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  1. So sorry this happened. A terrible terrible time. My prayers and thoughts are with you.
  2. The thing about mining and digging is that skill = what slope you can work on. Hence after 13 years of playing my mining is still stuck at about 80 but my digging is well over 99 since I wanted to work 300 slopes. Is kind of the way I play, just play and get whatever skill comes unless need to hit a certain skill level for some reason, then got to sort it out. Explains why my blacksmithing is also only 80 but my fine carpentry is well over 99. I needed the one, didn't need the other. So, to answer OP question, just playing the game probably not going to get super high skills unless your "game" is just doing one particular thing a lot. However, you can get along just fine and once you are at the stage you really want to skill something, shouldn't be a real issue figuring out how to do so. Bottom line, don't see a problem myself.
  3. I just dump them all in the bsb for this test. Could certainly raise the numbers a bit if sorted.
  4. Updated results for 97 and 96 ql. Wemp used: 2500 @ 100 ql Ropetool: Supreme oak 97 ql, 100 imbue repaired and reimped frequently Average ql: 78.08 Favor produced: 30,465 or 12,186 per 1000 wemp Comments: Imping was very reasonable Wemp used: 2500 @ 100 ql Ropetool: Supreme oak 96 ql, 100 imbue repaired and reimped frequently Average ql: 78.06 Favor produced: 30,450 or 12,180 per 1000 wemp Comments: Imping was easy. Surprisingly close to the 97ql test. Note that my skill has increased from about 96.14 to 96.25 over the course of doing these tests. One more test to do at 95ql.
  5. Got what I need for now, thanks.
  6. Played a lot over the years. I like depth but I must say, I still haven't found the time to go fishing since the change and it used to be something I did regularly--now nothing. Cooking is a bit different, since the new depth didn't stop the old methods from working. I still cook pretty much as I always did but if I need something special, I order delivery. Doesn't mean I'm opposed to depth in any way, just that for myself, there seems to be so many other things I always want to do that now I never fish at all... One day I'm sure I'll find the time to explore the new systems, someday. In that sense I think the cooking model is better than the fishing model. I still cook. I do not fish.
  7. still looking for wemp. 100ql is great but 90+ ql works as well.
  8. I run with 3 toons, main, Mag and Vyn and consider them a team and have all three premium at all times. I was somewhat unusual though in that I invested a ton of skilling into my priests before I priested up. This makes them very useful for many things. Indeed, it is actually quite rare for them to be working as priests. For example, this morning I was out picking cherries. My Vyn drove the wagon and tried to do the fighting to clear the endless trolls and crocs. Could have picked the cherries as well if I had wanted, but used my main for that. Yesterday, it was making kindling. Other days it is bricks or mortar. No end of basic tasks that can be done just fine. Can't recall the last time did a coc or woa cast to tell the truth-even though have benediction and 93 channeling. My Mag is often out making deliveries or helping out with various mines that need fixing up. Failing that, there is always mining to be done. There is so much that they can do to support almost everything that I feel that I could easily run either of them as a main as part of a village and I may even do that someday for something different.
  9. Truly a feat and best name ever!
  10. Want to buy 100 ql wemp. I'll also buy a bit lower ql as well, but I really need at least 2500 at 100ql for some testing I'm doing.
  11. Please correct the "c" value for cordage on this page to 1.3 or alternatively, please add an explanation of why the favor value returned from using get price jumps to the next whole number at the exact point expected using a 1.3 "c" value. Note that this doesn't work for ql100 cordage since I don't think it is actually 100 ql. Works for all the others though.
  12. I'm pretty sure the multiplier is 1.3 rather than 1.25. I know the wiki was recently updated with 1.25 but my testing shows 1.3. To test adjust the ql of a cordage rope so it is right at the breakpoint of going to the next whole number for favor. Check the get price. Raise the ql over the breakpoint and check get price again and it will have gone up. The get price favor result is rounded down it appears to the nearest whole number. The formulas I use for cordage are Favor = 1.3 * QL * QL / 500. And to determine the required QL to get a certain amount of favor some math results in QL = SQRT (Favor/(1.3 * 500)). As an example, to get 10 favor you need the cordage rope to be 62.02 ql. Make a 62 ql cordage and the get price will show 9 favor. Bump it up to 62.04 and the get price jumps to 10 favor. If the multiplier was actually 1.25, the get price favor value would not jump. Therefore the multiplier must be 1.3. Wiki is in error. The somewhat exception to this is a 100 ql cordage rope shows 25 favor. Clearly it is not a 100ql cordage but 99.9999 or so and therefore the favor is not actually 26 but 25.99 or something so rounds down and displays 25. It is a pity a single decimal point isn't shown on get value as that would avoid much confusion in the formula and for buyers to know how much favor they just bought. I've started to sell based on the get price value and the rest comes as a free bonus to the buyer. Saves a lot of grief this way.