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Found 14 results

  1. I reached 100 Foraging on 11th February this year, and 100 Botanizing on 9th July. I registered both of these with @DemonaNightshade who congratulated me and encouraged me to get back to her as soon as I'd decided upon some titles. She's still waiting... I think I am quite possibly hopeless at deciding upon suitable titles, so I thought ask you for some help! "Please help!" I am particularly interested in titles that work together, either for foraging and botanizing to work together, or to enhance/compliment other titles. But all ideas welcome! Please add your ideas for titles below, and please state whether your title idea is for foraging or botanizing. Note: I will take all ideas into consideration, but be warned I am still likely to pick something completely sad and unhip anyway regardless! Please help as Demona is still waiting patiently! Thanks everyone!
  2. Foraging since todays update using Forage for Resources: 1) Iron rocks After foraging for about half an hour in wild grass, I have found no iron rocks. Please can you make sure everyone can still get these? Thanks. UPDATE: I searched for another three quarters of an hour using Foraging for Anything, and found no rocks. I loaded a currently un-premmed toon with 2.xx Foraging skill and she found 1 iron rock after a few minutes. I think the difficulty of iron rocks needs to be looked at so that everyone gets some. This is currently a worry for folks who have no mine or rockface, or have unfortunately deeded somewhere without iron. 2) Also a typo: [15:55:50] You are now too far away to resources. should be [15:55:50] You are now too far away to find resources.
  3. ==NOTICE - This has now been fixed in the update on 16 August 2022== ==THANKS=FOR=LISTENING=DEVS!== [Please Close] Numbers stopped going up. Yes indeed. Unfortunately, because of the way the foraging skill is stored in Wurm, and used in the harvesting function, even though my skill is 100, I am not getting any 100ql items. Techie stuff: So that's it basically, no 100ql pumpkins for me But the implications are greater still, because this function also applies to botanists, and *I believe* gardeners, so that currently it is IMPOSSIBLE to obtain 100ql woad in this game, either by botanizing or by harvesting planters, regardless of skill! For the dye makers this is a huge disappointment. Something which, I feel, needs to be looked at again. Please change the harvesting formula to use the players skill exactly (or just add 1 to the value!) before (or after) calculating the gathered items' ql. Thank you team.
  4. Been foraging for an hour or so, and I can't seem to find a cucumber at all. Found everything else, even a lot of cocoa . Is this a cucumber bug other people can confirm or is it just poor RNG for me? Tried foraging on steppe too , no luck there either. Btw foraging skill 53, so I get 3 items per tile usually, so this should help my odds (normally).
  5. A new item that can be foraged: Wild Bird Nest. Wild Bird Nest is a container, when opened the nest vanishes and the player gets 2-4 Wild Bird Eggs. A Wild Bird Egg can be stored in a FSB and used in any cooking recipe like a regular chicken egg. Just a new cooking ingredient that is foraged rather than farmed. The eggs never hatch if left to rot.
  6. So after observing foraging/bot skill gains and chatting with more knowledgeable folks, it seems that if you forage for something on a tile and the timer runs completely but finds nothing, you get no skill. I propose that if the timer runs the full time you get a chance at a normal skill tick, just as if you were finding items. I really dislike having to forage all or bot all, I'd like to forage_veg or bot_spices for example, and only look for the items I need/want rather then spending time cleaning out my inventory of low ql items/junk. Right now the system points you to simply using a vacuum cleaner approach if you want to get skill out of foraging/botanizing. The change I propose will allow folks to look for the items they want and continue to gain skill even if there are none of the "specific" items on the tile they are searching. This will not affect tiles that are barren as it is now. Just a small qol feature.
  7. This wiki entry ( indicates that garlic "is a herb contrary to its real-life status as a Vegetable." This other wiki entry ( lists it as a resource, not a herb or vegetable. While it can be debated that both are accurate descriptors, when you forage, you can locate garlic under resources. The foraging wiki entry ( doesn't have garlic under the resources list. Thank you
  8. Just throwing this out there, could anyone make a mod to customize the items obtained from foraging/botanizing? Or change the chance to obtain certain drops? Not a huge fan of this new foraging for 5 mins to have an inventory full of iron rock and honestly find it a bit silly, since irons really not hard to find at all.
  9. The mid screen text field (usually shown to show yellow shutdown messages) is also displaying foraging messages such as "This area has been picked clean." in white. When foraging multiple tiles, if more than one tile is picked clean the messages will rack one below the other.
  10. Title for 70 foraging You have just received the title 'Plant Gatherer'!
  11. Has anybody ever found any ivy seedlings? I have been trying to find some by foraging, but never had any luck so far. Are they in game yet?
  12. While foraging (I believe on grass) in the Freedom Islands on Pristine I got an ivy seedling. I have never seen a seedling of any sort only sprouts, and I searched online everywhere and can find nothing about seedlings or ivy at all. A friend who has played much longer than me took a look at it, and she's never seen one either. She set it on the ground and said it looks just like a sprout does, but when we tried to plant it on dirt, grass, and even shallow water (as you do with reed), there was no plant option available. Does anyone have any idea what an ivy seedling is? Its purpose or use? When I examined the ivy seedling: [11:29:21] A tiny ivy seedling. It is made from unknown. It can not be improved. When I examined a cherrywood sprout: [11:34:16] A delicate tree sprout with a few tender leaves. It is made from cherrywood. It can not be improved. Here is a screenshot of the ivy seedling on the ground, on the left the Cherrywood Sprout and on the right the Ivy Seedling. Does anyone have any ideas or has anyone else found one? Were you also foraging when you found it? My friend just found 3 more of them while foraging.
  13. It seems like foraging no longer gives sprouts after the rice update. I have gained over 10 skill points in foraging and have not seen one. I have also had a town member to get 22 and didn't get a single sprout. Before the update I would get them quite often.
  14. Could we possibly get either a look at or perhaps even an explanation if intended why the number of grass tiles that are not "Picked clean" has collapsed by at least 75% vs. 2-3 months ago? And no before anyone says it the tiles have not been walked on or even near by players or animals or NPC's.