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  1. [No Bug] love effect

    Seem that love effect is apply only on client site. If cast it by one person, my alt cant see green mobs and attack vs agro mobs not work. It not set nonagro in server.
  2. riding in 2 on unicorn

    Hi, have troubles to ride uni in 2 persons . Specially if start fight, second person get out of sync error and then auto disembark. This is sequece of log. 13:46:54] You are out of synch with the server. Please stand still. [13:46:54] You are out of synch with the server. Please stand still. [13:51:50] You will now fight aggressively. [13:51:51] You will now fight aggressively. [13:51:51] Glamour is logged in on Deliverance. [13:51:51] Welcome back, Sukime! Deliverance has been waiting for you. [13:51:51] You enter Freedom Isles. [13:51:51] You feel the presence of Vynora. [13:51:51] You may not move right now. [13:51:51] 20 other players are online. You are on Deliverance (289 totally in Wurm). [13:51:51] Type /help for available commands. [13:51:51] You are not invulnerable here. [13:52:01] You may now move again.
  3. Selling All items

    rare studded sleeve, 1.5s , sukime
  4. rare leather glove 1.5s, sukime
  5. Valrei International. 068

    Demigods should have some pre-plan difficulty spells. Nahjo has 4x100 favor spell, paaweeler 1x. It simply kills some deity
  6. Valrei International. 068

    Dont know, what that icon "you are resistant to heal" should do, but i can can use more heal spell in that timer
  7. Valrei International. 068

    Also should be nice remove duplicate spells. Cure light, cure medium, cure serious are almost same. If there will be only cure wound and power determine how much cure. Forest Gigant stength-Hell strength. Courier-Dark messenger. It can be replaced by something cooler.
  8. Valrei International. 068

    Low cost channeling spells are amazing. Should be nice to get it into WO
  9. Valrei International. 068

    When now is distintegrate to hard, on testnet is supereasy. Its low cost and one shot. It should be more balance between strongwall-disintegrate. More smaller casts or bigger favor cost. strongwall 3 min cast also suck. Disitegrate cost only 10 favor strong 70, i think it should be same favor and timer too. 1 min and 70 cost for both seem ok.
  10. [No Bug] dominate bug

    When some person fighting troll and other dominate, fighting person see troll red after successful dominate and still can fight.
  11. [No Bug] creature cage loop bug

    I am not sure if it require lot of coding or lot of deleting. Before wurm get privilege many thing work ok. With privilege not, something is good, but something not. I am not on deed, but if deed owner can set allow users taming so probably need only delete this part from code and get it bless.
  12. Hi, still have big troubles on loading amimals to cage. Everytime i must remove saddle, so must tame first, usually port is deed, deed privilegy bug. So i am unable tame, unable load. There will be nice to load animals with equipment to remove annoying moves. Need repair 1) remove privilegy tame, charm, dominate on deed 2) load animals with eqipment.
  13. [No Bug] sleep bonus timer bug

    yee, on xanadu. Never tested on another server, but difference is huge.
  14. Seems timer on sleep bonus is buggy. When mining with 1h sb, can mine much longer(maybe 2x). Also noticed, that i stop my sb at 14s and timer show 28s
  15. Valrei International. 068

    Seems that passives bonus are buggy on testnet. I try different priest weapon fights with same ql weapons. Nathan destroy everyone, even Marganon is weaker, dont know why. Also passive bonus 25% damage its too much deal for one passive it should be 10% max. Also seems that BL has damage bonus too.