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  1. server

    Titans only naturally spawn on a pvp server. No new commands. You can GM spawn on pve, careful tho they can destroy fences, buildings, mine doors.
  2. Yes, remove access to the white and black light altars. You could modify it completely out if desired but easiest way is just block off the altars.
  3. We will be adding a hunting/survival server very soon to offload some of our new creature types and increase performance of our main server while still giving everyone the opportunity to fight the new mob types. New video created by a community member. Thanks again.
  4. The lower borders for both need to be flat. Nothing else should be needed. No mine doors unless running a mod to allow it.
  5. Our weekly update is in. On top of the updates listed below our Wiki is slowly starting to take shape to help provide players with more information in one place about the server and WU in general. Wonders Wiki Main Page Small update today Creature update All custom mounts should now be groomable All vanity pets should now be groomable Vanity pets should now be dominatable Lizard King and Gorilla King removed-They were bugged and incomplete. Will readd at a later time. All tier 2 mobs removed. Tier 2 will not be part of the main server. Anticipate using another cluster to facilitate higher tier content Added new mobs to facilitate a single person mini dungeon to be released at a later date. Item Update Butcher Knife can now be made from moonmetals Sacrifical Knife can now be made from moonmetals Create Sand by using a large maul on sandstone. Uses Body Strength Create Dirt by using a large maul on rock shards. Uses Body Strength Create Sandstone by using your hand on sand. Uses Body Control Create Planks by using a mallet on woodscraps. Uses Body Control New Mod To help facilitate raffles a new roll mod was created. Thanks Coldie Command is roll with the number of Players then the number of items to be raffled. example /roll 50 10. 50 players with 10 items to give away. [10:19:49] Yggdrasil people: 50 rolls:10 (23,16,9,26,34,15,31,19,18,47) It does the whole raffle in one roll with no duplicates. When it is rolling the numbers if it rolls the same number again it is thrown out and rolls again. Limitations Number of players must be higher then total number of items being raffled. Max of 50 items for raffle. Vampire Mod Removal The vampire mod was finally removed completely from the database. Side-effect: Cooking affinities shifted due to the vampire skills being removed. So previously known cooking affinities may be incorrect. Channeling Improvement Bless cost reduced to 5 faith to allow all religions at 5 faith spell to level channeling with. Bounty on custom mobs Reduced bounty for custom mobs.
  6. server

    As much as I like Sin's work, and thanks for breaking it up for community the ESP blocker works but even small servers will see significant performance issues when active if more then a couple players are online. So use that portion with caution.
  7. Server Update Vanity Pets This is being released as BETA version of vanity pets. We hope to make them useful and easier to transport but for now they are just collectible, low spawn chance, creatures to go around and collect. What sets them apart from the rest? They are non aggro, they dont hit very hard, if at all, and they are tiny pets to collect. They must be tamed/charmed/dominated to be able to lead them. They have 1 body str so hitching really isnt an option at all, intentionally. There is currently 39 different onces to catch in the wild and another 3 that will be GM spawn only.The GM spawn only ones will be rewarded for certain things, yet to be determined. To keep the rarity of these pets they are not breed able, unless they Jurassic Park my code that makes them all female. Damage Readout(Thanks Coldie) Combat log will now print out the actual damage done and damage per second when you use command /DPS. New Damage test mobs will be placed in Life Spring. They will be placed near the practice dummies. You can test how much damage you would do on a dragon, a hatchling, and a troll. You cannot kill these dummies but they will give an accurate readout of how much damage you can do to these creatures. These are for damage testing and comparison only. Anyone using these for training weapon skills will be punished. All custom mounts and hitchable animals added in game have been changed to herbivores and grazers. This will allow you to easily use them in any situation without needing to worry about them eating a corpse or constant feeding. I did not make this change to vanilla mobs. Kari's Fortress mobs and items tweaked a bit. Hopefully we will be ready for release of the last tier 1 dungeon this weekend. Two New Uniques added. Base stats are slightly less difficult than a Red Dragon, however they will always spawn as Champion. Lizard King: King of the alien like deathcrawlers. Avoid his acid breath and his sharp claws if you expect to defeat him. Gorilla King: King of all gorillas, he is tired of the players of Wonders enslaving his brethren. Avoid his might fist and earthshaking abilities. Kingdom Tabard mod loaded. You need client serverpacks up and running to be able to see the new tabards. But most if not all kingdom tabards will be craftable. Loot tables will be updated slightly. Tier 2 weapon tweaked again. Still trying to keep a balance between them and the tier below. Serverpack settings modified, seems i was using an outdated config which was causing issues. Kingdom Tabard mod loaded. You need client serverpacks up and running to be able to see the new tabards. But most if not all kingdom tabards will be craftable.
  8. Introduction trailer created by a community member was added to the original post. Thanks again Ciuperca!
  9. I did it a while back. Believe I had to copy economy dB over and player db. There were quiet a bit of editing on player db but can't remember the specifics that had to be changed. Like previously noted make backups and expect hiccups. I recall doing quiet a few manual entries to correct issues.
  10. My cluster had a pvp server it is not 1x tho. Like most pvp servers population has come and gone. Population has been growing recently. Some of the veteran pvp players are hanging out on pve more until new players have a chance to establish. We are 2.5x/5x epic enabled on pvp.
  11. Recommend reading over the active posts in the server section to get get a feel for all the servers available. There is a lot of different ones out there. Good luck finding one that fits your playstyle.
  12. Placed a much needed edit to the main post. Providing more information and easier reference to what we provide and what we are doing with the server.
  13. You might have seen the jotunns roaming around the lands, pillaging deeds and killing your livestock.Where do such terrifying creatures come from? The great fire giant Logi has sent out his army of giants to pillage the lands for food and treasures!The king of Wonders has seen enough of this pillaging and wants to put an end to it! He now calls upon warriors from throughout the land to challenge the giants and put an end to the kingdom's misery.Is your courage high enough and are your weapons sharp enough to challenge these mighty giants of Jotunheimr?The jotunn are waiting....Jotunheimr is designed for players with 50FS+ Our newest mid level dungeon is open come check it out if you dare.
  14. You could look into wyvernmods. Sindusk has code to enable equipping mounts with no need for even branding. Might need to modify a bit for your own use.
  15. From my understanding you can do 2 or 3 lane roads. One is not registered as a road.