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  1. Yes I am loving the color you sent. So much so that I want to buy 2kg more of Dark Orange Also, I don't know if this is possible but I have a color I want to replicate but don't know what it is but its on armour and the colors are R= 169 G=74 B=169 it is like a burgundy-ish color. So if you can see if you have one close I would like 1 kg of that also Order: 2 kg dark orange 1kg of whatever that burgundy is close too Thanks so much Potion
  2. Hi! Would like to get 1kg of dark orange . C.O.D Potion Thanks so much!
  3. HI! i would like 5kg of Vynora Blue for a Sailboat Hull C.O.D Potion Thanks so much! Potion
  4. HI! i would like 15kg of Vynora Blue for a Large Cart C.O.D to Stryken Thanks so much! Potion
  5. I would like to buy this. Pickup will be Stryken
  6. Lake Port Maze

    I want to try this! I'm still working on completing the Newspring maze lol
  7. Hi Sidreal! Would like to place an order for: 51kg (sail) in Indigo 170kg (Hull) in Vynora Blue I know its a big order so no rush COD to Potion
  8. I would like to order: 1kg of Vynora Blue 1kg of Indigo Thank you! COD Potion
  9. Hi! I would like to order 2kg of Indigo COD to Potion Thank you! Potion
  10. Can I order 15kg of Vynora Blue (another large cart) Thank you! COD Potion