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  1. WTS Red Dragon HoTA and Silver

    rare shovel steel 3s, if accept so cod to sukime
  2. Valrei International. 062

    Try to intergrate jmonkey engine? That will be about 10x performance up. Or u using same old engine and boost lights will mean drop fps to half? http://jmonkeyengine.org
  3. [SOLD] - 1x Black Tome Charges - 80s!

    sorcery items are little trash in wurm. So ppl looks at function first and safe money for that.
  4. I get many kick off boat by crossing server. Today i get 2 chars without boat on one server and empty boat on second. Also bottom moved view after crossing.
  5. rare seryll needle

    rare needle seryll 52 ql, blank , start bid 4s inc 50c
  6. WTS rares and supremes - Taking offers

    rare measuring jug and rare bowl each 1s, if accept so cod to sukime
  7. PC/WTS Rare things

    2x rare brown bear rug for 20c each. if accept so cod to sukime pls
  8. bottom view from sailboat

    After crossing server my captain view move to bottom and its hard to see where to go.
  9. Valrei International. 055

    so bearhelm should be also painted.
  10. shoulder pad fix

    After last patch seem shoulder get bigger form. Its terrible look for woman wearing this shoulders.
  11. After crossing server by sailboat, my captain view is set to bottom and can see almost nothing.
  12. Broken economy?

    I suggested that rift loot should be in money not in shoulders and rings, that will be good for less mats spread and balance some players money instead of useless items.
  13. moonmetal shields

    maybe i little sleep in time, my steel shield is same as iron, so though that all colors are same.
  14. moonmetal shields

    Will be nice to match color of seryll,ada,glimmer shields with helms and swords
  15. Wtb supreme studded sleeves,pants,glove and rare right layered pads. pm here or ingame glamour.