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  1. where the epic portal at so i can get my sb ?
  2. So was Sindusk as an individual developer.. just saying..
  3. I started writing a message with suggestions about everything discussed and then I realized that all this is for nothing.. this is a useless thread made just to calm people down after the last ninja pvp patch and nothing more.. If anyone in the dev team would care about what the players think, and want, they would have these kind of discussions openly all the time including testing changes on the test server to make sure they are balanced, no matter if they are big or small changes.. Once again the issue is the big picture.. we keep discussing details but we don't have the big picture at all.. What are wurm team's plans for pvp in the long run ? *crickets* Is nerfing priests by reducing the dependency on them in pvp the plan here ? You guys do realize that a lot of people are grinding faith as we speak, grinding channeling just because that's the current meta and they keep getting kicked in the throat with unannounced changed that are "small" so everyone should just deal with them.. doesn't matter you just grinded your faith for 6 months as a priest that just got nerfed.. doesn't matter if you grinded your channeling for nothing for months.. who cares... this is wild wild wurm.. I hope there's no surprise why people keep logging off and not logging back on anymore..
  4. where my memes at ?
  5. Since there are unannounced priest changes again that are pretty significant can we please get another priest transfer ? Good job on letting us know about the changes hours before the old transfer expires..
  6. I've seen it as well, and it's not the normal Xanadu lag.. it's a 5-10 second delay in server response once in a while
  7. Congratulations @Robbinman. You got yourself a great scale set. May it keep you safe in your wurm days. I pm'd you to finish the transaction.
  8. starting bid changed
  9. Getting rid of some stuff i don't use, so auctioning off this scale set (rare chest, pants and sleeves) Bonus (if price goes over 150e) - black drake cap, shadow mask & dragon shoulder pads as seen in image Buyout: offer No Sniper Protection Start Bid: 120e (euro only, paypal) Increment: 5e No Reserve
  10. Farming underground is a nice update. https://i.imgur.com/7yUvZwA.mp4 Gif's work from imgur (or any image for that matter) if you right click and copy the image address, the other one is an mp4 and it doesn't seem to have support for preview on the forum
  11. jackal is the hunting grinding server you all asked for
  12. Pack update issue

    Can't be a packet loss since it works if i completely delete the graphics.jar file and it always stops at the new additions in the pack. If it's a permission issue, I'm not sure it's something i can help with since the game downloads the graphics pack, and then it can't update it. I haven't seen any log for the downloads, are there any such logs available ?