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  1. Great update. About time the player gods were addressed. Sorry it is difficult for some, join the club about difficult changes. It happens, we sniffle a bit and move on. This needed to be done. Looking forward to seeing the favour changes. Please keep in mind that some of us are still "old school" and use cordage a lot.
  2. I'll my best to spend some time in attendance with GoldDust to do Vyn casts.
  3. Skipping endless pages of nothing. This is all that matters and I'll be here till they turn out the lights.
  4. Heh, this isn't a declining bid auction. But just so you know, I have an offer of 25s for a charge, but they want the last charge only and there are two charges remaining at this time. For 25s I'm thinking I'd sell my charge as well, but anything less I'll just use it.
  5. I see you got me down for imping already but could please use a room for GoldFever and GoldDust. Hope to be chain casting Vyn stuff with GoldDust as much as I can. Thanks.
  6. I have permission to sell a charge for 25s.
  7. Thank you for your interest.
  8. Thank you for your interest, will keep that in mind. No decision yet on timing to sell or use but will keep you informed.
  9. Some good advice here OP. Some of the very best days in Wurm are starting out with your own new account. If this is your style of game, you will want to start and build up your own account as your main. What you do with alts, make them yourself or buy is up to you.
  10. bump, PM me if you are interested.
  11. If you haven't switched to the new installer yet, this update may force you to do so although I don't recall hearing anything about having to do so. Anyway, it worked for me and got me online in just a few minutes.