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  1. I made a suggestion two posts ago about a 'lore' like options that could give you clues about what you can find, where, what tool to use.. in the area maybe, I'm sure a lot of other variations can be made. I'm not against knowing how stuff works, I can't imagine the cooking system without that option, we would of probably had new recipes for years and still not all would be found.. Maybe I'm misunderstood, about what i want to be a mystery, so I'll clarify.. I want to know all the mechanics of getting stuff and what tools you have to use and where.. what I would like to be discovered by the players are the actual items that can be dug up and restored.. and not have a wurmpedia list with 'this is what you can get from archaeology...'.
  2. Well.. there's been two weeks since the skill was released and we already have masters and items completed.. If there are a few mysteries left I hope they are revealed only some months (officially, if ever) from now so that people have time to enjoy the discovery.. That's all I am saying.. I'm pretty sure that the forums, GL chat and others will talk about these stuff if they pop up.. you would have to play with all the chats closed if you don't want spoilers :)) Don't get me wrong, i want them to pop up, but from people that discovered them, not as an official "archaeology walk-through for good stuff" manual..
  3. I also want to discover stuff myself, if you know from the start exactly what you can get from it then it ruins all the fun and mystery.. I love the lore idea with cooking.. maybe something in those lines can also be added here to guide you towards cool stuff.. but not just hand them to you and spoiling it. I would also like as I go up in skill to get more specific investigation options (like with foraging) so you can stop getting so much junk.. investigate for weapons, investigate for tools, investigation for statues, etc..
  4. Does this mean that we don't get player god avatars on freedom anymore ?
  5. The idea is that you are getting bits and pieces.. some with weird enchants left, some with useless runes on them.. Not all of them are supposed to be useful.. I don't want to see all the statues and masks pop up in trade channel 2-3 weeks after the skill was released.. i want them to be rare.. so I don't mind the weird items and the low statue and mask fragment rng... I thought the entire point of wurm is not to have instant gratification
  6. Yes, but then you grind BS on epic back to 20, and when you jump again from freedom you will have the 100 right ? So theoretically, you only have to grind the skills you have 3x on in case you want to override them with the freedom skills Not that there is anything wrong with that, I just want to understand how the system works
  7. Having to grind the skills only once is a very nice update imo, and the only reason i never went to Epic
  8. It does seem a bit odd.. at a first glance I can see people grinding skills on freedom, away from any danger, and going to epic only for pvp.. The only time you have to grind skills on epic is when you lose FS 3x or when you die from other causes and lose other skills as well and want to get them back so you can override them with the freedom skills.. So epic becomes almost the 'hunting server' that people were asking for, but with pvp as well :).. and no skill gains for freedom accounts
  9. Thank you for clearing that up.. that's actually a very good news.. because most pve-ers are lacking in pvp skills they would have probably waited a few months to grind some stuff before doing the epic switch.. but if they get updated every time, then I can probably try and explore epic tonight Awesome news.. thanks /me starts building an epic portal ... once the servers get back up..
  10. I'm also confused about all these freedom->epic->freedom transfers.. So i understand that from epic to freedom is a one time transfer.. but we also have a transfer from freedom to epic.. is that also a one time ? or our epic skills get updated every time we use the portal and get updated to the highest freedom skills ?
  11. +1. getting tomes from uniques is close to impossible for a regular player.
  12. stone chisel, BOTD86: 66c trowel, BOTD89: 84c cod to fatynoob
  13. steel plate still has 70% base DR on freedom right ? so iron plate is almost the same as chain if you ignore the damage types that are not so different.. so steel plate is still better, what will change is the way people grind the skill, it will be much easier now since you don't need high ql steel anymore. In pvp that difference probably matters, so it won't change much there, except in epic where there is no difference (if i got this right) so nobody will use steel plate anymore over there
  14. Masks seem to be pretty hard to get, they might have the same drop rate as the shoulders but trolls are harder to find. I have a lot of shoulders so far but i only managed to get a single mask in 3 days of hunting. I don.t mind it though, I like it that it takes a while to get them instead of just having them handed out to everyone.. I wouldn't mind if they could turn rare/supreme/fantastic with an even smaller chance.. 4 days still when you can get them.. start killing creatures people.. as you've seen the animal numbers are still high..