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  1. I get a bit more caught up in life, I think a better solution for this would be a custom mod for this project. It wont be the blue egg moongate but use the steel portals with the big glowing ball, make them teleport you to a random different one when you use it It won't be complete without a naked theif standing beside each one though
  2. Let the demolition begin, the Moor's Rest rebuild is under way! Man it looks strange. Updated all maps with a new version of the mapviewer, no more weird black tiles.
  3. UPDATED FOR YOUR PLEASURE So I was rather disturbed by the black spots everywhere too. With some of the new pavement types it was like whole black holes for deeds in places lol. I went to decompile this mod and dig through, man let me first say Joneh is a genius coder, he will be missed around here. He had made a hand written array that contained 256 values one for each possible tile type since tile types are a byte (256 maximum values, 255 if you count from 0 and you should) but most of them were left to 0 or -1, which is why when those tiles were pulled they came out black. I did away with that, called the common.jar colors that wurm puts in for the mapdumps. This will help to futureproof it, if they change those colors or change tiles or whatever it will just call the new values from the new setup. The only thing that may break it is if they change the common.jar to make my target of the colors not stick. You will notice there are some dark spots in my tundra. Players told me that was ligonberries, I dunno, but at least its dark green and not black. Pay attention in my example images the deed north of the tundra (Carbonek) for an example of the giant black spots and how it changes in the new version. I was still using the older iteration of the mapviewer before this, and the setup with the newer version I just worked on is a bit different. So I will briefly touch on the setup after the images. Without further wait: Before After Original Before if you want a bigger view: http://i.imgur.com/PVe6tEg.png Original After if you want a bigger view: http://i.imgur.com/MdEFL77.png The mapviewer.jar and mapviewer.cfg need to go into the root folder of your server. Where your server.jar is. This new system has the class paths set up to get the common.jar and use it as a library, so its location is important. Unless you want to modify the MANIFEST For the mapviewer.cfg file: # WU MAP VIEWER CONFIG FILE # RELATIVE OR ABSOLUTE PATH TO DIRECTORY FOR MAP MAP_DIRECTORY = Creative # RELATIVE OR ABSOLUTE PATH TO DIRECTORY TO OUTPUT TO # THIS SHOULD BE A DIRECTORY ACCESSIBLE BY HTTP SERVER OUTPUT_DIRECTORY = mapviewer # SIZE OF SECTIONS TO SPLIT UP INTO # SMALLER SIZES ARE MORE EFFICIENT FOR CACHING BUT USE MORE BANDWIDTH SECTION_SIZE = 256 SHOW_DEEDS = true SHOW_DEED_BORDERS_IN_3D_MODE = false SHOW_DEED_BORDERS_IN_FLAT_MODE = true Pretty self explained. The older version I was using was not hard but a bit more difficult to configure. No I am not modding the custom version from a few posts back (September 2016 or so) this is just Jonneh's version updated for the modern era. Hope you guys enjoy. Cheers Now you can get it for yourself: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8w50njp1gl38ldv/mapviewer.zip?dl=0 I only had to edit one file in the jar, and the Manifest. So I only have 1 working source code. I thought you guys might like to have it, in the spoiler below.
  4. I think this puppy is dead sadly.
  5. The modding community is rather small, we would get lost in a large site like that. I would say a privately hosted gitlab with a central page to tie things together would be a better solution for us. Gives us all the repository resources like we already use with github, keeps us together, keeps our identity, would allow the modders to have full control over their own repositories, could get us a cool wurm related domain name. I had discussed a modding site in the past, and I had considered setting it up, but people view me as the devil so I avoided it.
  6. i wouldnt trust that filehorse place, adware nightmare. Use the official archives http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/java-archive-javase8-2177648.html
  7. I actually spent some time in Skype with these guys helping them fix problems they had after an update. That is not a bad thing, they wanted to take the time to learn how to do things right.
  8. I dunno, as a modder myself I wan't to do things to bring players to WU, to WO to Wurm in general. More players for WU means more players for all servers, and more players with friends seeing them play on friends lists. More WO players means more that will quit in a couple months because of 20 cap skill and go buy a copy of WU. IMO it is a win win for WU. However, you keep saying advertise your mod....ehhhhhh nah.
  9. mod

    Yeah most of us have auto backups but I don't trust them. I like my hard shutdown zip it up and ship it out backups.
  10. If you do it as a GM you can use the weather console command to adjust it however you like. The seasons part would be interesting though.
  11. Yep I have a little oddball time this week I will slap it on the list. Bury is a bit of a different action, but hey its a shovel and a corpse, shouldn't be a problem. On the note of wanting it so that you can encourage people to bury after an event. That is where outside the box thinking comes in. I include the new players by offering nice shovels to come bury corpses.
  12. I put my own spin on them but its still your code, I use several of your mods and no mail cost is one of them. I can confirm working fine.
  13. Note we do understand out of the ordinary circumstances. However if you have such a situation your ticket will only be handled by me and may take longer to process. I am just trying to take some pressure off in game staff over things that should already be handled.
  14. Maintenance today included a bit of database cleanup. Remaining evil easter bunnies have been destroyed. On that note it should be common understanding when an event is over only a reasonable time would remain to claim rewards. We have people still trying to turn in easter eggs. If your ticket is not already open save them for next year as we will no longer trade easter eggs. Easter was a long time ago. A couple of adjustments were made to attempt to correct some issues, if these adjustments caused you to lose something, namely wagons on northlands, please just do a ticket we will take care of you. Az fist has been gone long enough. There is no reason you should not have already reported your lost pickaxe enchants. If you have not already opened your ticket for replacement of enchants, then you did not seem to need it too bad. To alieve the staff of this trouble no new tickets will be honored for Az Fist Enchants. Already Open tickets will be worked when we catch you online.