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Found 24 results

  1. When a Bag of Keeping is equipped on the hip slot, the item model shows at an odd angle. Assuming this is the same for a Master BoK.
  2. PC items

    Hi all, Here's a few notable items i'm looking to sell and asking for some prices on the current market. 1x Bag of Keeping with .40kg buthering knife (1.5g as a set) 2x Garden Gnomes (7-10s each) 2x 99ql original flasks of transmutation liquid (10s each) 99ql x 0.40kg Glimmersteel lumps (4-5s per 1kg - however I've seen higher prices for lower ql) 99ql x 0.40kg Adamantine lumps (4-5s per 1kg - however I've seen higher prices for lower ql) 1x 2.25kg adamantine long sword (reduced weight) (35-40s) 1x rare glimmersteel longsword (75s) 1x 96ql supreme mallet (40-50s) 1x 88ql supreme butchering knife (40-50s) 1x 83ql supreme file (25s) 1x 80ql small maul, adamantine (30s) 1x 18ql sculpting wand Thank you Edit: I will update with offers/prices while researching, thanks for the interest so far.
  3. WTB BOK and Scroll Of Binding please Pm with info
  4. sold

    2.1 dmg You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Strah'. 90 Euro or Silver
  5. Changed to WTS
  6. Looking for 90 Euros or 1 gold. Verified PayPal only. PM if interested. Cheers.
  7. wts bag of keeping! 2.3dmg 100s pm Reaping for faster service
  8. 75 Euros OBO Paypal verified Message me here or Tarnhold in-game
  9. All of the following items are for sale :- To be auctioned for Euro black drake +ASOP ~80E green drake (no cap) ~75E Green Dragon skull ~30E Farwalker Amulet (56ql) ~56E Farwalker Amulet (70ql) ~70E Bag of Keeping ~100E Seryll lumps (5x 80ql, 3x 90ql, 5x 93+ql) ~ 40E To be sold Individually (euro prefered) Seryll plate sabaton 30ql ~ 3E plate leggings 30ql ~ 3E (sold) plate leggings 90ql ~ 5E plate gauntlet 30ql (x2) ~ 3E open helm 30ql ~ 3E open helm 90ql ~ 5E great helm 30ql ~ 3E chain jacket 90ql ~ 5E Green drake Hide ~ 1E Soft cap ~2E Gnome x4 ~4E (each) Fireworks x4 ~3E (each) Easter Egg x2 ~2E (each) Snow lantern ~5E Small magical chest ~20E Transmutation Fluid x2 ~5E (each) SpyGlass (sold) Hand mirror ~1E Scuplting wand (60charge) ~25E Scuplting wand (23charge) ~10E Scuplting wand (1charge) (sold) Rod of transmutation x3 ~ 30E (each) Images Item 1 - Black Drake with AoSP Item 2 - Green Drake (no cap) Item 3 - Seryll Miscellaneouse Items
  10. Seeking another butcher knife of the old weight 0.4kg For those not already aware, this weight has not been capable of being crafted for some years. Current weight is 1.2kg Material, ql, rarity, and even enchants do not matter; however, I will consider my offer based on such.
  11. 99ql - Bag of Keeping, leather (0 damage) Starting bid: 75s (no euro only silver..sorry) Increments: 2s Buyout: 85s (SOLD buyout) No reserve, 1h sniper Note: Pick up at T11 Xanadu or R25 Deliverance on request. Bag of Keeping - If you don't know what this is have a look.
  12. This is the absolute best i can do on this item... 99ql - Bag of Keeping, leather (0 damage) - 85s Note: Pick up at T11 Xanadu or R25 Deliverance on request. Bag of Keeping.. Moved to auction ..
  13. I have a 99ql Bag of Keeping for sale with no damage if you don't know what the BoK does then have a look at the link at the bottom of the page but it keeps items in it on your person when you die like coins, keys and some small tools. 99ql - Bag of Keeping, leather (0 damage) Starting bid: 1g (euro 1:1 rate) Increments: 5s Buyout: 1g 20s No reserve, 1h sniper Note: I am giving a long timer on this so people can get their money together. Pick up at T11 Xanadu or R25 Deliverance on request. Bag of Keeping..
  14. I have this Bag of Keeping kicking around, it can fit small items such as keys or coins and anything inside will not drop on death. 2005 Christmas gift. 99ql, 0.60 dmg Looking for a price, may accept private offers via PM
  15. BOK 99.00ql 0.60dmg Starting at 80s/80e will accept bids in both - too confusing with a ratio so will just leave it as 1:1 Pickup @ x25 y 46 Libilian Outlaws - south exodus 1 hr sniper Reserve @ 90e (Edit - shortened auction)
  16. 200e or 5 gold coins. pm me for details and offers.
  17. Like the title says I have two BoK's for sale. They are 99.00 ql, which is how they came. They have 2.85 dmg, and 2.7 dmg. These BoK's are located on Independence at the Freedom Market. For people who may not know these bags are great for storing small trinkets you may need, but don't want to have to worry about such as the keys to your chests. They also can hold things like first aid kits to go hunting with, or to help keep the rot of your meals when out traveling. Here is a picture of both bags. The spyglass in the picture is not included in the sale. You can get one for 60E or both for 110E.
  18. [23:11:51] A small non-descript leather bag with a strap. 99 ql, 0 damage One has a "0" signature, one has a "Godfrey" signature.
  19. Hi. I'd like to sell my bag of keeping for 45 euros via verified PayPal. It has 0.9 damage on it and comes with a 22.44QL pre-patch butchering knife. The butchering knife has no enchants, but it fits in there. I'm located at Freedom Market, Independence server. Since this can't be mailed, you have to come pick-up. If you want more info on what fits inside, check the wiki:
  20. For sale by original owner, all reasonable in game coin offers considered. BOK and Amulet 99ql, Spyglass 89ql Thanks sparrow
  21. 99QL, 0 damage. .25kg [15:31:57] A small non-descript leather bag with a strap. [15:31:57] You can barely make out the signature of its maker, 'Peo'. Comes with a 70QL .4kg butchering knife, Drunkenrabbit signature. Make a good offer and I may sell. />
  22. Hey all, I want to buy a high ql high enchant drake set or two, 1 x spyglass, and 1 x BoK. PM me on the forums for more details. Thanks!