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  1. Make time of day clientside.

    I assumed that's what it is, I mostly wanted to know why ? what would that help with ?
  2. Make time of day clientside.

    what does that mean ?
  3. Valrei International. 086

    It's PVE, not a building simulator.. the E needs to strike back at some point (more need for bricks in the market i guess) Doesn't matter what is changed with uniques, there will always be at least two types of players, the ones that organize themselves and understand the mechanics of the spawns and how to find, pen and kill them, and the second group that will always complain about the first group. This is a sandbox, and if someone's enjoyment is to run around the map all day looking for uniques then the player that also likes to smith, breed horses or whatever will have a disadvantage in finding them.
  4. The characteristics skills are capped at 30 now so you can ride a horse or cart, load stuff even sail a knarr. You can get prem from the shop for 10e or from a token for 5s or even buy a referral for 6-7s. Some option to buy premium in smaller increments with silver just like you pay for upkeep would be interesting, but raising the skill cap even higher is not a solution to attract players. You can already do almost everything with the current capps and should be enough to get a feel for the game again. Welcome back.
  5. WTS stuff

  6. WTS stuff

    lots of items still available, open to offers
  7. WTS Scroll of Binding charge

    still available
  8. WTS stuff

    list updated. bump
  9. WTS stuff

    a lot of items still available
  10. WTS stuff

    sure, to Votip ?
  11. WTS stuff

  12. WTS stuff

    Open to offers on all items. gifts contain the last year's snowman
  13. Selling a charge of https://www.wurmpedia.com/index.php/Scroll_of_binding Open to offers
  14. PVE Alliance Decor/Flair package

    Nope from me. I drift around with the wagon every day.. I don't need 1000 more graphics to have to be loaded. The idea of tabards is critical in pvp because people are fighting and need to differentiate each other fast, but has no meaning in pve against wolfs. We already have dyes in game that devs put work into. Maybe activate water and wash away cloth on tabard, tents and wagons to turn white then dye them whatever color you want. Also maybe adding some crests (sun, sword, potions, etc) like the market signs have and can be switched between, would work really nice for this. So every alliance can dye their own tabards and choose the same crest.