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  1. rare dioptra, bronze QL56 - 50c cod to fatynoob
  2. It's probably more like a few hours most of the time, because once the message is on twitter, the hunting parties start looking for them all over the server.. But if you don't see any messages of them spawning, no twitter, no server message, nobody knows if one has spawned.. so even if there are people that look around the server 24/7 for them, I'm pretty sure they will get bored eventually and it will be found mostly by explorers, hunters or unlucky travelers (which should be fine since it's PVE, and the 'E' should strike back once in a while..). What I'm getting at with this is work/reward.. is one thing to login in as soon as you see a new spawn on niarja or twitter and run around the server non-stop for a few hours until it's found, and an entirely different thing to be prepared to do that as a marathon all day long since you don't know if there is one spawned or not.. I think this will eventually thin out the professional search parties, and make them available to a larger range of players, either they want it or not, depending on who finds who
  3. +1 Another thing that can be done is to remove all the ways the uniques can be trapped (don't let them go underground, this will also be a way to escape them), so people either run away from them or organise a slaying party in the open, distributing scale/drake and blood the way it's distributed now, plus the rest of the items (bone, tome, etc) can be distributed randomly directly in the inventory of the slayers, just like the rifts work, maybe slightly based on the "participation" in killing it... i'm not sure what can be done with the body and the butchered stuff though.. only brainstorming here.. Hunting parties will always exist, but I like the idea of not knowing when they spawn, that way explorers have an extra quest, and maybe hunters will roam around more and more... Something i would also enjoy seeing is for the uniques to move around a bit if not discovered and/or, depending on the time since they spawned (I'm talking 1-2 months later at least), to leave signs in local.. some dragons might burn down trees, the white ones can freeze areas (turning them to winter tiles), the troll king could leave a trail of cut trees behind him, the goblin leader could kill animals and leave the hearts on the ground, also dragon/other roars once in a while would be awesome This would increase the immersion, make uniques more scary, harder to slay and available to anyone that is willing to look for them.
  4. if you take 8s for the glimmer basinet helm, cod to fatynoob please
  5. I would +1 this only if the goals would reset after being completed so you can do them again. That would mean removing all the crazy hard stuff (kingdom related, tome related, etc) so it can be acually achieved by anyone that wants to do it. But something tells me it wasn't meant to be easy in the first place, that's why so few managed to get that title... Edit: another thing I would support is for the goals to reset if not completed in a certain period (1 year?) so that you have a chance to get a better list.
  6. When I heard about the rarity system I thought you got rares as a first stage, and had to imp the item to get a higher level. That would de a better system if it had a chance around what supremes have, for all levels. Creation spammers won't get much so the rares remain rare, and you could actually work toward a fatastic by using the item to damage it and then reimping it for the rarity chance.
  7. Yeah, it seems to be cached by the server, and since it's not a direct link to nesgamepro.com, but goes through a proxy, you always get the cached version ? No other way to add it ? http://nesgamepro.com/wurm/auction_timer_1499016528.gif
  8. -1
  9. Move around xanadu and you will find plenty of land like that.. so many wild areas still... Or pay a few silvers and have someone turn an area that you like into a wild area..
  10. +1 to any new creatures (also champ dogs and deer back please)
  11. https://www.google.ro/search?q=michigan+white+tailed+deer&tbm=isch&imgil=7xlZrWaeT4OeqM%3A%3BCBjaZRedRwaD5M%3Bhttps%253A%252F%252Flocalinannarbor.com%252F2015%252F02%252F&source=iu&pf=m&tbs=simg:CAESpQIJKgrgyM_1Z1dkamQILELCMpwgaYQpfCAMSJ3yjBdALywvNC84L6wukBYMF-xGwOK44tSSsOPwpmi2pLas4xyCdLRowRCCbq8dRyHJYgQ-NkmsJI8pUITTexAz6u5POC2SfQccHz2j9AP1DmC3nUW1MRkk0IAQMCxCOrv4IGgoKCAgBEgSolCZrDAsQne3BCRqSAQoWCgRkZWVy2qWI9gMKCggvbS8wOWt4NQoXCgZhbmltYWzapYj2AwkKBy9tLzBqYmsKGwoId2lsZGxpZmXapYj2AwsKCS9tLzAxMjgwZwolChJ0ZXJyZXN0cmlhbCBhbmltYWzapYj2AwsKCS9tLzBmYmYxbQobCghyb2UgZGVlctqliPYDCwoJL20vMDFwNXRtDA&fir=7xlZrWaeT4OeqM%3A%2CCBjaZRedRwaD5M%2C_&usg=__o5h_lURlgWQ8YGcvwcZBMeX50aU%3D&biw=1680&bih=944&ved=0ahUKEwivqo_HgsjUAhXBYJoKHfc9CXoQyjcISw&ei=4MVGWa-6OsHB6QT3-6TQBw#imgdii=_KGY3mRyz8fOyM:&imgrc=7xlZrWaeT4OeqM: what did i win ?
  12. It's very hard for a new player starting out alone, so you have two options, either go for it, mine the iron you need for tools, cut trees to make your first 1x1 shack for protection, forage so you can eat, train with practice dolls, or option two, join a village where you can get help with most of these stuff without having to bother to do everything by yourself so you can focus on a few aspects of the game you like. The first few weeks were the most thrilling and exciting from my time in Wurm, since everything was new, unknown, dangerous, and it was what made me addicted to the game. A lot of people ask for a system that makes it easier for new players to do stuff, but I don't agree, because everything starts with baby steps, and it's the only way for anyone to discover the game and enjoy it. I've seen many new players that left after the first shack, or joined a village and got bored after a few weeks of doing stuff, I've also seen people who bought accounts, so they don't have to grind, but also got bored. This game isn't for everyone, it's grindy, takes a lot of time to accomplish anything and the gratification is calculated in months (yes meditation path switch, I'm looking at you). None of my friends, that i've played games with, liked it, and call me crazy for still playing it after so much time. It's also hard to explain to someone with a different mindset on gaming that this week you are mining an iron vein down, because it's in the path of your tunnel you are making, or that you are making coal piles to get ash, to make lye, to make concrete because you screwed up some parts of said tunnel.. In my opinion the focus should not be to make it easier for new players to get into the game, you will only lose them later on because you will hit the grind at some point or another, so why "trick" them into thinking it's not hard ? The focus should be on fixing bugs, improving UI, and advertising to the right people. The game is a grind at 1 skill, at 70 skill or at 95 skill, it only depends how much based on the tasks you set for yourself and the goals you want to accomplish.. PS: I'm open to become a mentor, I really like @Jaz's idea as a game mechanic, because I'm just not the type of person that camps starter towns.. Even better if it works without any reward, I wouldn't want it turned into a ponzi scheme..
  13. cod the 0.05 one to fatynoob please