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  1. You don't re-patch the server. You just change the various mod(s) configuration/properties files and restart the server. The "patch" only effects the mod loader framework to get it working in initially not the individual mods.
  2. If you validate the steam files once complete you can run the patcher again, and should be fine.
  3. lifesaver save me!!


    trying to get a server to run in the internet tab of the wurm launcher and have lots of people play publicly.  I opened ports on my modem router and my personal router.  I put in the actions on my personal firewall... however i probably did it wrong... but it's greenlit for wurm, wurm server, and wurm launcher... i've triple checked ports...


    If i go to an ip checker it gives me a completely different IP than what I find when i type cmd ipconfig under the ipv4...
    i got about 12 people that wants to join my server.  I will frikkin pay you to help me set this up lol I'm not even kidding
  4. You shouldn't have any jar files in the "mods" folder they all should be in separate sub-folders. Example file structure: mods/movemod/movemod.jar mods/
  5. This mod has been abandoned for a long time and the author is MIA to not likely to get fixed I'm afraid. To save yourself time and frustration as many mods on this forum no longer work its a good idea to check the last page to get an idea about its status.
  6. I don't personally have a use for this but plenty of people who like to solo on their personal server. Gives them more options to customize their experience and that's great.Though I could see this being used on a development test environment so on second thought might have more uses too.
  7. Love the karma giving aspect as I'm working on an overhaul to the karma system (as to what you can spend it on). Good stuff!
  8. Yea those options were removed a while back when the new paving was introduced the ID #s actually got reused. I know they were considered obsolete as a tile type but it sure was nice as a GM to paint corners. Kinda miss that feature.
  9. Batta, did you recently turn the "newbie friendly" server option off? That would be one explanation of the reason they are starting now. This mod creates new critters nothing i'm aware of you cause it to spawn sol demons. It's not even one of the models that's been "reskinned".
  10. Had several users report tuning forks were not returning the correct values. Upon further investigation it's not that they are reporting the wrong value but each time you use a tuning fork it is reducing the quantity of ore in the vein by an incremental count. Say you have 50 hits in an ada vein use the tuning fork now you have 40. EDIT: Additionally we had during map generation LONG ago some ada and glim veins had more than 50 hits. This was a generation issue not a game issue I know however since 1.5 they all seem to have reset to 50. For undiscovered veins this is great but for some discovered ones not so much once someone already knew how much was in the vein.
  11. If there is any additional optimizing I can do to the ini I'd be interested. I use the scheduled executor for most of the important stuff but things like number of executor threads (20) or # of updates (500) if there are better recommendations I'm all ears. Or things like are check db tables or optimize db tables something that's a good idea. I manually go thru the databases periodically to clean them up was leary about letting an automated process do it for me. But from the wiki the check and optimize db tables descriptors are too vague for me.
  12. Genesis didn't work because that trait is considered a positive trait not negative. The information is correct. It does reduce the chance for the creature to contract a disease by half. The trait means the horse is very healthy and has a really good immune system.
  13. Question to Portals

    You may already know this but the mod creates all new portal items. The ones created by the mod use upper case capitalization of the words vs the stock game ones use all lower case letters. I know that's goofed more than one person up.
  14. Looks like it works fine. If you are getting the error when uploading it might be on the host end.
  15. I have a variety of alerts all the way up to 10000 and they all work.