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Found 8 results

  1. I have looked everywhere but unfortunately I could not find any API for Wurm (Which I expected to be there )... It would be great if Wurm made available some sort of RESTful API from which you can retrieve account information, player information ( who's online in your village ) and all the other goodies! It could be done with a simple API key/token method which you could create in the account section. This shouldn't be much work to do as the data is already available somewhere, just make player / village data available to a player. A good example is EVE Online, which has his own API and where players have made online interfaces, apps and all sort of nice stuff with it. With this, I would like to build a web application / website for our village and would gladly release source codes for others to easily integrate this for themselves.
  2. RMI API & RMI Mod Information/Readme: RMI API Download: RMI Mod Download: LifesaverM had the idea for a basic interface to use this tool. So I threw together a simple HTML/JS file that will allow you to use these commands and display the RMI output through an iframe. example: download: Be sure to change the var 'RMI_CONTROLLER_IP' on line 11. Usage: http://localhost:8080/broadcast?Broadcast this message to the server http://localhost:8080/shutdown?60&Server maintenance http://localhost:8080/getOnlnePlayers http://localhost:8080/getAllPlayers Data will need to be parsed by a separate program/script. I've been using php for my website. Custom Commands: (WurmRMI Mod) Commands: (no mod required) Wurm Unlimited Control Panel This is an early release - but it has the basic functions/features Requires the RMI API to be running, and the mod for some of the available commands. Download: Live Example: Features: Steam API login system Administrator levels automatically assigned based off of in-game power (using the Steam API) Access to every command and page is able to be customized for the different power levels Basic server information (Players Online / Up-time) Live listings for Players/Villages (along with information) User-claimed voting rewards system Player controls - Give Item, Give/Remove Money, Ban/Unban Player, Change Power Map Page with an iframe for linking to an online map Live Online Map Viewer Development has been taken over by LordOfAwesomnia, please go to his forum post for any questions/bugs. Download: Live Example: Note: Using the live (index.php) version requires the RMI API to be running, otherwise use index.html Features: Displays deeds, guard towers, structures, bridges, and player locations (player locations require the RMI API) Live map shows player locations, guard towers, and structures in real time Fast multi-threaded map generation. Made using Leaflet Easily customizable - many addons/options to choose from for leaflet
  3. Source: Example included Feel free to contribute.
  4. Random Encounter MOD RMD.Jar rmd.Properties #Boss list #skills list & difficult modifier (learn list) complete list of skills 0 or 1 based on input from difficulty focus zone. This way a focus zone can be random but based on the number of players and skill levels. Good for starter maps vs advanced maps or encounter areas, dungeons... etc. etc. #Difficulty 1 FS = 50 base + modifier #difficulty 2 #difficulty 3 Number of active events= #name #Delimited list by administrator (boss name list to randomly select from) name.1 name.2 boss.1 loot modifier Minion count= Lutenants= Champion= boss 2 loot modifier Minion count= Lutenants= Champion= #Static list boss.1 loot modifier Minion count= Lutenants= Champion= boss 2 loot modifier Minion count= Lutenants= Champion= etc..... #Random stat generator Difficulty= (see focus zone) Minion count loot modifier Lutenant count loot modifier Champion count loot modifier #loot table random chance Rare modifier Supreme modifier Fantastic modifier Item list: Weapon armor item list pre-created with a 0 or 1 to toggle #Enchantment #type list pre-created (with check on armor vs weapon) #Focus zone list focus zone 1 see Difficulty list repopulate 0 or 1 (yes no after boss kill) #dungeons static= 0 is random any number see static list focus zone 2 see difficulty list repopulate = 0 o 1 static= 0 is random any number see static list Focus zone 3 Random encounter Fixed list number=0 (if 0 its random if number its list) static= 0 is random any number see static list etc..... function check if event is running (checks count) spawn event from random focus zone list or static Boss kill Chest spawn Number of items= (random loot table) #Cleanup Boss kill Despawn all event mobs for said event number. Paying $1000 for working Mod /w one year support on fixed per issue payout. Compatible with ago server / client modloader Mod will be published to community. May require API mod (price negotiable for custom API MOD)
  5. Please refer to: This will retro fit into RvR fort support system for fort repair (regen) system. Paying $2000 to complete the project (would require 1 year of support on a per fix paid basis. Flat fee ). If interested ping me. Its a complex system with detailed layout to long to post here. compatible with ago server / client mod May require custom API mod (price negotiable for API MOD)
  6. Hello. Qibbler here, I have a few questions. I am aware of the nature of how incredibly new Wurm Unlimited is currently so please do not mistake my first post for a critique, but, even still... I'm having a hell of a time finding basic information and resources I'm going to need before I can begin trying to developing anything of anykind for the game... Hopefully someone can provide some answers for me. First order of buisness is that I'm going to need some better clarifcation of CodeClub's standing terms and policy in regards to what we are and are not allowed to do when creating new mod content for Wurm Unlimited:
  7. So I'm messing around with WurmMapUploader and was wondering what the scale for the height is. I saw the variable where I can adjust the scale but digging through the code for both WurmMapUploader and for the API I can't find any documentation on what the default scale is. If I'm generating a height map is each shade bit increase equal to 1 meter in game? or 1 dirt?
  8. Is there a public API devs can access to make tools for Wurm? I feel like there would be a lot of potential for 3rd party desktop, mobile, and web apps if we could make calls to the server. Are there any plans to make something like this available in the future? For those unfamiliar, I am suggesting a system similar to that of Eve Online. Each entity (character, village, alliance) would have a unique API key they could supply to an application outside of Wurm. This could allow apps to serve information to the player while they are out of the game or in a web browser in a format different than that shown in-game. You could potentially have an iPhone app that told you things like the contents of your bank or how much prem time is left on your character. Those are simple examples, but the potential to make very strong tools exists if the proper access is given. Market tools are mostly what I am interested in personally. Also, free Wurm-verse development can't be bad.