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  1. Remove/reduce merchant 10%tax

    +1 Will add that to even sell stuff on a merchant it pretty much has to be at a lower price to start with given the difficulties of getting shopping interest. So, we have a 10% tax on something that is already discounted a bit if you want to sell it--if you are lucky. Call it a 20% loss at least compared to trade chat and the mail.
  2. WTB Scale Set--Please Close

    I purchased a blue scale set for 200s. This can be closed.
  3. [Sold] WTS 91ql Blue Scale Set

    Was a smooth transaction. Thanks.
  4. Trade completed, thanks.
  5. WTB Scale Set--Please Close

    Still looking
  6. I can use this. 8s.
  7. WTB Scale Set--Please Close

    Please PM with what you have and price you are looking for. Posting some pics of the various colors in this thread would be nice as well. 200s is the upper limit but would expect a really nice piece or two for that. However, just a basic set would be fine. If your set is worth more than 200s, I do have a basic red scale glove and 0.12kg of red scale I'd be prepared to part with as part of a deal as well. We can also talk bulk goods such as favor, mortar or coal.
  8. Close Please WTA: Supreme Sickle with Coc, Woa, BT

    I'll start it off at 8s then. A true work of art to hang on the wall and admire for its beauty...nah, use it!
  9. Are there consequences for starvation?

    There is yet another way around it as well, one of the meditation paths lets you replenish your food and water once a day.
  10. WTB Seedlings/Sprouts

    I can send you 30 oleander, 20 rose and 100 lavender by wagoneer for 1.5s if you want.
  11. Over the years my very unofficial check on population has been the time taken for the last 50 village creates and disbands. Disband was always faster by a few days indicating a steady but slow loss of villages. However, checking a few times recently, I see that the time is the same, indicating the number of villages is stable right now.
  12. WTB Supreme Oak Ropetool-Please Close

    Offer is now closed. Please lock the thread.
  13. WTB Supreme Oak Ropetool-Please Close

    Who would have imagined it would be this hard to find one? There are only 5 parts to a rope tool. I don't care about ql or enchants. 15s for a freshly made supreme oak rope tool when you got a 20% chance of it going supreme per supreme part used seems like a good way to make some coin to me. I'll leave this offer up for another 12 hours from now. Then I'll give up and get busy and do it myself.
  14. WTB Supreme Oak Ropetool-Please Close

    Thanks for the tip and he has one I'd be happy to buy, but he is on break. Anyone else seen one around for sale?
  15. WTB Supreme Oak Ropetool-Please Close

    So, what do I got to pay to get one?