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  1. he want have all and 1 week later WTS Archeology items
  2. you dont have any free fragments for any masks?
  3. Bump for queen? Yea for me!
  4. +1 I have only 2 affinity from real fight not from alts
  5. Glimmer to Spyte
  6. Account has 5 months premium and enchanted tools most 90+ cast also has two merchant contracts deed is on east coast of DELI 20 seconds from the server border np.
  7. [07:31:08] Dagobert is no longer a Champion of Fo! [07:31:08] Dagobert slain by Spyte Dridmar We are going out deeds
  8. Sory im withdraw this is branding not barding haha Good luck on sale My mistake
  9. right mouse on crown and abdicate?
  10. 18 willow Spyte
  11. We are still here! We are recruit you and teach all about chaos
  12. Freedom transfer to epic I say yes but epic to freedom NOOOOOO
  13. Epic accounts on freedom destroy market... Too much account with 100 skill on epic..
  14. Freedom account when transfer to epic also get use this calculator? http://buddat.net/epicSkills.html If i have 90 skill on freedom i get 92.7 in epic?