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  1. Auction has ended. Was away. 15s if you are still interested.
  2. bump
  3. My guess is off deed as compared to on deed. What I do is I fill the container with 100 lumps and make the liquid. If it is 67 ql or so a single dose will do the job on deed if a villager applies it. If off-deed it takes 50% more to convert. I have not noticed a difference between under water or not.
  4. Grats to Kurson and Angelklaine.
  5. Have 30k Veggies to auction in various lots. Price includes delivery to PVE server coastal areas (including inland Xan). All bid increments are 0.25s 30 minute snipe protection LOT A: Pumpkin, 4800, 93.28ql Starting Bid, 2.9s Buyout, 4.5s LOT B: Potato, 2400, 94.57ql Starting Bid, 1.5s Buyout, 2.3s LOT C: Corn, 4500, 93.81ql Starting Bid, 2.7s Buyout, 4.3s LOT D: Garlic, 12300, 93.59ql Starting Bid, 7.4s Buyout, 11.8s LOT E: Onion, 6000, 93.49ql Starting Bid, 3.6s Buyout, 5.8s
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  7. WTS 10k 70ql coal, 5s per 1000 WTS 100k favor in cordage, 50c per 1000 Free delivery all orders 10s or more. Please PM.
  8. You need to be aware that if you do decide to move your token, I believe you then also need to be the owner of all the buildings in the area in order to redeed. I also seem to recall that all hostile animals have to be gone as well, so no exotic zoos. As you indicated you were going to do, rethinking your deed layout to avoid having to redeed may be your best option. And while we are talking about deed traps, the other one that I know of that you have to watch out for is the unlocked Inn but no building rights for travelers. You can go to sleep just fine but when waking up, you are transported outside the building, potentially into an attached locked fenced in area.
  9. That sounds about right. I'd PC this job at 1.5s per tile most likely as I suspect there are a fair number of tiles. If just a couple of tiles, probably 2s per tile.
  10. I have no idea what you wish to buy, can you perhaps be a bit more detailed?
  11. 25c
  12. 50i
  13. 50i
  14. 50i