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  1. Be of good courage. Your ideas are not unreasonable. I like the idea of expanding the end game content for the mfg/trader sub role by making fantastic achievable with effort. Though I do shudder to think at the number of rares/supremes that will be churned out in pursuit of higher tiers. We need a way of sinking those. Much better skill rewards or maybe sleep bonus for saccing rare/supreme might do it. Could also go the route of saccing 20 rares the gods give you back a single supreme, etc. I'm sure there are some good ideas out there. Could also play with being able to choose the skill reward if enough high value supreme/fantastic stuff was sacced. Be a good way to get some of those final skill ticks to 100. Non-premium players should be allowed rare rolls for mats but not tools/weapons etc in my view.
  2. Got the stuff I wanted within a reasonable time frame.
  3. I wrote a long note about how hard proper business communication can actually be in practice. Let's skip that and cut to the end. Great game. Great work being done here. Having a blast this past month since coming back after a nice break. Still so much content I haven't even touched. Take a break if needed but we all know there is nothing else to compare. This is all I will say on this matter.
  4. GoldDust, Vyn 93 channeling, will try to make it. If you got the wemp, will assist CD with the cordage and promise to keep the ropetools nice and shiny as well. Would love a room as well please.
  5. Yeah, you can prospect for them and still plenty of everything around--even on Indy.
  6. Found a seller, can be closed.
  7. Thanks, received.
  8. I can pick up or you can deliver. Don't want 99.9, want 100ql please. Looking for 10k.
  9. Mail to GoldFever please
  10. 25c for the rare clay planter if that works for you?
  11. Going to do my best to attend with GoldDust and do come Vyn casts. 92 channeling. Don't have 70 faith yet, but not far to go so should be there. A room would be great as well please. Thanks.
  12. Thank you for this clarification. However, as no player owned traders are on Xan, this is not possible. It seems to me that the restriction of traders on Xan should now be lifted and players given the right to move a trader there.