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  1. pm me here or discord Spyte #8078
  2. Full Steam Ahead

    Make wurm like old days Failed action - lost material No imbue No tomes No player gods And bring back body strenght give u more DR like long time ago Thanks
  3. hello 1st magical 40ql , 2.5dmg 2th magical 40ql 48.4dmg 3x straw yule goat 2 snowman 1 clay garden gnome 1x snow lantern + 2 more EoMR banners not on screen send me offers Thanks SOLD rare pickaxe steel rare hatchet spear seryll SMC 50dmg rare steel staff
  4. new pvp server without demigods and true strike with 1x skillgains can be good
  5. WO Steam Discussion

    @Rolf 1 pve and 1 pvp server like good old Wurm?
  6. please remove them from chaos +1
  7. [21:02:52] Xsamuraizx neutralizes Battle Camp Archer. [21:08:01] Xsamuraizx has claimed Battle Camp Archer for Wurm University! [21:52:37] Kassadin neutralizes Battle Camp Archer. [21:58:09] Kassadin has claimed Battle Camp Archer for Apocalypse Order! ?