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  1. You can glitch between layers if you fly over a mine, sometimes. The only time I died as a GM was due to map issues or glitching "between" layers.
  2. It could be possible by having the server ping results once a day and store the number of votes since last claiming. It could provide a reward based on the number then clear the vote number when the command is used. It is not horribly hard but also not super simple either. One of the biggest perks of a mod like this though is to keep players logging in as much as possible. A lot of times you might log in just to claim the vote and end up spending an hour or two online because a friend wanted to do something with you. If you make it so you don't have to log in then it takes that incentive away and ultimately could reduce the active population. I do want to thank the author of the mod. This was needed for a long time.
  3. What about those who log in after active? Maybe an announcement middle of screen that event is active when logging in...
  4. The server must have server pack and http server mods properly set up. Also each client need serverpacks mod running.
  5. I would go with similar to Nappy's idea but limit to -10 al for any player not just active. The point being small server lose the main Smith or whatever you have something to fill in until someone fills the spot.
  6. Last I heard Ulviirala was stepping away from Wurm modding.
  7. "Since we'd be using this to create public areas, such as Events lands, it would be great if they could have some way of not needing upkeep, even on a server with upkeep enabled. Is this even possible?" Set the deed to permanent deed and it does not need upkeep. That is part of the default server options.
  8. If properly connected there should be no limit. It could be something is not connected up correctly along the way. I have run a modified version of this mod on 4k map and never seen an issue with distance, our server has a very extensive road system.
  9. (New Wonders)

    New trading posts mod activated. It allows players to pick up trade goods from any trading post and drop them off at another trading posts. Depending on the size of the ship and distance between each of the trading posts you get paid. You can make up to 4s per trade run with a caravel and the longest run.
  10. If anyone is using caravan station fork off Bdew's HWportals and need updates let me know. I finally caught up with Bdew on versions and will push the new code up if needed. I believe only Wonders uses it but thought I would offer in case someone else did.
  11. From what I can see the mod will not break anything in its current state. But due to the changes to the die method the maps wont drop right now from killing. Verified old maps would work when used on 1.8.
  12. I missed one mod update and it was killing the whole process. Not sure if this is the case with you but you must update Craft More Things by Aus, or it will keep the server from not loading fully. This also kept a lot of little glitches. I have not updated that mod in a long time but was needed this time around. Luckily Aus released an update days ago, just missed it.
  13. I am currently troubleshooting mine again and I do have a conflict somewhere other then spellmod and ago items. Still trying to pinpoint the issue but we are pushing around 100 mods between our own custom ones and public ones. Nothing is throwing logs that points to this but went back to basics. I started by loading only Ago's stuff and loaded fine. Now I am slowly loading one by one all of our mods to ensure they are all loading. If my issue comes from a public mod I will let you know.
  14. Not sure about him, but I am using the 0.39 beta version. Running it on LAN or my dedicated box I still have not found a fix to get them to work. Never experienced the issues before and spent hours trying to figure it out yesterday
  15. I have been using these mods since release of the http server and before. This is the first version I have seen issues, and like you I cannot figure a work around on it. No log saying anything about what is not working but at this point none of the mods dependent on the http server is working. Been working through mod by mod and ensure I had no conflicts with other mods but found nothing at all.