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  1. I wanted to see that deed since you started working on it and showed us the first few pictures. I hope I'm free that weekend at least in the evenings. Put me down for everything smithing related.
  2. +1 maybe it can be turned into something more visual instead of a wall of text
  3. +1 Also you get more chances to get struck by lightning on those tiles :))
  4. Check this post out, best place to start on Xanadu
  5. I went out looking for a troll to test out if anything changed. I found a venerable one, but i haven't seen anything different than any other day. Make sure you are wearing the armor, such big hits usually only happen if you have none equiped. If it's not actually from a single shot, then you might just have a bad RNG day.. If you can consistently reproduce it, and all the gear is right, put in a /support ticket.
  6. big +1 to this.. and why not for all tamable animals ?.. have a chance for them to become domestic.. a very very small chance.. but one that we can aspire to get to Make taming great again
  7. +1 to this. Make a new item, a pile of rubble that can fit in a mailbox, trash or altar and it can also have the 'discard' option that ore has now.. so you have the proof, the item is useless and easily discardable. Edit: on examine it can keep the same details, enchants, creator etc as the original item.
  8. +1 for a rowboat circuit race that would connect the two impalong locations
  9. I get the same thing, and i haven't relogged.
  10. Why all the different buildings for imping ? Usually people try to make everything fit in one big building so that priests can benefit from the presence of guests and impers, and it's also a lot easier to have all the forges in on place for the smithing for instance.. As you have them, JS and WS are in different buildings than the rest of the smiting skills.. and everyone has to walk 30-50 tiles to get to the kitchen.. when that could have been the central part of the impalong building.. Looks to me like a rushed plan to make them fit, not something that was built with an impalong in mind.. I love going to impalongs, I have to see first what's the idea with two of them.. have you had any discussion with Shirimpie about this since it will probably split the player base between the two ? Edit: Also, i don't know how, but you do need to take into consideration the lag.. And i'm not talking about the usual Xanadu lag here.. but the lag that will happen with all the people in local, and with all the creatures that GM's will eventually spawn in a controlled area (that i don't currently see in your plan).. If Enki shows up and starts spawning stuff out in the open.. we are all going to die.. several times over :)) (He enjoys watching us die.. don't give him the satisfaction) Edit2: The name is also confusing.. since i'ts a Christmas event, not a new year's eve event, maybe you should rename it to 2017 Impalong.. since it's for Christmas 2017
  11. See spoiler
  12. If you have no luck with karma maybe you can get a priest to locate the corpse for you.
  13. 6 more hours.. this auction is on fire...
  14. I used to go north of Whitefay for a scorpion lair and all the greenish scorps it spewed out.. I can't remember seeing anything else greenish right now.. but i'll keep an eye out.