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  1. A 25ql supreme lock picks? its not worth anything you're better off saccing it, especially at that ql.
  2. Newbie here.

    First up, Welcome to Wurm! Celebration has one of the lowest server populations so finding people there may be challenging, I would recommend either Independence or Xanadu for more people. CA Help is packed with people who are always happy to help, other than that Wurmpedia is an awesome resource for learning the game (it's linked at the top of the forum) Good luck with your Wurmin!
  3. WTS Dirt

    Generally 1k means 1,000, 22,000k would be 22 million dirt.
  4. My hope is exit posts like this bring some attention to the issues we have and that maybe something is done. Good luck and have fun wherever you go mate, Wurm is always waiting.
  5. +1 to whipping things, horses or otherwise.
  6. That's pretty pricey for things that anyone can go over to chaos and make themselves...
  7. 110 slayers listed on bdew so that sounds like a clusterfuck to me. others may not have the experience dealing with it but we usually get it going smoothly (you know that, Asi)
  8. This is basicly identical to what we use already. When there is 120-200 people in local (most of them alts) and people attempting to sneak alts in there for a change at some extra loot it can take some time to sort through and verify names as well as the people signed up actually being there in the first place. Best thing to do is be patient, it only takes 5-10 minutes and that is nothing compared to the time we took to find, secure and organize the event.
  9. -1 This is what magic chests are for.
  10. Server, price, ql? Title really doesn't say it all.