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  1. please remove them from chaos +1
  2. [21:02:52] Xsamuraizx neutralizes Battle Camp Archer. [21:08:01] Xsamuraizx has claimed Battle Camp Archer for Wurm University! [21:52:37] Kassadin neutralizes Battle Camp Archer. [21:58:09] Kassadin has claimed Battle Camp Archer for Apocalypse Order! ?
  3. maybe give Chance for hql gems for favor storage in fights
  4. hello I dont recommend trading with Bozo , he wanted buy from me drake set for 70s but want it imped to 90ql so he need wait a few hours he agree. when i send it i see it back on my mailbox. He talking something and few hours later changing his mind… Regards Spyte/Fantastic
  5. Join today to one BL kingdom on chaos. Libila want you!
  6. Pme me with price
  7. RUSH B CYKA BLYAT with P90? Yes -1
  8. If its be rare be worth some silvers but non rare sadly is worthless ? good luck in sale
  9. get back 20c for mailing cost ;D and 10c in the same server
  10. wta

  11. and make kingdom title who can make only kingdom PMK stuff