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  1. rare statue fragments

    why for 6s? if y won it for 5s? Sorry i not support fake auction.
  2. Changing rare black drake jacket and pants for normal black ones + 8s on each
  3. Concerns about the Modern renderer

    2D trees are still bad, it has overcontrast and blur. So it not look natural. Far trees should have almost one color to not flicker.
  4. rare statue fragments

    #1 rare st of rift beast fragment #2 rare st of magranon fragment do whole statue rare starting bid 3s inc 1s for each
  5. line trough face

    That seems like specific chin layer is bad move by 1 pixel. On legacy there is too. Seems that bug appears sometimes around priest changes
  6. line trough face

    hi, I have bug on my char face, seems like chin layer has bad position about 1 pixel . https://imgur.com/a/UuENQJE
  7. cage more bugs

    Hi, i get more bugs and complications when using cages. its quite annoying and cut many hours work. 1-unload cage on deed. Most time stuck cage on deed. There should be move "if" in code. So if its deed, so not allow unload. It block all future plan in game and quite destructive. 2-unload offdeed. I try unload cage at mountain and cage drop into rock. 3-untame animal in cage. I had some tamed animal in cage, but find another to catch. It give me message, that need to unload tamed first. Really dont see problem, why cant untame animal in cage, when goes naturally untame by unloading. Please do cages more friendly. Most time i use it, it make me mad and eat o lot of time of plans. Nice tips should be: load animals with equipment, load animal directly into cage placed on ship, allow untame and solve cage on deed.
  8. turn off premium skill

    When turn off-on premium, all skills need sync and reroll
  9. female hand not match if praying
  10. supreme hose shoe

    cod for which name?
  11. key bind not work

    Key bind for mining not work on rift stone mining.
  12. supreme hose shoe

    supreme horse shoe iron 81 ql w98 starting bid 8s increment 1s
  13. Valrei International. 082

    Everyone would like to have better graphic, but some wish are crazy. Pictures are nice, but for what it is if y get 1fps in real scene and in 90% nobody notice it. In my opinion, there is missing global graphic goal. If wurm want stay on current engine, it should do all graphic with minimum details, clear candles and knife from altar, clear bags from BSB and all minimalistic to improve whole scene rendering to get easier properly generate global scenes.
  14. Valrei International. 082

    I think that graphic improvement on current engine has no sence. For most people with average pc power only cause fps down. HQ textures on cube models not look really great. Wurm dev should be deeply think about http://jmonkeyengine.org if they want any serious graphic ugrgade. It seem only way and hard work to get wurm graphics on another level.
  15. its regular add or some archeology find?