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  1. 2023 Roadmap

    Diagonal fences please
  2. https://imgur.com/a/GZEZN9s
  3. if rose hedge is planted side by stone wall, model is seen though wall. Model need to be little shorter.
  4. Some ppl say it work only PVP, i try it on trolls and never get that menu. But describe is misrepresent. It probably not work on mosters and pve at all.
  5. Try it first when y advice something. it not work
  6. Rush monster from white cherry has no menu on creatures . Test on trolls and no work for such expensive spell.
  7. can pm sukime ingame to talk how y want to transfer it.
  8. rare unfinished spinning wheel can by finish by wood of your choice, pick up on xana j11 or via summon start bid 7s snip protect 1h
  9. Yee, this lies are terrible. Was 30% so dont know why pretend to increase it, when decrease it.
  10. Stop bump pls. If set sniper with many days auction duration, its unlogic to someone waste time add here now.
  11. 72ql , can be picked on xana or via summon. start 15s inc 1s
  12. 79.08 ql can be delivered or pick via summon on xana starting bid 25s inc 1s
  13. black pearl

    black pearl 79,41ql start bid 15s inc 2s buyout 50s