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  1. +1 I would love to see more animals in the game. Would also like more hostile creatures as well.
  2. No easter eggs this year or skill gain bonus Rip
  3. Yes it's what's supposed to spawn if you kill the blacklight or whitelight. It's disabled now.
  4. This is pretty lame. Wouldn't be all bad if you mixed these in but releasing them all at once rip.
  5. Send to atndyb... Atndy isn't my account
  6. I mean we already doing clue scrolls why not a grand exchange as well!
  7. In a pvp sense you can lead around lt animals to further your health bar. Not saying it makes sense and would only work in a few situations but having it there would be a problem. That being said creature crates and wagons are still a thing to move animals around.
  8. I'm interested if these "creatures" guarding the treasure would possibly be some new creatures perhaps whisps or ghouls. Kind of tired of seeing the same old mobs. Any chance on rolling a hazelmere ring while completing clues?