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  1. Honestly the paving. And smithing gives alot of body stats.
  2. Add a ungroomed/groomed tag on animals such as crops are. (Would help with large pens)
  3. +1 remove all gods and priest. We need to be cavemen.
  4. Bud. Welcome to wurm. Don't like it you know where the door is. WE masses pay for the membership and huge deeds. We masses are what line rolf's pocket. Why in the hell would he listen to one person when the rest of the noobs want to complain about it being so hard? Wurm is hard. To get somewhere you have to do something. Repairing is by far the easiest out of the skills to not even notice you're grinding it up because no matter what you are doing you are repairing.
  5. -1 why remove a skill we need more things to grind not less.
  6. Commander for boat in front would have to be a freedom only change as we pvp players need them in the middle.
  7. I like the key ring idea but make a cap of twenty. Add a skeleton key to trader that has to have a key used on it to have it registered. Make the skeleton key have a cap of 100 making it both a help but also a silver dump giving options for people with silver and free to play players. I would also like to see us have an option to add an item to a writ. So if I have a locked chest I can add people on the writ to be able to open te chest but only people I want. So a b c d can enter my house but only a and b are able to access my chest
  8. I haven't played in a while so I don't know if god movement has been fixed or tweaked to where seeing where they are actually makes a difference. +1 though
  9. Would give paper a decent use and perhaps a book binder skill <3 +1 though love the idea.
  10. If you make equips invis it would cause problems for pvp and be exploited I would agree that maybe to the driver they can't see them. Another possible change is to dub items while on a cart, either have them render smaller or make them item flat in their lap.
  11. The subject is one I have tried in the past. Point of the matter is yes gms are not supposed to use information to their advantage but it doesn't mean they don't see what they see. A gm is not going to go in your vault and search through your goodies. They tell you to go to the problem area and they teleport right to you. Fact of the matter is that if you don't want a gm to see what is going on don't ask for help. I'd had to ticket many times when Stevo built his deed and although it was enki whom helped because it was a dev problem and gms couldn't so anything If I wanted help I'd have to deal with who I got. So basically if you want help don't worry about who comes. If you're to worried about spying don't ask for help.
  12. I'm not just going to -1 this I'll explain why this has been rejected so many times. Names bring legacys behind them. You want to take account with backstory and be able to follow the logs back on their adventures. Not everyone is sociable and uses a mic to identify them.
  13. I made a joke earlier but I do agree devs need to watch the live action, see how it works in realtime and how things could be changed. Such as how dirt walls work and possible ways to keep players from climbing them and just walking in rather filter the enemy in a place you can deal with them if they want in.
  14. Nogumps

    Eh I'm going to have to disagree because you can archer them there is no reason to get close; if you do that's on your own self for not paying attention.