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  1. I have contacted Pastebin and will post their fix for it here so it can help others that may have the same issues.
  2. Thank you so very much! Now I am a happy Wurmian For some strange reason, pastebin is not saving the link and the pasted materials disappears. Not to worry though, not got the time or energy to devote to an issue like this
  3. Hi all, does anyone know how to paste a deedplanner map into Pastebin please? I have been trying to do this and am totally clueless. Many thanks
  4. Hope everything is ok and we will miss you for sure. Hurry back to us soon
  5. Please send via mail the following: 50 Cedar Sprouts. CoD to Oakmyst Thank you
  6. Please can I order the following? 500 Cedar Sprouts Thank you Not sure if these can be emailed or if it is cheaper to use Xan Wagoner.
  7. As always a fast and prompt service. Thank you
  8. Can I please order 2k Slate Bricks sent by Xan Wagoner? Please CoD to Oakmyst. Thank you
  9. Brilliant service as always and very fast delivery. Can I please order the following item? Shovel - 10.00QL - CoC 99 - 79C Please CoD to Tarathiel Many thanks
  10. Will start digging later today then will let you know
  11. I am happy to help with either bricks or clay. Masonry and digging skill only 24 but happy to get paid work. Would prefer on my deed on Xan if possible? Contact Oakmyst in game or Tarathiel in PM here.
  12. Hi there, Can I place an order for delivery via Xan Wagoner please? Small nails: 500Large nails: 500 Planks: 2k Please CoD Oakmyst. Thank you and Happy New Year!
  13. Hi, Can I please order the following? Saw - 20.29QL - CoC 103 - 2 Silver 90.2QL - Oakenwood - Mallet (102W + 104C) - 3s Please CoD to Oakmyst Thank you.
  14. Greetings, Please can I order 12 x Claybuster (Clay to Dirt)? CoD it to Oakmyst. Thank you
  15. Thank you Auntie. Feel free to CoD to Tarathiel. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas.