village to suicide in. 70ql - Spyglass - 7s
  24. Hello, please, only post offers or inquiries I'm selling a Q70 Spyglass my asking price is 25 silver I would consider a trade, send me a pm if this is what you would prefer. I can deliver for free to any coastal location. I'll sail for hours if you need me to. Thank you