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  1. Maybe I'll play a character on Desertion alongside Defiance. I will think about it
  2. 1. Well I just think it´s not that handy and if something is more handy the probability of doing it would be higher. 4. Would be also possible. I was just thinking how you could design things more intuitive so new players could get into the game easier.
  3. 1. It would be nice if you could gift premium to others in steam as it is also possible with other games on steam. 2. More variety for roofs. For example 3.It should not be possible to attack your own mount while mounted. Many accidentally attack their own mount. 4. Rework the context menu so it's more intuitive, maybe like this
  4. Come and join! You get everything you need. Whether advice, food or equipment! Just PM me if you're interested. I look forward to your visit! Kingdom is Mol Rehan.