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  1. I think wurm online population will drop after the release of the cheaper Wurms unlimited and this is where I will come in. I will be hosting a server for wurms unlimited and will be allowing people to transfer characters / items to my server aka boosting people as long as they can provide proof they own a charterer with the stats they request on wurms online.
  2. I will certainly be hosting a server for wurm unlimited. I am sure rolf is smart enough to know that wurm unlimited will be directly competing with Wurm online so I have to wonder if they are planning to stop supporting the game. On the server I host I will be keeping everything like wurm online expect everyone will be a premium user and I will be reducing the cost of land. as my only goal is to have the community aid with hosting cost and so that the in-game currency will still have value. I will also offer a charterer transfer service aka boosting your player skills to what they where at on wurm online but I will require proof of character ownership. and finally if Wurm Unlimited after release if they no longer provide new official content any money I make above the cost of hosting will be used implement new things into the game. I am a programmer and know java,c++ and c#. so I will be sure to continue the tradition of releasing holiday content and adding new things to the game. thought I will need to create custom clients so people would be able to connect to the server so I will likely make my own client updater for my servers users.
  3. The information I am looking for will be used to predict how many actions it will take to level up a skill so you can plan what you want to work on and a rough estimate of how long you will be at it before you reach your target lv goal. but for this I need to calculate a larger number of variables that effect exp gain so the prediction will be accurate. I don't like programs that take the work out of the game. but I do love to be able to plan for thing's.
  4. Buy Out Price added
  5. if you where to sell it how much would you be looking to get
  6. I noticed the wiki does not actually have much information about fishing on it. it is still missing data like at what fishing lv you start catching certain fish more regularly water depth information as I discovered deeper does not mean better I will begin posting my findings here if you have any information you would like to contribute please do so below.
  7. Sold

    Server: Celebration Deed: Metallic Shores Cord: Y 5, X 39 My inGame name is Tengukami Can deliver for fee: 1c per 2 coordinate tiles
  8. Requirements Must be related to wurm online Must not break any rules I also need help gathering as much information on the different algorithms that wurm online uses to calculate exp gain weather changes item success chance, rarity chance, combat damage and more my final goal is to be able to calculate every possible situation that can happen in wurm with around a 90% accuracy. anyone who submits an accurate algorithm will be given credit.
  9. I looked at forum rules nothing I could find saying this was against forum rules if I am mistaken just let me know and I will remove post. I plan to make a website template that will have a custom forum. to help keep track of animal breeding, resource management, and possibly a deed planner and will help with deed management over all will start development once there is enough interest in the project and will be selling for around $75.00 I will also fix or update sites already running for around 10$ an hour. will not charge for time it takes me to figure out how to work with the host or software you are using. Customers served Yggdrasil: Fixed sql database
  10. Sadly because of college I have very little free time I'm selling my accounts They are a bundle you have to buy them both The accounts have decent tools many enchanted 16s in bank ,own a personal merchant and corb named VastoLord there are located at Korner Grove. as is the boat the server is celebration the personal merchant and 16s are on blackstar there are no warnings that Im aware of im not sure where you get the little message box that says that Okamixxx Skills dumped at Aug 11, 2012 ----- Religion: 0.0 Alignment: 100.0 Faith: 15.201834 Favor: 15.201834 Skills: 0.0 Paving: 4.9894094 Tracking: 3.630069 Milling: 1.7706959 Coal-making: 12.578167 Prospecting: 8.4129925 Religion: 1.6848139 Prayer: 3.7420454 Healing: 2.1746798 First aid: 4.2218122 Archery: 16.188284 Medium bow: 8.797024 Short bow: 6.5797377 War machines: 1.3999978 Catapults: 1.3780887 Thievery: 1.0 Traps: 1.0 Climbing: 4.2548585 Shields: 3.0907743 Large metal shield: 3.16325 Axes: 18.17783 Hatchet: 21.71199 Small Axe: 7.754511 Swords: 7.114834 Shortsword: 1.6913773 Longsword: 13.351557 Knives: 9.131075 Butchering knife: 11.170666 Carving knife: 10.121329 Woodcutting: 34.631374 Mauls: 1.2149495 Large maul: 1.5102328 Carpentry: 43.982994 Fine carpentry: 15.513019 Ship building: 8.467173 Fletching: 20.818695 Bowyery: 15.452536 Toy making: 1.1794809 Nature: 23.266165 Gardening: 11.043804 Fishing: 14.24303 Animal husbandry: 4.359412 Meditating: 11.273921 Milking: 2.3313668 Farming: 48.105053 Forestry: 14.251288 Botanizing: 12.040388 Animal taming: 6.678061 Foraging: 9.434149 Cooking: 7.2503257 Dairy food making: 1.6516713 Hot food cooking: 14.623518 Baking: 2.1408978 Beverages: 2.615851 Butchering: 7.4364004 Fighting: 8.113891 Normal fighting: 20.731068 Defensive fighting: 2.2565994 Aggressive fighting: 2.2597277 Weaponless fighting: 1.6349374 Toys: 1.0 Yoyo: 1.0 Alchemy: 3.6446066 Natural substances: 8.266088 Miscellaneous items: 37.556053 Stone chisel: 12.253221 Hammer: 33.389137 Sickle: 11.009418 Scythe: 3.1665173 Repairing: 10.1164465 Saw: 10.679154 Pickaxe: 40.560123 Rake: 35.42432 Shovel: 36.608715 Pottery: 3.6914659 Firemaking: 8.172168 Digging: 50.006477 Mining: 38.343475 Smithing: 14.62067 Metallurgy: 1.5387056 Jewelry smithing: 3.8889632 Locksmithing: 3.135047 Blacksmithing: 24.376326 Armour smithing: 1.0 Chain armour smithing: 1.168655 Weapon smithing: 10.23209 Blades smithing: 11.714449 Weapon heads smithing: 5.7579823 Ropemaking: 2.5540485 Masonry: 34.410698 Stone cutting: 21.48533 Tailoring: 5.703125 Leatherworking: 6.2997355 Cloth tailoring: 13.907208 Characteristics: 0.0 Soul: 15.52622 Soul strength: 21.125378 Soul depth: 21.105133 Mind: 21.005474 Mind speed: 20.097551 Mind logic: 24.657978 Body: 23.533169 Body stamina: 22.48829 Body strength: 24.288305 Body control: 21.673262 Blackstar vynora preist Skills dumped at Aug 11, 2012 ----- Religion: 0.0 Alignment: 52.376186 Faith: 57.763947 Favor: 44.57582 Skills: 0.0 Paving: 1.6490093 Tracking: 1.5237774 Shields: 2.3832026 Medium wooden shield: 2.8605752 Axes: 16.534157 Hatchet: 22.272554 Swords: 3.2589047 Shortsword: 4.0208073 Longsword: 2.9139135 Knives: 8.467986 Butchering knife: 8.184566 Carving knife: 9.400287 Woodcutting: 33.960102 Carpentry: 38.25838 Fine carpentry: 5.796102 Ship building: 7.831748 Fletching: 20.856886 Nature: 29.222366 Gardening: 12.43083 Fishing: 15.782503 Papyrusmaking: 1.2655119 Animal husbandry: 33.56882 Meditating: 15.398237 Farming: 50.609386 Forestry: 12.047879 Botanizing: 10.270433 Animal taming: 5.801145 Foraging: 6.0766897 Cooking: 6.6836796 Hot food cooking: 13.927898 Butchering: 5.1155834 Fighting: 2.2136075 Normal fighting: 6.8319683 Defensive fighting: 4.1138225 Weaponless fighting: 1.0 Alchemy: 1.1909714 Natural substances: 1.1959205 Miscellaneous items: 29.745955 Stone chisel: 2.607508 Hammer: 8.7065935 Sickle: 9.316317 Repairing: 8.081673 Saw: 17.787027 Pickaxe: 16.947079 Rake: 36.91929 Shovel: 27.98024 Pottery: 1.8022844 Firemaking: 4.221696 Religion: 18.066282 Prayer: 18.12725 Channeling: 33.424263 Preaching: 5.9133444 Digging: 43.329723 Mining: 16.232285 Healing: 1.9482929 First aid: 4.3225126 Smithing: 15.554829 Locksmithing: 1.6106266 Blacksmithing: 35.293087 Ropemaking: 23.198368 Archery: 1.7280235 Long bow: 1.0 Masonry: 13.555373 Stone cutting: 14.119611 Thievery: 1.0 Traps: 1.0 Climbing: 3.3759854 Characteristics: 0.0 Soul: 18.718348 Soul strength: 20.73418 Soul depth: 22.51101 Mind: 17.163572 Mind speed: 19.611433 Mind logic: 22.821869 Body: 21.497063 Body stamina: 21.258516 Body strength: 23.17255 Body control: 21.189934 [16:28:24] You have premium time until 29 Aug 2012 20:16:40 GMT please post offer starting bid 50e hidden buyout if the offer is good ill just stop auction and sell to you as I want the money fast but at the right price ends 8/18/2012 if you need proof of content in bank or inventrory let me know and ill post picture