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  1. Thank you for your interest.
  2. Thank you for your interest, will keep that in mind. No decision yet on timing to sell or use but will keep you informed.
  3. Some good advice here OP. Some of the very best days in Wurm are starting out with your own new account. If this is your style of game, you will want to start and build up your own account as your main. What you do with alts, make them yourself or buy is up to you.
  4. bump, PM me if you are interested.
  5. Wow! Huge grats to that!
  6. If you haven't switched to the new installer yet, this update may force you to do so although I don't recall hearing anything about having to do so. Anyway, it worked for me and got me online in just a few minutes.
  7. Looks great. I'm new to this tool. Much appreciated. I do have one question though. Got my deed exported from the token and into deedplanner (standalone) no problem but then I hit a brick wall. Didn't have a lot of time, but couldn't figure out the interface to rotate or anything like that. I have a complex terrain deed so to see it, I really got to be able to move the view around. Is there a simple guide on how to get started using deedplanner somewhere? Didn't see any links. Thanks
  8. WTS Green Cherry. Two charges left, will sell one charge for sure, maybe both. Price checks welcome.
  9. Thank you for the event. My special thanks for the tome charge. As Welmari, Nukkinak and Deri helped pen, I'll extend my offer of a free Fine Carpentry, carpentry or pottery imp to them as well. Going to have to cap it at 95ql though. Just toss your item in the mail to GoldFever and drop me a PM either in-game or on the forums.
  10. Love reading your posts, keep it up. Hope you find that spark of fun and joy once again. Having said that, a bit of a break may be what is required. Don't be shy or feel bad if you feel you need to be away for awhile. All the best.
  11. Figure out what direct behavior this goal is meant to encourage/reward and design accordingly--just standard goal setting stuff. As it stands, to complete the goal you need to either have excellent contacts, be very lucky, be prepared to be on-line a lot or have a lot of patience to wait it out till get lucky. Was this the design intent? I can confirm this isn't a hard goal at all under certain circumstances. I had the right contacts and got lucky to be online at just the right time. Having said that, I still don't have the tier complete since it literally isn't all that important to me--I'll get there eventually. This probably explains why I'm kind of ok with the current system since I literally don't really care when I get there. Wurm is a life goal for me. I can accept I'm probably not the player to design to though.
  12. it was not my intent to personally attack you in any way. I completely respect what you are attempting to do here and understand that this situation is very frustrating for you. I hate seeing people who are really trying to do something nice have their efforts frustrated. I hope this all works out well. However, I do think that modifying your approach upon the lines I have suggested would lead to a much lower frustration level while still meeting the overall objective. Good luck.
  13. Well, yes, that would have been nice but would take a real "saint" to do so after being told "no". Not reasonable to expect it. Do you raise a valid point here. The only possible solution though is to remove the bottleneck entirely in some manner--which makes the goal itself pointless as there are already plenty of "single player" type goals. In my view, the list itself (as currently structured) is also a form of pvp play (which is a big part of the reason I choose not to participate in it). We have a clear case here of the "caster" being told to either get on board someone else's train or to just forget about meeting that goal. I tried to offer a solution that recognizes pve cooperation (and gives offline players a shot at logging on) without the inherent "control" of other players actions/game play that comes from the pvp side of things. I fully recognize that It is a fine line and hard to know where to draw it.