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  1. 5 Draft (Rare Trait - It seems stronger than normal) Gold Horse - Halt Mountain Seahaven Valley (Independence) [19:40:34] A foal skips around here merrily. [19:40:34] He has a total of 65 trait points. [19:40:34] It has a strong body. It can carry more than average. It seems stronger than normal. It has strong legs. It is easy on its gear. Starting bid: 15 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Buyout: No Sniper Protection: 1 hour Private Bids: Accepted
  2. With the few people willing to take it over could there not be a collaboration so it is not over to one person to run but rather a team of very able people working together for the greater good!
  3. Good Evening, We have just completed a new cave canal with the help of the Turtle Bay guys and was wondering if you could please add it to the map. We are naming it Turtlehaven Waterway and it goes in a straight line from 1293,1777 to 901,1778 (two tiles wide). Passable by all ships. Thanks, Max
  4. Good Evening! We have just completed a cave canal project with the Turtle Bay crew and we have named it Turtlehaven Waterway. It goes from 22x 30y through to 16x 30y literally south side adjacent to Turtle Passage. Please can this be added to the map Thanks, Max
  5. @Burdok, I fed them some of my freshly picked courgettes to keep them going 😀
  6.,1770 Deed: Seahaven Valley I will respond later with the guard towers once I have the names. Thank you
  7. I like the idea +1 from me
  8. Thank you very much and always my pleasure to help out!
  9. Hello! Thank you for continuing the great map. I am back! And in a new location! Please can my new deed be added. Seahaven Valley 22x 29/30y Our deed spans both tiles but the token is just north of the water as pictured below (token is the red circle). Also, not a biggy, but the water from the edge of the land to the highway is only 1 tile wide (1 flat tile and 1 sloped each side) where as this image portrays it much wider! Essentially the same width as the highway. The land either side of the river comes out the same amount and the roads on 22x30y next to the guard tower also are being removed.
  10. Upon opening the launcher I cannot scroll the various screens using my mouse/touchpad and when I use the arrow keys on my keyboard the text duplicates as shown in the screenshot: System Details: Windows 10 Pro x64 AMD A6-6310 8GB Ram AMD Radeon R4 MS updates up to date Java 8 U74 x64 Any more details needed just shout.
  11. What about pengiuns! My faviroute!
  12. I see your point in this regard but realise the problems of that in regards to PvP it would allow players to download the data and spy on the enemy without them ever knowing.