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  1. You are missing the point, cedar has reduced decay ticks. A coal pile is a container that decays therefore it takes less decay ticks over a given period of time. To change it would require special coding so coal pile containers worked differently. End of story. As for there being a benefit, got me thinking that there is a fairly large benefit actually if you need a large amount of ash but are not on every day to collect it. Assuming standard mechanics apply, I'd say the items in the cedar coal pile (container) take less decay as well. Since ash decays so fast that one has to be rigorous to collect it everyday, using cedar piles might give a bit more room to delay logging in to collect. That could be useful from time to time if you know you will be off line for a couple of days while the piles decay down.
  2. Personally I think the solution to having more ash is to enhance the need for coal making such that it becomes more popular. Seems a better approach to me than to just wave a magic wand and there it is.
  3. Given the current debate about ash, just a reminder that it is available in volume. Open to trades as well.
  4. Welcome back! So, how did you make out on those studies!
  5. Prior to the change, my experience was that leveling was almost a sure thing to drop your enchants like a rock, but as Retro says, no reason to use an enchanted shovel. I learned that the hard way as well. Hopefully it is better now, sounds like that is the intent.
  6. What's the problem with getting decent ash? It doesn't have to even be all that great of a ql if you got a bit of natural substance skill. It isn't like you got to have 90 coal making to get some ash. Take it to 50 and use decent wood and you should be fine.
  7. I'm in. Great idea.
  8. 100ql just isn't worth a lot these days it would seem. I'll start it off with: Lot 3 - 1,000 100ql iron lumps for 1.5s.
  9. I think it is great to have two impalongs at the same time but on different servers--doesn't bother me at all. They are also very close to each other, shouldn't be a problem to hop back and forth if the wind at all cooperates. I suggest that the organizers of both consider a taxi service between the two--I know I'd be happy to participate in providing that. I do have concerns about the priest area being so far away. In my view the current standard for impalong building design is multiple floors that packs as many as possible into that 4-tile area. Put me down for the logs.
  10. Welcome and let us know how you make out.
  11. bump
  12. One day left to get these on sale.
  13. 1s
  14. Weekend bump.
  15. As there are currently no bids yet, I've decided to increase the start bid on the coal and lower the bid increment.