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  1. Large Crate of 99ql Cordage

    Grats, will send it out.
  2. Large Crate of 99ql Cordage

    I'm interested in knowing if there is any interest in 99ql cordage vs just using it for favor. Free delivery to non-pvp coastal areas and price includes the large crate. Starting bid: 2.5s Increment: 0.25s Buy out 4s No snipe protection.
  3. Regardless of the name or other issues, grats on the canal. This was very very much needed and I have already used it several time. Much appreciated.
  4. High QL Lye

    Thanks for the orders here and in-game. 90ql in particular is hard to come by so if you want it, order now before it is gone.
  5. High QL Lye

    I have some high ql lye available in small barrels. 70ql 1s 75ql 1.1s 80ql 1.25s 85ql 1.5s 90ql 2s I do have multiple barrels available if you need more than one.
  6. All we need is blood (WTS Blood)

    And received, much appreciated.
  7. Coal Pile QL Boost

    Seems to be a common suggestion. I could live with this as well, however, I think the 10% walnut bonus would then have to be eliminated or perhaps reduced to 5% most likely to retain the proper balance between skill level and ql output. It also seems like a more complex undertaking than adjusting a bonus from 10% to 25%. In my ignorance of the exact code, seems like it should be the change of a single number.
  8. All we need is blood (WTS Blood)

    Send the 2 red dragon to GoldFever please.
  9. Coal Pile QL Boost

    It's been over two years now and no love yet. It is not right that one can go hunting and get 100ql coal and yet at 98.06 coal making, using 99ql mats, selecting only the very best results after creation and adding the dirt, I still have a hard time hitting the magic number of 81.82ql on the coal piles to make 90ql coal with the walnut bonus. I'd like to modify my suggestion above from a couple years ago to make walnut give a 25% bonus to ql. I can live with having to make 80ql coal piles to get 100ql results. This seems like it is most likely a very easy modification to make, won't upset the game balance in any way that I can see, and will bring some reasonableness into the process whereby a highly skilled coal maker can get the same ql coal as a hunter. I'd also like to suggest this should be a temporary fix until the whole coal process (including coal from hunting) comes up for rework.
  10. Please close.

    Be good to clarify if you are surface mining it down (mining skill), or leveling it with dirt up, digging skill? Either way, I'd be interested in taking a look at this.
  11. Are you suggesting that any buyer should first ask if you are planning to change the art? This should have been announced the moment you started thinking about making changes--i.e. at least two years ago it sounds like. If you knew you wanted/planned to change the design, you should have told people such before each and every sale of new items. So, to keep this on topic, WU please advise if any further known/planned/thinking about it, but unannounced changes are in the works to the items that you are selling.
  12. What happened to the Wurm Uni Kingdom Graphics?

    If something needs to change, it needs to change. Never going to make everyone happy. This does make a good case study in how NOT to introduce or explain change though in my view. Quite frankly, I can't imagine that a worse attempt was even possible. Yeah, it was that bad. Would love to hear what others plan to do re buying WU stuff. Is the trust broken to such a degree that this is going to hurt WU in the wallet? As I don't buy PMK stuff, my opinion doesn't count, interested in what people who do buy PMK items think.
  13. Slaying - Red Dragon

    Thanks for everything.
  14. Farewell to the greatest Dev

    Good luck Sindusk.
  15. Looking for Grapes n Maple

    If it is any help, remember that you can put a rune on the fruit press and do 8 grapes at once. Juicing the grapes is simply not as big a chore as many think it is.