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  1. After last patch seem shoulder get bigger form. Its terrible look for woman wearing this shoulders.
  2. After crossing server by sailboat, my captain view is set to bottom and can see almost nothing.
  3. I suggested that rift loot should be in money not in shoulders and rings, that will be good for less mats spread and balance some players money instead of useless items.
  4. maybe i little sleep in time, my steel shield is same as iron, so though that all colors are same.
  5. Will be nice to match color of seryll,ada,glimmer shields with helms and swords
  6. Wtb supreme studded sleeves,pants,glove and rare right layered pads. pm here or ingame glamour.
  7. Dominated creature can be kill by allies when fight begin before cast.
  8. Love effect seems little buggy with pets. Have green pet, cast love effect and all is green.But cant pass creature, still get fight
  9. rare small axe 3s. if accept cod to glamour pls
  10. For me simply work change directory for another else than c:/programfiles... Seems some broken permitions. Win have totally bad secutiry system, because 3rd party can allow add groups and manage to change privillegy which are upper admin.
  11. Win have shity privilegy. I try it install to programfiles and not work and try to programfiles(x86) and work. Also have some strange groups like trustedinstaller,createowner. I dont need such groups in sytem to be upper admin privilegy.
  12. I found, that works for me on c:/java but this error gives me on folder c:/programfiles/java so seems scrap installator
  13. linux versoin of wurm works good? I managed delete java folders after hour and same error code :}
  14. Have win7 some true admin access? When i logged as admin also cant change privillegy and seems that java put there some own rules. Also have problem with autodesk and lavasoft uninstall. So if someone know something better soft than regcleaner or tell how to acces to true admin mode whan can delete any as i want, i will pleased fot that.