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  1. WurmNode

    Thanks for the work you've been putting in @Drogos The primary reason that I used Niarja was to track skill changes over time. As I understand it, currently the only way to generate these types of graphs is via the Event log upload as WurmNode does not accept dump files like Niarja did. I am not comfortable with sending my Event logs off into the abyss; there is private information there that I would like to maintain control over - bank balances, friends lists, when you change an account's email address the address gets printed to the Event log, etc. Are there plans to implement skill-over-time graphs with the much simpler dump files? Additionally, I have some concerns over the upload process itself. I understand that the tool says it is only scraping up the Event and Stats files, but the entire directly that is to be copied over includes far more than that - hashed PW file, PMs, Alliance chats, etc. What assurances do I have that if I drag an entire player directory over to your tool that only those two file types are being consumed? Thanks again for stepping in to fill the void left by Niarja.
  2. I was really sorry to hear this news. We've chatted quite a bit as my nearest neighbor, and he was always eager to talk about what new crazy terraforming project he was getting up to. The server won't be the same without him. Rest in peace.
  3. After a thorough investigation and a big think, I conclude that this is, in fact, a red hatchling.
  4. If you were going to get a rare roll on the imping action, the repair action will not “intercept” or otherwise stop it from occurring. When targeting rare rolls I like to queue things like repair/eat/drink/etc. immediately after the initial action (or queue of actions, staying under 30s); keep them as close to the initial set as possible to minimize spreading sending queued actions out over a longer period of time. If you sent an imp action and then your rare window opened the next second and then repair was sent then the repair would waste a moi but keeping them close gives you the best chance to catch as many as you can. Feel free to PM me here/in-game if I’m not being clear enough.
  5. No You can open the Statistics menu (default keybind F4, otherwise it’s buried in the menus) and play around with various actions. Only those that increment the ‘right click windows’ and ‘actions performed’ counters can consume a window.
  6. Bumping this as we prepare to kill our pathetically normal-sized (though he does have one ripped arm) champion dragon. Give us giant dragons!
  7. Good time to give this guy a little more visibility.
  8. I might be way off on this, @Oblivionnreaver, or someone else smarter than me may be able to add clarity/confirm, but it’s my understanding that anything that increments either the ‘actions performed’ or ‘right click menus’ under the Interface statistics under Statistics (default keybind is F4) can consume a rare window. So tabbing out and in/clicking back in/etc. shouldn’t, chatting shouldn’t, examine would, either via right click>examine (both a ‘right click menus’ action and an ‘actions performed’ action) or hotkey/double click (an ‘actions performed’ action).
  9. Will add I’ve done easily over 20 challenging maps and have had no mobs spawn as well. Difficult maps spawn mobs on every single dig for treasure action that is in the correct location.
  10. Yep - 100% correct edit - you could queue up actions that would take longer than 28-30 seconds to run out and hit windows as long as you are queuing more actions less than 30s since the initial actions that you queued. It’s all about when the actions get queued/sent. e.g., queue 10 imp actions, wait 28 seconds and queue another bunch, wait 28 seconds, queue more, etc.
  11. That’s easy. Digging for skill, not for resources. Queue 10 actions with a ql1 shovel, 3-4 rare windows potentially missed, 1 potentially hit. ~2 minutes later, queue up another 10 actions, 3-4 rare windows potentially missed, 1 potentially hit. ~3 minutes later, queue up another 10 actions, 5-6 potential windows missed, 1 potentially hit. ~4 mins later queue up another 8 (end of stam), 7-8 potential windows missed, 1 potentially hit while the last 8 actions run out. Around 12-13 minutes of actions with 4 windows potentially hit via queueing. High stamina goes a long, long way. A lot of folks, myself included, were under the impression that the actions were being checked for rarity when the action started, not when it was queued. That’s what this post is spelling out for folks who didn’t realize the ‘actions performed’ counter goes up when the action is sent, not when it begins. This is something that someone wouldn’t intuitively pick up on when sending 1 action every 28s or so to spam out rares via creation. The solution to this while grinding is to stagger when you send the actions so that you’re queueing at least one every 30s to ensure that you’re hitting every potential rare window.
  12. My partner and I did 5 easy maps on day one, had a blast and had zero issues, including some with archaeology clues. Using the topo map dump and working together, we were able to clear each one in about 30 minutes. It was really fun working together to figure everything out. Last night we did a difficult map I pulled out while digging tar. That map contained 5/6 arch clues, 4 of which called deeds that neither of us ever knew existed. I’ll acknowledge that we got ‘lucky’ in that the most of the clues had terrain that we could use to identify the location, however the ones that weren’t immediately obvious were able to be located fairly quickly by using some orienteering skills. We ended up clearing that map in a little under 2 hours. Here is an Imgur album from that map including all of the clues: I think that for the most part, the arch clues are fine, sure there might be one that you need to spend some time figuring out where the old deed was via arch if the terrain is unrecognizable, but that’s okay. We’ve had interdependent skills/activities for ages in wurm. It’s also okay if a map ends up being a write-off, that’s going to happen occasionally; it happens when looking for uniques, trying to imp that ‘special’ weapon supreme, opening a boat mine at just the right spot, etc. That’s just part of Wurm. To me, this is the most exciting update since bridges. It’s fantastic to have another activity to do that isn’t staring at an unfinished pylon all day or running around trying to find 23 champ pheasants. It’s a gigantic breath of fresh air in an area of the game that desperately needed it and if the second part of the exploration update lives up to the standards of the first, I’ll be thrilled.
  13. Vynora mission currently on Release - Name: Everyone: Vynora's light challenge for proximity Description: Vynora wants 4 of you to perform the Ritual of sun at the Tongues Column using a dyeable cloth barding. It is located within about 5 map squares of E10. Gives this error when attempting to perform when standing on any of the surrounding tiles (also gives same error when attempting to repair): [10:37:03] This area is too crowded to perform that, try clearing some stuff off. It looks like the pillar is sharing a tile with the one directly N of it (1-2 o'clock in screenshot) and is being restricted from use due to the change that went in 16-Nov-2021 (Bugfix: Stopped the use of 1 per tile items if multiple are stacked up together on a tile). This has likely broken many many epic structures.
  14. Noticed the same behavior as Crimson at my deed with some horses/hell horses. Some additional info: was only affecting horses in pens that had a packed tile - they would 'moonwalk' out of that pen into an adjacent one if I cultivated the tile, the behavior immediately stopped planting flowers (to then enchant back into grass) made the behavior begin again enchanting or removing the flowers did nothing to change the horses behavior, it kept trying to move away from the tile