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  1. [closed]

    sup vyn puppet 3s, if accept pls cod to glamour
  2. huge axe adamantine 7s if accept pls to sukime
  3. if y use brain and eyes, y see it.
  4. at other runes i notice it show properly, but at some all % are same and that i think tat is bad show.
  5. I tried create crystal rune of fo, silver and for gods all give me 34% to create. I am vyn follower, so vynora rune should be better chance. For 20 tries no luck, so i guess, that % are bad and should be 34% to vyn an about 10% rest.
  6. rare statue of Tich fragment, metal 1/80, make statue rare starting bid 3s, inc 1s
  7. [closed]

    rare small anvil 2s if accept so cod to glamour pls.
  8. supreme spindle

    supreme spindle cedarwood, 78ql c82 starting bid 8s increment 1s
  9. Developers have no responsibility for their doing. I dont know, why they not release followers changes with priest change. And if they do that, so it comes with transfer too. Almost unbalanced, only worth are vyn and mag and seems mag more due to one stat
  10. This is stupid. If devs wants grab some more money on this game, pls think some cleaver. Ppl will be always sell silver out of wurm it they want, this only complicate it. Many play here only for trade and I hope y dont want ban players fot that. maybe will be better revome devs who do that last brutal changes.
  11. rare small axe, iron 89ql venom 92 coc 93 woa 96 mind stealer 88 runed with 10% gather rune. It does same ql log as rare hatchet, can be used as hunt weapon. starting bid 3s, min inc 50c
  12. supreme battle sickle, silver 63ql N98 LT97 C100 MS91 10% dmg reduction rune, frost salve. silver weapons has 10% more damage to hunter mobs starting bid 15s , inc bid 1s
  13. pm ingame sukime or glamour
  14. go to jackal a pick up there free, some left on forge.
  15. Will be nice to increase number of pets base on taming skill. Like 70 skill 2 pet, 90 skill 3 pet. Should be nice to have druid char in game. there will be 100 points for pet loyal, that will be divided into all pets.