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  1. Wurm blockchain structure

    Seem like wurm now stuck on market, new people have no more opportunity to earn something and old have problem sell. If y look on steem, people can earn something on comments, on articles, on coding. there is new opportunity to reward more kind of work. Here many peoples work background like voluntary coder, graphic, gm. A what they have for? Good feeling? Yee, maybe some time they hold, but in future they probably leave for something better. If this forum can switch to blockchain structure, it give chance to news earn on helping solve bugs, spread new ideas with opportunity earn something and add own work to community.
  2. Hi, i am amazed by steemit and its blockchain structure. Its great work and every people here has its own role and is reward by it. Seem its future of coding. I would ask if wurm developers plan to switch to blockchian structure and became first game on market to do. By its structure wurm is similar, but on low level coding and philosophy wurm is little scrap.
  3. client not sync skill

    I noticed, when premium lost, that skills stays on normal level. Skillgain stops, but on foraging i can pick normal ql as i am on premium. Client need server sync skills, when premium pass.
  4. patch notes

    What i mean? For example fractic charge. I can normal cast it on animal, so please when not patch apply in WO official, not post.
  5. patch notes

    Please post patch notes in official client only when changes are done.
  6. Troll king slaying

    Its sad story for troll king, but not sad as live around. Land is flooding by greedy knights. Their greedy and proud come from a small cat. Small rubbish cat, which shaking fear in the dirty corner. Small cat, that was painfully hurt. She forgot, that pain comes from brake love. She forgot, she is here for god. Must remember for love a rise a sword in that name. Overnight strong spirit comes inside every knight. When understand, who we was ages ago, when understand our real doing, when understand our past lives, then pain will cut down. Rocks smelt into a fog and all will be forgiven. Love appears again and comes into the personality.
  7. I test it and it do exactly, when ship leave cave passage.
  8. creature cage

    after patch is completly death, cant unload any cage on deed, [14:40:27] That would be very bad for your karma and is disallowed on this server. steal my animals and cages too.
  9. cross server view bug

    after crossing server, when char is thrown into water, view is moved bottom. annoying sail and ride horse, cant see anything
  10. runes % add

    seem that runes % add not match with reality, 50% chance on libila runes and 10 tries to add. Seems for longer time see that it is strange
  11. battle supreme sickle

    supreme sickle iron 77 ql N90 L92 C98 M85 10 % dmg rune starting bid 10s min increase 1s
  12. champion unicorn baby is double size till not get adolescent
  13. Rare Bone

    13s sukime