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  1. Hey, just a heads-up, as a new player I was very confused starting on your server. The sign says to go East, but new players don't have a compass on their HUD, and the sundial you have placed next to the sign is placed 180* incorrectly. It took until a good bit of frustration and questions until I finally figured out how to turn the compass HUD item on and realized the sundial was leading me in the exact opposite direction I needed to go. 

  2. Mythmoor better than ever!

    Server will be back up from maintenance in a few moments. New mods added: More Potables - Plant Woad, Cocoa Beans, Lingonberry, Mushrooms, Nettles, Nutmeg, Sassafras, or any Flowers in a pottery planter and pick them once per day. Waxed Food - Preserve food items with beeswax to turn them into permanent decor items Halloween mobs have been turned on for Northlands and Plains. Keep your candy, the GM's are considering turn in rewards for candy after halloween.
  3. [Released] New Portals

    You aren't using the correct portals. These have custom modded portals that you use. You are using the games built in portals they will not work for this. You need to use the ones in the list that say "server portal" in the name.
  4. [Released] New Portals

    I use the auxdata to turn the portals on and off, that would be a conflict.
  5. Mythmoor better than ever!

    Still online, still here for you!
  6. [Released] New Portals

    Just for gigles in newportals.properties it should have been net.xyp.wurmunlimited.mods.newportals.NewPortals Rather than net.xyp.wurmunlimited.mods.NewPortals
  7. [Released] New Portals

    Guys if you have an emergency need. Ayluin offered to keep it hosted and linked here so that was fine with me, I get email alerts to messages now, got that fixed. So just direct message me I will get you the files and help.
  8. Mythmoor better than ever!

    Server should be back from maintenance within 10 minutes. Adjusted the staff list, added maps to the information tab, updated discord should now correctly show which map rumors are for instead of new and ocrea, and the jumble up of server map packs when changing maps should now work correctly and stop giving errors (I hope). Screenshot from the last wish or wizkill event:
  9. Server crossing

    Yep agree with sklo proper firewall rules that only allow those RMI ports to be used by that other IP address ONLY. So nobody with any other IP can access it.
  10. Mythmoor better than ever!

    Unique Champion Troll King hunt Friday June 14th at 5pm EDT hosted by Septim. Unique training event for all players to learn how to do a proper unique fight hosted by GM Lolth at 6pm EDT on Saturday June 15th.
  11. Client helper mod

    Eorwald if you did this we would give you a pass only for characters with no skill gains, if all their skills remained at starter level I see no problem with it, if it can or in the future does this. However note we do know how to catch this and the other bot mods, its actually kinda funny to do and pretty easy, so don't abuse it ? Unlike ESP this mod and the other bot mods are super easy to catch, they are a bit derpy when a gm does certain things...
  12. i have no mod that adjusts carry weight, but ill try it out after the weekend, thanks
  13. From the player: so @Xype I put rockshards in the contract, they weighed me down but the weight did not show up in the total weight of my inventory. I went to redeem the contract at my token and the weight stayed untill I relogged.
  14. Have not heard back from the player yet, however the GM who handled the initial bug report ticket responded with this: The contract does not show the weight (in the way that normal containers do), and it doesn't add to the top-level Inventory weight either. It just slows you down. But it's item-specific. A smelter at 1000kg will not slow you down, but rock shards and mortar will. This was only tested on single character, not after a trade afaik. This may also be tied into the bugged item problem. Let me test something real quick. Nope. I was seeing if it only gave the ghost weight when you added items to a contract with things already in it, the same factor that breaks the items when you take them out. But simple test of creating 100 rock shards, packing all 100 at once into a delivery contract, I'm slow. Still have a smelter in another contract, and wasn't slow til I added the rocks. *in a second, empty contract.
  15. Hey let me get back with the players who discovered the problem and get some answers to your questions. I seem to recall them saying something about picking up the contract and having the weight, let me get some clarification for you.