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  1. I don't plan to add a 3D view, I never really cared much for the look of it. Though I do believe the Wurm Map API includes the function to generate it. If you'd like that, you are on your own. I haven't had much time for coding anything lately as I've started a new job. I'm not to sure what would cause this. Check access to these files from the other machine: includes/structures.php, includes/guardtowers.php (or for the html version) includes/structures.js, includes/guardtowers.js
  2. Does Malwarebytes give a reason? I'll try to figure out what is causing it.
  3. Released the control panel source for anyone interested. It's an early beta and there are still quite a few things I plan to change. But this will give some basic functionality for server information/player control. Control panel source: Releases:
  4. getPlayerIpAddresses - this command works for me? -- only shows online players IP's getKingdoms - I'm not totally sure to be honest. this is a default RMI command. Do you only have one kingdom on the server? or multiple? (Mine returns "4=Freedom Isles", but I only have one kingdom) getAllSteamIDs - this is actually a totally separate database. The RMI mod creates a database to store SteamIDs... so until a player logs in, you wont have their steamID. So you should notice this list grow over time as more users log in. It's the only way I could make this happen, as wurm doesn't store the players steamID anywhere. (Check out your mods/customRMImod directory... you will see a steamID.db located there) messagePlayer - message type is 0 or 1. If I remember correctly: 0 sends to event log... 1 sends to event log and the players screen
  5. Ahh I see. On my server it does load index.html if nothing is specified. It doesn't matter now though, either one will work. Be sure to delete the browser cache if you do have any issues. index.php uses the .php script includes - so it can update the map live on the server using the RMI tool. Though I'm honestly not sure if this will be tough for a server with lots of structures/players/guard towers... it could be quite a bit of data to load on every page refresh. index.html uses .js script includes - which is the data that is stored during generation, pulled from the server DB's
  6. Thanks for the feedback! I'll definitely look into the ability to bind the socket to a specific IP. As for the guard tower location on the map... it does require the RMI tool along with the mod running on the server. If you already have that setup, it could be a problem with my code - I've only tested it on a creative server, so I'm not sure if the adventure guard towers are different. But, if you do have the RMI tool and mod running, try this and see if it is printing all of the guard towers. http://localhost:8080/getallguardtowers Also - be sure you are loading the map with the index.php file, not the index.html EDIT: Okay, I went ahead and finished those updates. I don't have a server configured with multiple IP's, but from the couple of tests that I was able to do, this seems to be working. Added 2 new options to the properties file for binding the socket and whitelisting IPs. Test it out and let me know if it works! #Bind socket to a specific IP (leave blank to bind to all local IP, otherwise specify IP) bindSocket= #Allow connections from specified addresses (* = allow all, otherwise specify allowed IPs separated by commas) #You may use an asterisk(*) as a wildcard #Multi-IP Example: limitConnection=,192.168.1.* limitConnection=* EDIT 2: Updated the MapGen as well. Should be able to see guard towers and structures without the RMI tool. (index.php will still contain the live-updater through RMI, index.html will be data stored on generation)
  7. Just finished up some updates. More commands have been added... and some custom commands as well using a RMI mod. (List of commands) WebRMI Tool RMI Mod Also a map gen with php scripts included for player, structure, and guard tower locations. Online Map Tool Map example:
  8. RMI API & RMI Mod Information/Readme: RMI API Download: RMI Mod Download: LifesaverM had the idea for a basic interface to use this tool. So I threw together a simple HTML/JS file that will allow you to use these commands and display the RMI output through an iframe. example: download: Be sure to change the var 'RMI_CONTROLLER_IP' on line 11. Usage: http://localhost:8080/broadcast?Broadcast this message to the server http://localhost:8080/shutdown?60&Server maintenance http://localhost:8080/getOnlnePlayers http://localhost:8080/getAllPlayers Data will need to be parsed by a separate program/script. I've been using php for my website. Custom Commands: (WurmRMI Mod) Commands: (no mod required) Wurm Unlimited Control Panel This is an early release - but it has the basic functions/features Requires the RMI API to be running, and the mod for some of the available commands. Download: Live Example: Features: Steam API login system Administrator levels automatically assigned based off of in-game power (using the Steam API) Access to every command and page is able to be customized for the different power levels Basic server information (Players Online / Up-time) Live listings for Players/Villages (along with information) User-claimed voting rewards system Player controls - Give Item, Give/Remove Money, Ban/Unban Player, Change Power Map Page with an iframe for linking to an online map Live Online Map Viewer Development has been taken over by LordOfAwesomnia, please go to his forum post for any questions/bugs. Download: Live Example: Note: Using the live (index.php) version requires the RMI API to be running, otherwise use index.html Features: Displays deeds, guard towers, structures, bridges, and player locations (player locations require the RMI API) Live map shows player locations, guard towers, and structures in real time Fast multi-threaded map generation. Made using Leaflet Easily customizable - many addons/options to choose from for leaflet
  9. I'm working on a API to interface with the Wurm RMI. It's not too far along, but it's getting there... no mod required at least. If you're interested, you can check out my site I'm using to test it on: I've also managed to add a dynamic map with the data. It will show the live positions of any connected players on refresh. I'll release the source code for the website once I'm happy with it and I've already posted the RMI API on Github, it's just a matter of loading the information onto a website if you'd like to create your own. There are a few more commands I need to add to the WebRMI before it is complete. It's an early work in progress...
  10. I'd like an Exquisite Meditation Rug, CoD to ImRaginBro if you can. Thanks