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  1. I feel like you are suggesting no minehops. Aka no safe spots. So why don't we just get rid of deeds all together? No more deeded land.
  2. Uh what? Are you really complaining we sat on deed while 48 people were trying to kill us? Hahaha
  3. How hard is it to understand. FO CAN'T CAST DAMAGE SPELLS.
  4. Hey bud if you are going to put in your two cents. Log in the game.
  5. How were we supposed to know when and where we were going to get it. I was out hunting on pvp and it was dropped into my inventory.
  6. I'm not apposed to any of these changes but two things I want to add. Have soul str matter toward spell resistance more. And in order to cast a spell a statute needs to be equipped; why should you have to do it with archery and not spellcasting. Also perhaps a new skill that is based off damage. A desecration skill that dictates spellcasting via players. Aka channeling is chance to succeed the spell and desecration is the roll for damage on a different formula with a hard cap. (Perhaps bene allows you to go 5 over this cap)
  7. I don't think so. The only restriction I can think is like archery, you need to equip your statute to cast a spell. Also I believe either merg all the wl priest or rework bl to more evil gods. Its just not fair you get a Jack of all trades but wl needs all 3.
  8. The way the game imbalances with people moving to the same kingdom there should be a cap at about 5 above the other kingdoms. This would help in many of ways with people not arguing over numbers. There should also be a system in place to remove inactive players and place them in like a neutral kingdom. The way the game is flowing now isn't really healthy for the game. (Look in defiance chat)
  9. What body stat difference? If anything priest miss out on a bit of body control and even then its practically mediated by archery, sheild grinding and other tasks you can do to bypass the restriction. Also again as it stands you can just hop over on the freedom servers and boom.
  10. Speaking of scorn. The fact it heals untamed horses is rather ridiculous.
  11. Honestly the whole system is not that great. The guards do not attack. It needs to have something that keeps someone busy that they can't just sit there and do it solo. Kind of like how raids are send out waves of guards with a tankier guard to be the final boss. After that then you should cap. Or it could be more like a capture the flag type of thing. When you get a camp it gives you an item that overencumbers you that you have to move to a certain center location. Perhaps even drag something. (Just a weird late night idea)