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  1. SotG Rework

    Give everyone the 30% dr by default and add another 1% for each level of sotg to insanity path (5% total) so it doesn't make the path completely useless.
  2. How many days need to pass to not be considered stalking ? asking for a friend..
  3. Priest overhaul testing

    Shields blocking spells is silly.. but having the priests get a nerf on shield blocking (not necessarily stop blocking but reduce blocking) while casting would be interesting.. especially in small fights where a priest was always better than a non-priest, and this of course would also make archery get higher chance to hit against a casting priest.
  4. This game is flawed! Balance PVP.

    In all the pvp videos I've seen there wasn't anyone that died to spells.. am I looking at the wrong videos ? Everyone dies to melee all the time.. (and archery in rare occasions) Do you have an example of such an event that we can look at before jumping to these outrageous conclusions that "the game is flawed" ? Perfect balance doesn't exist, it all depends on the situation and the player choice be it weapon, armor, meditation path, faith and so on.. it's always nice to try and aim for balance as much as possible, and at least lately the devs are trying that, so please don't mock all the hard work they did with your unfounded accusations of unbalance until you have some proof..
  5. Show journal goal progress

    +1 , this will help for sure, both as a QoL and as a bug finder for those pesky goals that still don't work.
  6. Journal details

    Well.. i have to read the thread next time before jumping on the 'Start new topic' button.. I missed that you already added a suggestion for the same thing. I'll +1 that one then This topic can be closed (same as the one above).
  7. Journal details

    Most journal goals are single success items like (flatten a tile, ride a cow, enchant an item, etc). But we also have the multiple action goals like : - Hold 10 sermons - Spend 1k favor - sacrifice 10k items, - etc Since this is intended as a new and improved system over the old personal goal system, it would be great if we could actually see the progress.. so it would show in the Journal window like : - Hold 10 sermons (2/10) - Spend 1k favor (0/1000) - Sacrifice 10k items (2.323/10.000) - etc This would help in getting the players more involved and see the actual progress and also with finding bugs, like the favor spending one that's in the forums now, that if people don't know about might just make them waste favor for it without ever completing. This might be the case for other goals as well.
  8. New HotA System

    So if I get this right.. in a few weeks of spawns every kingdom can have 4 camps of their own, milk the first 3 as much as possible and then cap the 4'th one for the hota statue, then repeat, and never have to interact with the other kingdoms since those are also doing the same in "their" lands ? If the point of the new hota is to make it so that the mm loot not be held by a single kingdom, then i guess that will work but it doesn't really help with creating more pvp. I would like to see a system that would actually make people compete to find and cap battle camps.. and especially go and cap other kingdom's camps.. maybe make it so that when a kingdom caps 4 camps, all the camps on the map disappear or at least turn to neutral again. Also only the kingdom that is the owner of the camp can collect the mm from it, nobody else should be able to. I'm going to try it on the test server and see how it works, and will get back with feedback..
  9. Steve Jobs was not the only guy working at Apple.. what's your point ? Edit: What everyone is trying to get to is that this guy showed us the light at the end of the tunnel, he showed us that old bugs can be fixed, new complicated systems can be reworked.. it's not only about what he worked on but his attitude as a whole that gave everyone hope that this game will get better. Then we see him leave for a lot of weird reasons that probably only you guys know.. Of course we want him back.. we had a glance into a different way of implementing stuff and communicating with the player base that I personally haven't seen in the 4 years I've been playing this game. Nobody is trying to denigrate the work of the other devs in any way though..
  10. Deed Discount Request

  11. @Sindusk did so much for this game in so little time.. I can't believe the Wurm team is just going to let him go.. Fix whatever internal issues you guys have going on over there and get this guy on the payroll because he has the vision and the dedication to make Wurm a great game..
  12. Farewell to the greatest Dev

    You were the best thing that happened to this game in a very long time.. sorry to see you go