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  1. So, today I walked into both my mines and each had a valrei item in them. This is my first time seeing such a thing so I have no idea what they are worth, thus why I am here. When examined: A weird item belonging on Valrei. This what the wiki has to say about the items: These items have a randomly generated name and are butchered from creatures spawned on the PvP servers by one of the gods as part of a scenario or found randomly in the wilderness for missions. Sacrificing a Valrei item adds .25 to your villages enchanting bonus and 2 seconds rarity window bonus. They decay fast and can be lit like a candle. I have both in my bank for safe keeping. Here is the name and ql of the two I have. Marble Crystal 98.88ql 32.34dmg Glowing Sceptre 91.98ql 2.19dmg I think they look pretty cool but I don't need it. So, please let me know what it's worth and if anyone is interested in purchasing it. I live on independence near-ish crystal canal. In game name is shatalkua
  2. Excellent!!! kept me posted on the progress and lives close to me very handy for me lol great service!!!
  3. Closed

    i pm'd you in game
  4. I have the EXACT same problem. I re-installed it twice now and still has the same problem. Though I don't think anything different has happened since the last time i used it, it was fine. So, I'm not sure what it could be... please help I have my project mapped out on it and I need it for reference
  5. Plus one for me no one was on while i was exploring around the area. my horse recently died and these self service stalls allowed me to get a 5spd pregnant mare without anyone being on. VERY handy, otherwise i wouldnt have gotten a new horse I'm going back later to pick threw the rest of the animals there lol there are so many i want them all!!!
  6. can i get 2 cod to shatalkua thanks
  7. also for those against it. its not like it would be easy or magical fix. if you cure said animal from disease but its still in an overcrowded area it would just get diseased over again. it doesn't necessarily fix the disease problem. could simply cure said animal and then move it to an uncrowded area to keep it from getting sick again. also for when you find a really cool animal in the wild but its diseased. then you could take it home, cure it, and have a brand new pet in your uncrowded deed.
  8. people still complain about corpses all over the steppe. friend of my lives next to one and sees a sea of dead animals lol so its not just on deed corpses
  9. i like them except i think walking on ships wouldnt be easy. you need to be able to steer the ship, unless its only passengers who can walk on the deck
  10. id like them to decay faster as well. butchered ones faster is even better as people who dont butcher leave a nice present for someone else who does butcher. i dont think it should be 15minutes though, that is way to fast. maybe 2-3days?
  11. i don't see the need in the water trough or requiring people to feed animals a special feed. if there's a new feed with cooking skill that will feed the animals better/longer or possible more nutrition then that's cool but don't make it required. I also think they should make a feed trough(again not required). The feed trough is more or less a container to reduce decay on animal food whether it be meat, seeds, or this new fodder you want but allows the animal to still eat from it so you don't have piles of feed on the ground decaying fast.
  12. As my title states I wouldn't mind getting a cure for disease! It could be an alchemy made item like making healing covers but instead it cures an animal of disease. with the recent changes with animals and the fact that disease will happen more often now, i think this would be great. especially for those living off deed. fight for a cure! o/
  13. okay thanks guys i think i understand better. thats way better then i thought it was. i thought 15tile stalls for my animals lol. awesome thanks again