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  1. I've spent a lot of time at the new Holy Sites since they were released; trying to learn how they work and generally playing with the cool new features that clearly had a lot of thought and work put into them. I was very excited at the possibility of new, previously impossible combinations of conditioned mobs and have been very happy to see some giant rams, tiny seals, and one gigantic monkey that fell over - great work on those! Personally I was looking forward to the possibility of getting my hands on some multi-colored angry and slow cows but I have not seen nor heard of any Holy Cows spawning. Here is the list of newly-available conditioned spawns that I've seen and heard about after spending a week+ at multiple Holy Sites nearly around-the-clock: Seals Dolphins Sheep Rams Horses Gorillas Hell Horses I've seen deer (previously only champs) and conditioned unicorns spawned by a Fo site as well as a range of other previously available conditioned mobs, all hostiles (wild cats, spiders, mountain lions, etc.). A lot of the conversations that I've had with folks I've spent time with at the various sites have been around this feature of the Holy Sites and it seems that quite a few people are excited about new combinations but disappointed that they are limited. I would love for there to be additional diversity added to the domestic mob types that can be spawned, especially cows/bulls, but also pigs, chickens/roosters, and pheasants. What a fantastic opportunity to have Holy Cows spawn at the Holy Sites! *edit* More conditioned mob types that were previously unavailable have been discovered: Octopus Donkey Bison Pheasant Tortoise
  2. I really like this idea and it makes perfect sense.
  3. I have had female mobs spawn from them. I've seen 3 female seals (including a champ) and a handful of sheep. But yes, these should be spawning cows as well - a Fo holy site spawned a traited unicorn, we have enough of those.
  4. I thought I saw someone else questioning this somewhere as well but I can't find it to quote. Increased spawn rate of creatures from holy sites. Is this tied to the power of the site? I've seen 2 mobs spawn since the patch yesterday at 2 separate holy sites (a spider at a Fo site, which may have just been a natural spawn, and a angry gorilla at a mag site) which is actually less than had spawned the previous day. The Fo site is completely cleared of corruption and crawling over 30 power, the Mag site is still having its week-long corruption removed (3 power/35ish corruption) and I have a character at each online all day.
  5. Only one shot so far, but: [10:48:46] A mystical fountain whose waters quench curiosity as well as thirst. It has a benevolent aura. Power: 1.0, Corruption: 51.9532. [10:49:14] The Wellspring of Knowledge feels slightly more stable now! [10:49:17] A mystical fountain whose waters quench curiosity as well as thirst. It has a benevolent aura. Power: 1.0, Corruption: 49.561584. That's almost a 5x increase in power and much more reasonable, especially since we're not capped by faith-giving actions. I cleared .8 on a mag site with a 5 exorcism priest and .2 from a fo site with a 5 exorcism priest as well, so looking better.
  6. Asked if the missing 50/70/90's for Blades and WHS could get dev-given names when I put in the support for the 100 title and was told it was passed on to devs.
  7. Agree that the numbers behind the power/corruption need adjusting. To add some numbers for context: It seems .5 is the maximum that can be cleansed, which I've managed to do both on a 1 exorcism skill alt and a 90 exorcism skill character (that grind sucked please make it worthwhile). We spent about 6 hours (7 priests+4 followers to ++ sermon gains) at the Mag site on Release on Thursday. When I arrived (I was the only person there) it was at 15.9 power with 0 corruption. After 6 hours of 7 priests cycling through prayers/sermons/purification actions it was at 26.7 power with 28 corruption. I don't think I can weigh in on value of rewards (passives or actives) as those are tied to the power/corruption of the sites and as of now it is next to impossible to keep the corruption cleared while increasing the power without an unsustainable amount of people present, but it feels like those may need retuning as well.
  8. One of the things that I've been most excited about with the new holy sites is the addition of previously impossible conditioned mobs. I've discovered my first conditioned (and comically large) ram but he does not have the color tint applied to him that other slow mobs do.
  9. Can the mission start date/timestamps please be put back into the mission window? It makes it hard to keep track of when a mission will lock in for early expiry without that info. *Edit* Just noticed that this is still visible under the mission details window, can disregard.
  10. It’s just the first tick of the session that does this. Once you get a tick then the tracker lights up green on every skill-giving action regardless of whether you get a displayed tick or not.
  11. This is a good idea that makes sense. Let's just hold off on implementing until my treasure hunting hat is finished please!
  12. WurmNode

    Thanks for the work you've been putting in @Drogos The primary reason that I used Niarja was to track skill changes over time. As I understand it, currently the only way to generate these types of graphs is via the Event log upload as WurmNode does not accept dump files like Niarja did. I am not comfortable with sending my Event logs off into the abyss; there is private information there that I would like to maintain control over - bank balances, friends lists, when you change an account's email address the address gets printed to the Event log, etc. Are there plans to implement skill-over-time graphs with the much simpler dump files? Additionally, I have some concerns over the upload process itself. I understand that the tool says it is only scraping up the Event and Stats files, but the entire directly that is to be copied over includes far more than that - hashed PW file, PMs, Alliance chats, etc. What assurances do I have that if I drag an entire player directory over to your tool that only those two file types are being consumed? Thanks again for stepping in to fill the void left by Niarja.
  13. I was really sorry to hear this news. We've chatted quite a bit as my nearest neighbor, and he was always eager to talk about what new crazy terraforming project he was getting up to. The server won't be the same without him. Rest in peace.
  14. After a thorough investigation and a big think, I conclude that this is, in fact, a red hatchling.