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  1. Message Therealgary or AntiReunion 1.5s ea
  2. Delete

  3. Because of our low player base and kindoms fighting over casts etc. (Not that its happening but an MR in JK can't do MR missions for the rite and Fo of MR can't do Fo missions for the rite. Suggestion is either half the cost of points or perhaps make a different spell that just takes favor to cast rather then give people SB. It really up to the devs on what they would like to do on that reguards.
  4. The fact of the matter is the devs are getting rid of all the grinds and just devaluing people who actually want to play the game. Body strength curve, sotg starting at lvl 4. Slowly they are turning the game into "just log in to pvp" style.
  5. Defiance is different then chaos. I put off body stat grinding to grind prayer on my main which puts me 10 body stats behind everyone else :S
  6. You do realize at the beginning of the year they announced they are only doing 1 update a month and could only be bug fixes. That's a lot of time for them to talk to the playerbase which they refuse to do. They knew they were going to change prayer probably at the beginning of the year and yet said nothing letting people waste their time on a skill they were planning to buff. Should I not weaponsmith? Plan on making that easier? Should I not meditate? Are we getting a rework on that soon? What about farming? It's pretty much hasn't changed since the release of gold. People complain when they think something is to hard. Like Joemog suggested make the end reward worth something. Hell just making it so you can get gems at 1 faith would have helped alot without making the grind less. Handing out people cake on a platter doesn't help the game.
  7. Making the game easier doesn't make everyone happier. Wurm is a grinding game. It's a game about watching numbers go up. 70 prayer is a hard goal that you set your eyes on. 70 meditation is a long term goal. How fun would the game be if everyone was just given 100 in every skill and told to go play. We'd be bored within a month if not hours. These hard grinds need to be in the game.
  8. My biggest problem is this update came out of nowhere with no talk about it. I've been praying everyday since christmas to be a pvp bene priest. While everyone was skilling I was wasting sleepbonus and valuable time to get ahead. Now with this change I basically lost 120 sleep powder and 3 months. (Limited playtime due to work) and all it did was further the gap between me and other players. Literally no point in playing anymore because I cant catch up or capitalize on my grind. Thanks. I'm not saying the change isnt good but you could have told us sooner instead of letting us waste our time. Yet the closed door policy is still in effect. Enjoy your dying game.
  9. Reach level 11 meditation path
  10. Everyone that's bene now used the other server because you have to have 1 faith for the best difficulty. I hope with the changes they nerf prayer gain closer to 70 because turning a 800 hour grind into a 40 hour grind would kill the buzz of a benediction (END GAME) priest. It's not supposed to be easy.