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  1. They are making valid points?
  2. I don't understand why you gimp players sb gains to drive more players away. When people see a rite pop they play more. 5hs to grind let me buy more affinity food or more mats for panfilling. It keeps the market spinning. Remove 50% of the players from enjoying their free sb after you already nerfed it once to make it longer to actually get the rite. bad planning imo Also to add on when I switch my faith to grab 5 hours I'm losing out on my 30faith vyn perk or lib/mag for my increase body gain. I also cannot take part in many missions as most completable ones require sacing and you need 10 faith in order to do so. I also already have 7 days until I can change again. Just seems redundant.
  3. -1 some people are holding onto old skins as they were told they would never be resurfaced.
  4. Correct it's just something you drop in a pile on your deed so you have that cyan supreme text.
  5. Starting bid: 10s Increment (minimum): 1 s Reserve: none Buyout: 30 s Sniper Protection: 30 minutes/1 hour
  6. I enjoy your thinking outside the box but animals won't eat out of ovens and when I'm doing 10k pans at a time it's not viable.
  7. Possibly a way to toggle all types in a container with a simple hold alt click. (Say you are filling meals basically alt click on the first meal and it will select all meals in the container, tea leaves, coffee beans etc) Another suggestion would be an unload on the oven (Kinda like unequiping horses) That would take all the finished products and dump them on the ground. I don't mind panfilling but cleaning out the finished product just about breaks my pinky holding down the control key.
  8. Problem is you think you are asking for 1 thing but really you're asking for 100. New creature = new butchering mats, new graphic, new cooking diff/aff, 10,000 new bugs, spawn restriction for other creatures, dmg type etc etc etc. I don't think monthly but maybe every 3 months I'd be down for it.
  9. +1 I would love to see more animals in the game. Would also like more hostile creatures as well.