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  1. Make sure to summon items out of glitches area before repairing or they will be lost.
  2. I've seen one or two tiles like this before but not alot. For cave entrance put a stone mine door on it then destroy. Should leave you with rock tile. For ones inside cave, repair tile around glitches area. When you mine them back out it should have fixed any tile touching repaired tiles.
  3. Delete neighbors on both servers and try reentering everything from scratch. If you made any mistakes first time around it seems it doesn't apply changes well. Ive had the clusters talk but not be able to fully communicate because of one value being off and needing to delete server neighbor in gui and reenter everything.
  4. I leave all public projects like this up to the community. The way this new feature was written the citizens have a choice so I feel like it's not our place as server hosts to bypass there choice. Just my opinion.
  5. Could it be our movemod for player speed is overwriting this GM buff to speed? It would seem likely if retro is getting one result unmodded and the rest of us using similar mod gets another.
  6. Every floor or wall I destroy using my GM take 1.5-5 seconds to disappear and shows a lag counter. Anyone else seeing this issue? I am not seeing any exceptions being thrown and there was no mod changes when moving up to 1.5. I know that the GM creating buildings have been reworked and the changes are amazing but lagging out entire server on destroying a wall or floor for a few second each time seems to be caused by this new version. I will bring up a test server shortly with no mods to confirm its not a mod conflicting with the new GM interactions.
  7. I honestly hate this mod exists but hope it is updated for public. Reason is if the few developers that run there own now have an advantage that most won't have access to. At least being public it levels the playing field for all.
  8. Random moonmetal will still work but vein cap is broken. You can disable vein cap until a fix is made.
  9. Archeology is not in 1.5. They just released as coming to WO so we have months for that update.
  10. It uses JK template. I have set my portals between cluster servers for a while now and all are Freedom based.
  11. Go into your wurmlogin.db. In there you will find a list of all your connected servers and spawn points. Typically it will be listed to 0 0 for all the cluster server spawn points. Set each spawn point for the proper kingdom for each cluster server. This should push anyone using a portal from that server to another server to the place you want them to go. Im using DB browser to do changes just explore, select server table, all servers should be listed with spawn points for each. Only three kingdoms are listed but if you are using Freedom kingdom then it goes off the JK spawn point.
  12. Todays Update. First we are on our new OVH hardware. Fully dedicated 64GB server. No more sharing resources with others at all Main Update: TasteOfWyvern (thanks Sin for sharing your code) This is highly minipulated version of some of Wyvern's code that Sindusk was nice enough to share so I could use and tweak as I see fit. Drake Mounts 3 currently available but all colors coming soon. These can be dominated, lead, hitched, and ridable (High BC required) They are super fast. Rather low armor but do hit pretty hard. (White) Tarakona- The only natural spawn on Wonders and is very rare. (Black) Drage (Green) Draak New Mobs and mob changes Corrupted Yggdrasil (God approach with caution) Hela (Loki's Daughter (God approach with caution) God monsters should wander the map slowly and can be engaged by anyone at any time. They are more powerful then most uniques though. Also they have very unique set of skills for attacks/aoes. Also at increments of there life they will spawn adds. The adds can take out an unprepared travel with no God present, so be careful) Unlike normal mobs they will not heal or take damage ticks from wounds. Also you cannot smite a God. When fighting these monsters there will be lightning seen and a lot of info on the server tab. Good luck fighting the first two gods. Skadi's Corrupted Champion (Unique Monster) Avatar of Loki (Spawns when non-dragon unique dies) Spirit of Nidhogg (Spawns when dragon dies) Sjofn's Avenger Freyja's Spider Thor's Champion Spirit Troll (sadly my ghost effect got lost at the last moment but tougher then normal troll) Large Boar (dominatable and leadable so you can hit to cart/wagon) Worg and Sol Demon(Natural Spawning) Bison should now be ridable Lava Fiend will now spawn on surface layer All original uniques have been slightly altered to make a bit more challenging. New mobs will be added to the possible ambusing mobs of a treasure chest. There is no coin bounties associated with the new named mobs. They are tougher then most mobs that were already out there and will drop a new item, chaos crystals. New Items/Item Changes Affinity Orbs: Give random affinity when used. These do not normally drop. Rare drop in high quality treasure map chest. Will be added to loot drops in upcoming dungeon content. Can be purchased in Little Shop of Wonders. Chaos Crystals: New items dropped by higher combat rated mobs. They can be infused togeher to get rare-fantastic chaos crystals. You can then use them on items in hopes of a rarity transfer. But there is a chance it will damage or blow up your item. Nuckles: Requested by the community for a while. Uses unarmed combat, low damage but fast attack. Club: You can now make and improve your own club. Damage is balanced with our other weapons Warhammer: Make your own warhammer. damage is balance with our other weapons. Uses Hammer of Mag skin but is different damage/speed/parry. Good luck testing and comparing new weapons. New Coin, Corpse, and Skeleton decoration for decorating your deed. Food affinities are now based on the food not the character. So everyone gets same buff from an item. You can now easily sell foods because you know what affinity they give. Leather can be combined to make larger pieces of leather New Armor/Modified armor Glimmerscale: As the name states, its a combination of dragonscales infused by a master metalurgist with glimmersteel. Its improved with glimmerscales so will be rarely seen. Highest DR of all armor Spectral Armor: Made and improved with spectral leather. Best caster armor. Good DR on par with Adamantine plate with +30% to casting. Drake Armor: Slightly reduced DR by 2.5%, decrease casting buff to +20% compared to +30% Helm Change: All face shots are now redirected to your head. This allows you to use drake helm, open helm, and other helms without worried of getting dead to face shots. General Update Most actions are now available from your cart/wagon. Building, cutting down trees, mining. I know a few items were requested to be added. Most if not all should be available now. New Server Tab will display a multitude of different things. One is displaying when people get titles, fighting the gods, and unique fight information. Old Server Info tab will remain because of how easy it is to change the script running it and it wont scroll up with information coming in. Getting a rare+ during a rarity window has been slightly modified. Slaughter Only Rift Materials will now spawn around the map on the ground. 200 rift material should be present at any time. Rift monster spawn increased. Unique spawn rate has increased. Slaughter will not get drake mounts due to the speed and trying to balance for pvp would be incrediblly hard.
  13. In WO the material mattered because some were harder to work with increasing gains. WU skill ticks are not effected by difficulty so skill ticks should be the same regardless of materials used.
  14. I need more testing on it but on a 8k map poll spawner mod is a nightmare for lag. My 2k cluster maps have no issues but just a note to be wary if using on a large map. Going to investigate and tweak to see if I can get it under control because I do like how it's implemented. Just noting it for some that may not fully test on a large map before implementation.
  15. All weapons and Armor have now been rebalanced for more variety in combat. Surface mining updated so you don't have to uncover all tiles only one. New Portal System with all portals linked together. New hardware to support the server is coming this week as well as a very large content update. New survival server coming in a a few weeks at the request of the community. Come join a very active fun community with weekly events and servers to fit everyone's needs.