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  1. Since almost everyone from this thread agreed that the problem is not the random alt farming made by an occasional freedomer.. but the blatant abuse of killing chaos players for affinity transfer or chaos alts for affinity farming by other chaos players.. policing made by the kingdoms on Chaos will not work, and it will only lead to more and more drama.. just look at the skirmishes thread and see how accurate players are at spotting which one is an affinity farming and which one is regular pvp (excluding the obvious long kill lists..).. everything will turn into an ugly witch hunt. What if one of the top kingdoms starts doing it ? They get 20+ players in their safest deed.. then start killing alts.. who will go to their deed and knock on the door to let them know they are being naughty boys/girls ? The system has to be fair for both the strong and the weak.. If it's actually considered an exploit then both rules and mechanics should prevent it from happening.. not players.. that may or may not have the same timezone.. or may or may not have the time to run around the server all day locating people in random death tabs... and may or may not ride the moral high horse..
  2. By any chance were you on the horse and then untamed him from manage->animal menu ? If so try to disembark and ride again
  3. though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death.. i fear no trolling
  4. When I started playing, as i was in vacation i was able to play a lot of hours each day, and since i was a newbie scared of the big brown bear that was in the mine and stopping me from getting any iron, I started training FS with practice dolls.. and I managed to hit the fatigue limit a few times that week. From what I saw, once you hit that limit, you will have a hard time recovering from it and you will most likely hit it again even if you "slow down" on your actions a bit. I don't see any reason either for this system.. I understand that it stops from getting uber accounts that pvp people bicycle around non-stop which is probably a good thing.. but are 3-4 accounts that are used in rotation for that any different ? +1 to any type of change to a useless system
  5. i think it doesn't work since it's not a fully metal item
  6. If the devs intended it to be a pvp only feature then every player that is on the freedom isles should only have one affinity and the rest only activate when he goes to chaos...
  7. The cost to get an alt with random affinity today is 2s or less.. so can't the system be changed in such a way that not even pmk people could abuse it? I've seen affinities go from 2s to the recent bs one of 20s. So if the costs to get an affinity alt are high then it won't be worth to farm them. If only characters that have had premium for at least 4 months will lose an affinity, which is a decent time for pvp if you want sotg or other med path anyway, then it will cost around 30s and probably not worth the time and cost to farm on a large scale. Edit: some people already made similar suggestions while I struggled to write this on my phone
  8. Was this real or you were just trolling ? I've never seen anyone find anything cool besides the mask and statue fragments..
  9. Just pump up the verification to at least 3 months of prem so it's not worth making alts for it...
  10. lol +1 please.. so I can have a life again A game that plays by itself is the best game imo </sarcasm>
  11. I made a suggestion two posts ago about a 'lore' like options that could give you clues about what you can find, where, what tool to use.. in the area maybe, I'm sure a lot of other variations can be made. I'm not against knowing how stuff works, I can't imagine the cooking system without that option, we would of probably had new recipes for years and still not all would be found.. Maybe I'm misunderstood, about what i want to be a mystery, so I'll clarify.. I want to know all the mechanics of getting stuff and what tools you have to use and where.. what I would like to be discovered by the players are the actual items that can be dug up and restored.. and not have a wurmpedia list with 'this is what you can get from archaeology...'.
  12. Well.. there's been two weeks since the skill was released and we already have masters and items completed.. If there are a few mysteries left I hope they are revealed only some months (officially, if ever) from now so that people have time to enjoy the discovery.. That's all I am saying.. I'm pretty sure that the forums, GL chat and others will talk about these stuff if they pop up.. you would have to play with all the chats closed if you don't want spoilers :)) Don't get me wrong, i want them to pop up, but from people that discovered them, not as an official "archaeology walk-through for good stuff" manual..