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  1. They are evil, they are evil good, red is the new green.
  2. Have you ever adjusted your config file? Or do you have any mods? Because unless you changed the settings telling it to point to the default java path, it should never hit the registry looking for the java install. The targeted version of Java WU looks for without changing it is in ..\runtime\bin\ Launchconfig.ini has this section [Runtime] OverrideDefaultJavaPath=false JavaPath= That is the only place that WU would know about a java change. Unless you have a mod with a problem, OR, that nasty java update that just hit somehow deleted that random version of java it shouldn't even know exists....
  3. Well a little birdy told me they are working on those sandstone fence thingies, just it is challenging.
  4. I am online, have been for like 3 days lol. Sorry you are having connection trouble but it is not the server itself sadly (sad because then I could do something for you). It must be a node along the way.
  5. Have you tried to validate your game cache in steam? In steam right click on wurm unlimited in the library list, go to properties, go to the local tab, and validate your game cache. You may wish to try and delete your configuration file as well. Steam\steamapps\common\Wurm Unlimited\WurmLauncher\PlayerFiles\configs\default Just move that whole folder somewhere else, then validate. First glance looks like the error fired on configuration load.
  6. that is because the heap size defaults low. You need to use a command line to launch it if you are building bigger than a 1024 size map.. java -Xms512M -Xmx1024M -jar WGenerator.jar -Xmx is the initial starting ram for when you launch the application. -Xmx is the maximum ram you want to allow it to use. Other options: -XXaggressive:opt makes java kick the door down so to speak and spin up to its optimal performance quickly to become stable, and provides a smoother operational experience. Normally for short run applications I wouldnt recommend this, but since the mapviewer can be a resource hog during erosions I suggest it.
  7. At least before EA ruined UO sad times qq... Moongates were random, but had gravity based on the moon phase. IIRC it was every 5 minutes the gates would shift to a random other gate, however the random code was manipulated by moon phases to make it even harder to predict, and sometimes annoying haha. There was always a naked thief there trying to steal your goodies, before the trammel days.
  8. I would not recommend opening RMI to outside connections. That is the entire need for the interface. You can use an RMI agent to interact with the wurm server, then interact with a web server on the local machine. From there you can put the web server connection to the outside world to interact as a tunnel into the localhost. RMI at best can be encrypted via network tunnel, that security is a joke. Anyone with a little bit of injection knowledge that gets ahold of your RMI connection can ruin your server in an instant. I love the work you are doing, but need to get some java help to make a proper interface for you. You can also decompile the mapviewer I just updated, while I was digging around inside it I noticed jonneh had started RMI webhooks in there, and the mapviewer is already set up with a web server and all the json decoding. It would be a good starting point, he had hooked into a lot, I did not bother to look enough to see how finished it was, I was looking for something else hehe. I notice you still have the black holes on the mapviewer, grab my update :D. The work on the site is looking good (believe me I know how tedious css and php can be). One idea for you maybe, somewhere someone at one point had worked out grabbing steam id's it would be nice to use that and the steam web api's to use login/steam account authentication on the site, for players to hook into their own accounts, just a thought. Keep up the good work, and tool devs are welcome on the modder discord too! We just have fun in there.
  9. Been moving animals across servers for a couple years now, only issue came up a couple months back, horse shoes get a little twisted but only like 4 every 2 or 3 days.. This didnt' start happening till the database schema changes but I don't think that is what caused it. At any rate the wurm devs are smarter than me, so I am sure they can handle moving horses across servers.
  10. Fixed version now available. 1.3-1
  11. Bah gimme a few ill fix that.
  12. Version 1.3 released. Let me know of issues. Added ring - unkown from the create menu (#give 297). Can set it up just like any other portal, but this is portable. It is the normal ring, can even be a crafted one, but a GM has to set the data. Be careful with this, if a player tries start teleporting too close to the destination, they will get stuck in a loop (this is usually just a few tiles, but since it is out of GM control it may be an issue). Good news on that, it won't hurt your server, and player just has to relog, but who likes errors? -at some point I will add a check for destination and calculate that it is more than 50 tiles to stop this from even being a possibility, but for now still an issue. --This item requested by Batta Added Rift Altar as a portal, named Rift Server Portal. Works just like the other server portals. --This item requested by ago. Added a little more grade school math to make the portals put the player in the center of the destination tile rather than the Northwest corner. This should solve problems with walls and fences being built on the border of the tile being teleported to.
  13. Yeah I was annoyed at the black holes too. It was either this or mod everything to pull towards the holes like gravity lol. I don't personally have interest in guard towers, so ill put it on my boredom list, but im quite busy lately. Its on a list though.
  14. I get a bit more caught up in life, I think a better solution for this would be a custom mod for this project. It wont be the blue egg moongate but use the steel portals with the big glowing ball, make them teleport you to a random different one when you use it It won't be complete without a naked theif standing beside each one though
  15. Let the demolition begin, the Moor's Rest rebuild is under way! Man it looks strange. Updated all maps with a new version of the mapviewer, no more weird black tiles.