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  1. Congratulations @Robbinman. You got yourself a great scale set. May it keep you safe in your wurm days. I pm'd you to finish the transaction.
  2. starting bid changed
  3. Getting rid of some stuff i don't use, so auctioning off this scale set (rare chest, pants and sleeves) Bonus (if price goes over 150e) - black drake cap, shadow mask & dragon shoulder pads as seen in image Buyout: offer No Sniper Protection Start Bid: 120e (euro only, paypal) Increment: 5e No Reserve
  4. Farming underground is a nice update. https://i.imgur.com/7yUvZwA.mp4 Gif's work from imgur (or any image for that matter) if you right click and copy the image address, the other one is an mp4 and it doesn't seem to have support for preview on the forum
  5. jackal is the hunting grinding server you all asked for
  6. Pack update issue

    Can't be a packet loss since it works if i completely delete the graphics.jar file and it always stops at the new additions in the pack. If it's a permission issue, I'm not sure it's something i can help with since the game downloads the graphics pack, and then it can't update it. I haven't seen any log for the downloads, are there any such logs available ?
  7. So I've been having this issue for a while now. Every time a new graphics (or other) pack is updated and the client starts to download it, the progress advances all the way to the first new item (or at least it seems like it, for example it stopped at a small axe sking this time) added and then just stops there and doesn't go further. I have to download the packs from the server directly (or delete them completely) and that takes way more time, every time, than what the client seems to be doing by only updating the changes. It did this when i was running from jnpl and now with the new client. Any ideas on why this is happening and how can i fix it ?
  8. Downloading and reinstalling solved it, thanks @Samool
  9. Same for me.. worked fine 15min ago and now i get that error
  10. This.. People asked for a hunting server with mobs way harder than what we have on freedom. We got part of it, but we have to skill from nothing, so it starts with 2-3 weeks of hardcore grinding no matter how big your group is.. and that's not fun for anyone. I don't see how anyone would have fun trying to make a campfire and failing 10 times in a row, or a shaft or a healing cover.. My definition of fun is not looking a at a progress bar and praying that this time i get a good result. I want this to be a server that is very hard not because i have to grind for a month to be able to fight things and run around a mountain filled map with dead ends meant to stop me from exploring it, but because the PVE hits back.. and hits back hard. I was thinking about a few feasible changes that would make everything more interesting. - let everyone start from a decent level.. maybe randomize it from 23 (characteristics & skills) to 50 so that for each iteration people can pick a new skill to specialize in if they want to start from the higher ones - make the starter deed an open token, no walls, no buildings, nothing, just a token, beacon and a lodestone (trader etc, whatever) - make templars and guards only attack freedom mobs (bears, wolfs, etc) and give something like "The guards are too scared of the <rift beast>'s power to be able to attack" same as they do with uniques.. - make beacons work like tower chaining in pvp, so you can only build new ones a certain amount of tiles from an old one (50 radius?) - make the corrupted lands way more dangerous for people, make it so you get random poison wounds while there, and get random food/water loses (throw up) - make rift mob AI smarter, make them run away if too many people gang up on them, make them target mounts randomly - have random rift mobs (ogre party, jackal scouts, etc) wander around inside the freedom areas wrecking walls and buildings just like a unique would do - make rift beacons also work like archery towers, hitting players that are in the area - give names to beacons, and have random beacon destroyers spawn on the ones in the edges with a server wide message announcing that a beacon is under attack We are invading.. it should be hard to settle, but it also should be equally hard to keep the land you conquered or gain more land.. atm the starter town area looks like xanadu, with pretty roads and houses.. that's not how an invasion should look like.
  11. Yep, that's what i figured.. most people i think were expecting ticks 4 times bigger rather than what we have now.
  12. I don't think you can have an AI in this game that's so organized and plans things like that.. The only way i see this happen is if there is somebody that can control them.. so a sort of hybrid soft pvp.. Other option would be to fill the map with tethered mobs that respawn at intervals and gradually get stronger as you go to the middle of the corrupted area, and even add some sort of penalty for fighting there, getting random poison wounds, cr nerfs (not really necessary now), have the mobs attack your mount sometimes, make the mobs run faster so they can catch up, etc. Yet with everything i've said above it would make the map even more sadistic than it is.. you would have to grind exclusively on deed and in the green areas, so it's all revolved around grind grind grind.. and I'm not sure how many people want to try that newbie experience every 6 months from scratch.. it's fun now since it's new for a lot of people.. it won't be so much on the second iteration. I haven't seen the main stronghold from the map to see what is waiting for us there. Btw, can i get a confirmation that the advertised x4 skillgain is actually the epic gain (so no 1-39) which doubles the range of ticks you get, and x2 timers on actions which in theory doubles the skill you get in the same amount of time ? I'm asking this because some skills feel like freedom (fighting, shields, weapon, faith grind, etc)