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  1. Interesting I have been able to increase creature size and the character move appropriately based on how big the creature was. The dragon issue is a matter of they got the y axis on one of the seats backwards. I was assuming the item thing was due to not having a mount point. Kind of like standing in some creatures. Not really understanding why I couldnt drive it though, eh well I gave up on that a long time ago Also with the camera offset from ground, turn into a rift ogre why that doesn't work with the valrei avatars I dunno.
  2. Maybe an oversight? The litning effect is tied into the weather. Has to be storming to make that effect work without some extra modding.
  3. Don't know if it is something you want to consider, but I just remembered way back at the beginning I was going to make a flying carpet. If you use an item model as a creature and adjust its seat position it rises off the ground (sadly when you mount it, you don't rise also and no way to drive it). However might be something useful in a strange way to make height setting for decorating?
  4. If the tower guards and deed guards are modified they don't search properly....they don't even understand their own names.
  5. I will try to get up with you this week and look at that, havn't had any other reports of that happening. That is if I do not get blown away by the 5 hurricain shuffle.
  6. Oh I see what you are doing, you are making a "you are here". Consider having it fire com.wurmonline.client.game.PlayerPosition do a insert after to make the way point update on the public boolean move method Map just updates.
  7. Make sure it looks like a buncha numbers with a png tag?
  8. Tomorrow morning, power permitting, I will be moving the starting location to the new Moor's Rest which is now open for business. While doing that I will also be suspending deed upkeep until this storm mess is settled, too many people out of power and worse. Wan't to protect players deeds while they are not able to get online. Thank you.
  9. Nope, however they are relatively easy and cheap to craft.
  10. Just a maintenance restart today and to finish installing kyta and septim as player gods. Note that by Monday I need all kingdom wagons that are not the default freedom wagons to be empties on Northlands. I found the issue with the swapping when moving kingdom items to and from northlands but the fix may destroy or change existing items there. As such, need all wagons emptied and unhitched to prevent the further loss of items. Thank you.
  11. Treasure chests have been disabled on Prime. Anyone caught using the ESP mod may now have negative action taken against there account. This is a decision based on reaction of the majority of the community. ESP mod will no longer be allowed, anyone caught using it will have to deal with GM punishment.
  12. HHey ago, sorry about the abrupt leaving earlier. I started to say why I didn't like the split of files, then I remembered doh you are working on 2. I don't mess with the client so it didnt hit at first.
  13. Best way to make sure I keep track of it lol.
  14. Way to go man!
  15. Yeah sqlite is strange. However it was the right choice for end users to install the server. That being said making a mod to access one of the existing databases, without hooking the built in server database connectors and methods is not a good idea. sqlite only likes to allow 1 write access to it.