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  1. doesnt that open up the possibility to drop someone on a lava tile they cant climb out of, or a mine door that drops them into a shaft or something
  2. come on jk all you suggest is off deed minehops and being locked out of your account for dying
  3. every single jk suggestion in this has been absolutelly terrible, game killing garbage that ONLY benefits them and their game crushing, make people quit to win wurm mentality
  4. your opinions still suck



  5. something doesnt go jks way >please remove it @dev @dev @dev REEEMOVEEE AAAH also add off deed minehops so we dont even have to pay coins for our 30 wardeeds aaah something goes jks way crickets
  6. priests need to have combat downsides also the old 1x1 damage area on siege equipment was way better than this 3x3
  7. bruh it took you less than an hour to raze a living deed to the ground yet you want "massive boni" for draining ontop of all the loot you took and the gratification of makong several people quit? jk wins again
  8. All in the title! BLers have to have a WL priest alt to un-corrupt their animals so they can eat regular/enchanted grass again. It sucks.
  9. [01:01:40] You must empty the corpse of adolescent strongzara before you steal it. cant get my OWN high quality saddle with high botd back, thank you
  10. Oh you're in JK? Didn't read, opinion discarded