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  1. Upon opening the launcher I cannot scroll the various screens using my mouse/touchpad and when I use the arrow keys on my keyboard the text duplicates as shown in the screenshot: System Details: Windows 10 Pro x64 AMD A6-6310 8GB Ram AMD Radeon R4 MS updates up to date Java 8 U74 x64 Any more details needed just shout.
  2. What about pengiuns! My faviroute!
  3. I see your point in this regard but realise the problems of that in regards to PvP it would allow players to download the data and spy on the enemy without them ever knowing.
  4. Good Evening Fellow Wurmians. I am finally getting around to playing Wurm again and starting fresh. I have tons of stuff to sell and it will take me awhile to inventory. I will post items here in a list that I have I will try and list prices too however if no price is listed make me an offer or if you want to buy more than one thing you could also make me an offer. Located Independence Q19 Sunstone Bay (next to New Tuscany Gardens) 43x 53y on community map. Free Collection, Cheap Delivery if distance is not too far (could do delivery for free if decent order). COD Postage on available items. ITEM QL RANGE QTY AVAILABLE PRICE EACH FORGE 40-60 21 15c COFFIN 15-25 18 10c OVEN 40-64 3 10c BED 10-45 14 25c FSB ~50 4 10c Oil Barrel 46 1 10c DIRT >1000 90c per 1k BARLEY 84 381 20c for the lot WEMP PLANT 36 400 30c for the lot Floor Loom ~35 2 15c Floor Loom 70 1 50c Large Anvil ~40 3 15c Small Anvil 40-50 4 10c Small Anvil 39 1 (woa 42) 45c Hammer 50 2 10c Carving Knife 15-36 6 5c Pickaxe 50 2 10c Shovel 53 1 10c Saw 50 4 10c Mallet 40-70 2 10c Carving Knife 25-36 4 5c Rake 50-66 2 10c Spatula 20 4 2c Spindle ~40 9 10c Press ~50 2 10c Rope Tool 16-28 8 10c Needle ~20 19 5c Fishing Rod 42 1 (coc 12 / unstrung) 20c Fishing Rod 55 18 30c Fine Fishing Rod ~50 6 40c Sauce Pan ~50 2 5c Small Metal Sheild 60 1 10c Large Sheild 55 1 10c Hunting Arrow 52 8 2.5c Short Bow ~65 48 45c Maul 30 1 3c Longsword ~28 3 5c Chain Boot ~20 1 (AOSP 8) 10c Chain Boot ~30 2 5c Chain Gauntlet ~30 2 5c Chain Sleeve ~30 2 5c Chain Sleeve 51-54 4 10c Chain Coif ~60 1 10c Chain Jacket ~20 1 10c Chain Pants ~24 1 10c Chain Coif ~20 1 5c Chain Gauntlet ~20 2 5c Cloth Glove ~30 4 2c Ruby 18 1 2c Yellow Potion 100 11 20c Furs 36 22 5i Knarr 50ql 2 10s Sailing Boat 50ql 2 1s Boat Optional Extras: Large Crate 7c each Some qls might be approx due to small amount of damage but where possible I will imp to stated qls before selling. More coming soon - Like post to get a notification. Offers Accepted If for some reason you are mental and like clutter you can have the entire lot for 60 Silver which is a great bargain but you are responsible for collecting everything! (excluding optional large crates)
  5. I would just like to say a massive thank you to everyone that voted, the competition has closed and Count The Kicks won with around 41% of the vote!
  6. Good Evening my dear Wurmian friends, This is a none wurm related topic however knowing my good friends here and the great spirit of our community I was wondering if I could ask a favor pretty please. My Wife is working for a chairty (Count The Kicks) who empower pregnant women to know their babies movements and prevent still births. This extract is from their homepage ( "Count the Kicks is a UK registered charity that aims to empower mums to be with knowledge and confidence throughout their pregnancy. A baby’s movement indicate its wellbeing and by understanding their baby, mums can be empowered to trust their instincts and ensure the healthy delivery of their baby, but to enjoy your pregnancy." This chairty does alot of great work and my is working hard for this chaity, Now to the point, They have entered a competition to win some money for the chairty they are not a big chairty (YET) and every little helps, They now need your vote to ensure they win. No information is needed just a click of a vote button, no scams, no adverts etc So please I ask my friends, wurmians I have yet to meet, and everyone if you could please vote for Count The Kicks on this page: NOTE: They won't always be the top chairty so ensure you are clicking on the right one. Voting closes in 14 days (12th December 2014) To everyone that votes I will eternally be greatful to you. Regards, Max
  7. Wossoobear My name was originally intended to be Maximus the first via MaximusI but with no caps after first letter my name pronounced by my friends was literally as its spelt maximusi.
  8. Todays lag.

    Just to note the ones that look like an umbrella type shape upwards are unknown source or destination so the ones from the us and china do not mean it is going between the two :-) There is a little key on the bottom left.
  9. I have just read through all the comments and I must say I find some peoples answers very interesting. My personal view is I am not against it, I don't feel like its a scam etc. A note on Dropbox, Dropbox is NOT a hosting provider and as such you are not meant to host stuff publically on a dropbox account and can have the file or account suspended for such activity it is only meant for small scale sharing. I have even seen someones account stopped due to large scale sharing. Last month the map had 4,443 Visitors thats 7.14GB (rounded) the month before that was 5,724 Visitors thats 9.20GB (rounded). Yes I do provide the hosting of the map on my servers and will continue to do so at no charge as long as I can however we are looking at steps to improve the service of the map and improvement of the map itself and looking at what is available to us. I have recently implemented a CDN on it just last week and hopefully you should now notice the map loads quicker than before. I am not looking at any reimbursement for myself and Archaed who is the current map updater is willing to fork out for any services we do choose to use to improve and my opinion of him putting small merchant adverts on non-obtrusive points of the map (as historically done) to recoup some of the cost is perfectly fine in my eyes being a map updater myself for a small time in the past I have seen the hard work and time it takes to update the map and as long as the map itself is not covered over your eyes can easily divert not to read the adverts if you do not wish and you are not forced to advertise but some may like to advertise on it since its huge view count. Everyone is entitled to an opinion but there is no need to flame or get upset about it simple state your opinion. If there was an overwhelming no from the community (which there doesn't appear to be) I am sure Archaed would not do it. I also want to protect the map and provide my services for the community if I felt that a map updater was abusing the map against the majority of the community I would have a chat with them and possibly ask for a new updater. Like wise if there was an overwhelming concern about me being the hoster than I would look to hand it over to someone else. I also do like to hear feedback and suggestions on ways to improve it after all this is a community driven project for the community.
  10. CRYSTAL CANAL SALES Hi all. Just moved in to Crystal Canal area and working on a big new shop which will constantly feature great deals and offers. Note I offer discount to alliance and regular customers. Until the full shop is built here is a summary listing of some of the items we do. Please post or PM if you would like anything including items not listed below we will often negotiate. SHIP YARD SMITHRY A range of blacksmithing tools and Jewelry Smithing items available to order. Current for Sale offers below. BULK MATERIALS/ITEMS Bulk items and materials such as dirt / bricks / nails available PM for information. ORDER BEFORE THE END OF MARCH AND RECEIVE 15% OFF YOUR FIRST ORDER ON OUR SHOP WHEN ITS LIVE!
  11. We have enough results so please don't send any more in and we will be getting in touch with the companies in charge of the networks shortly. Thanks to everyone who send it data to help us isolate the issues. NOTICE: Please only use this thread to report your IP address and Tracert Results all other posts should be started in another thread NOTICE 2: Some people are forgetting to put their Public IP address. Please ensure you leave your Public IP address as detailed below otherwise I cannot include your results. Good Morning, Firstly appologies for anyone that experiences the lag while playing wurm. I am currently investigating some issues with some peer points around the world where there seems to be unusally high lag happening however I need some more example data from players who are experiencing the lag. If you are experiencing bad lag that appears for a prolonged time or frequently then please read below to find out how you can help us troubleshoot.. Note you will need to do this at the time you are experiencing lag otherwise your results may look fine. 1: We will need your public ip address please type into google "What is my ip" and it should tell you what your public ip address is 2: We need tracert results to if you do now know how to do this please follow these instructions (windows computers only) a- Click on start b- Goto 'All Programs' c- Goto 'Accessories' d- Click on 'Command Prompt' e- In the black screen at the prompt type: tracert f- this may take a little time please let it run and when finished should look something like this: Tracing route to [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms 2 28 ms 28 ms 28 ms [ ] 3 27 ms 28 ms 28 ms [ 4] 4 30 ms 27 ms 27 ms [] 5 * * * Request timed out. 6 47 ms 48 ms 50 ms [] 7 42 ms 42 ms 41 ms [] 8 42 ms 42 ms 41 ms [] 9 44 ms 45 ms 44 ms [] 10 45 ms 44 ms 44 ms [] 11 45 ms 45 ms 46 ms [] 12 45 ms 44 ms 44 ms [] Trace complete. g- Once you have this please right click in the window and choose 'Mark' h- Now like you normally would highlight the entire output of the tracert from the 'Tracing route' to the 'Trace Complete' is should highly the entire area white i- Once highlighted right click again and the highlight should disappear (this has now been copied to your clipboard) j- Paste the contents in your reply back to me. HOW TO REPLY TO ME You can either rend me a PM on the fourm or you can email (which ever you feel most comfortable with) and it should be similar to this format: IP Address: x.x.x.x (where the x's are replaced with your ipaddress) tracert results go here. Thank you in advance for your cooperation I will try to do everything in my power to improve the experience of your game play however it is important to note that for the majority of what we are seeing it is not Wurm or the servers/hosting company causing the lag it is points out on the internet beyond our control. Also please note I will not be responding to each individual case rather collecting results then going to the providers to try and discuss the issues.
  12. Actually yes its all wrong becaues its happening at 5pm GMT/UTC you have 6pm in your list.
  13. Thank you Hughmongus for translations into different timezones thats very helpful to our playerbase of different countries however I do need to point out a small problem :-p UTC isn't something that is replacing GMT they are different and GMT is still very commonly used. GMT is Greenwich Mean Time which is kept by Greenwich Meridian (longitude zero) where as UTC is Coordinated Universal Time which is broadcasted around the world in a syncronised matter between the time centers and the precision is fractions of a setting. Technically they are different even though the terms are interchanged and are essentially the same time. Just to be nick picky :-)