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  1. Premium time, 20 days including today. Just used a referral to dump the skills. As for faith transfer, I haven't used anything like that, so if the character is eligible, then it should be available.
  2. The game character Galigan has been sold and is no longer associated with this forum account

  3. Payment confirmed. Congrats IkaDemandred on your acquisition Topic can now be closed.
  4. The characters Galigan and Zalmo are now basically sold to IkaDemandred. Pending confirmation of payment. Malac is also off the sale list as I decided not to sell it anymore. Thank you for everyone's interest and input on the matter.
  5. sold

    20 silver available, verified paypal only.
  6. Thank you for your feedback
  7. Bump. Still looking for opinions
  8. Orders filled, thank you for the purchases
  9. Prices on bars ar per item unless otherewise specified. Will send the pick as soon as I can log in.