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  1. I have 2 champion dogs that I breed....I have no idea what's going on because I have tried 9 times and not one champion. There was maybe one or two times that I didn't get a champion but right now I haven't got a single one in weeks. It's the weirdest thing. I owe one to Snarkin first but if I get another I will give you one.
  2. Hi Sidereal! Can I please order 15kg of Vynora Blue for a large cart Thank you very much! Potion
  3. Hi!! Can I buy: 1kg Goldenrod 1kg Teal 1kg Vynora Blue Thank you! COD to Potion. *hugs*
  4. If you found a dragon you should have rounded up a team to go kill it. If you didn't have the backing all you had to do was ask in Freedom and people would have came and helped you. It is unfortunate you logged off but as a courtesy you were reached out to. There was no claim to that dragon and we did not have to try to include you. Be pissed all you want....I'd be pissed off too if I logged off after spotting a dragon.
  5. Can I please order 1kg of Indigo (aka Potion Purple) HAHA! COD to Potion Thanks a bunch!
  6. Guard Tower= NTXTREME 626 https://xanadu.yaga.host/#7685,5599
  7. Can I place an order for 50k favor cordage rope by wagoneer please Order for Potion Thank you!
  8. Yes I am loving the color you sent. So much so that I want to buy 2kg more of Dark Orange Also, I don't know if this is possible but I have a color I want to replicate but don't know what it is but its on armour and the colors are R= 169 G=74 B=169 it is like a burgundy-ish color. So if you can see if you have one close I would like 1 kg of that also Order: 2 kg dark orange 1kg of whatever that burgundy is close too Thanks so much Potion
  9. Hi! Would like to get 1kg of dark orange . C.O.D Potion Thanks so much!
  10. HI! i would like 5kg of Vynora Blue for a Sailboat Hull C.O.D Potion Thanks so much! Potion
  11. HI! i would like 15kg of Vynora Blue for a Large Cart C.O.D to Stryken Thanks so much! Potion
  12. I would like to buy this. Pickup will be Stryken