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  1. He was saying leave and do chores.
  2. So your answer is not play the game? Also keep in mine is 3h offline for 1h of fatigue.
  3. So forcing players to do something is your fix to the issue? Keep in mind when you hit fatigue you cant tame, cotton, repair.
  4. I like the idea keep up the great mind man!
  5. Keep up the good suggestions.
  6. Griefing no. Stealing yes? But it's off deed. Griefing would be keep bashing the minedoor but even then they could always expand their deed to stop the problem kinda like how the answer to everything is just put them on ignore?
  7. And how hard is it to prove that it is in the intent of griefing if you were to have a personal sleep vendetta against me?
  8. Here we go with the gray area again. What's the point of even playing the game when anything you can do can be twisted as milacious?
  9. Oh we can bash minedoors on freedom? Interesting
  10. Why shouldn't it? I placed the door. It's just like a building. I made the building, I placed the minedoor. I should always maintain rights unless I willfully give ownership away.