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Found 10 results

  1. RMI API & RMI Mod Information/Readme: RMI API Download: RMI Mod Download: LifesaverM had the idea for a basic interface to use this tool. So I threw together a simple HTML/JS file that will allow you to use these commands and display the RMI output through an iframe. example: download: Be sure to change the var 'RMI_CONTROLLER_IP' on line 11. Usage: http://localhost:8080/broadcast?Broadcast this message to the server http://localhost:8080/shutdown?60&Server maintenance http://localhost:8080/getOnlnePlayers http://localhost:8080/getAllPlayers Data will need to be parsed by a separate program/script. I've been using php for my website. Custom Commands: (WurmRMI Mod) Commands: (no mod required) Wurm Unlimited Control Panel This is an early release - but it has the basic functions/features Requires the RMI API to be running, and the mod for some of the available commands. Download: Live Example: Features: Steam API login system Administrator levels automatically assigned based off of in-game power (using the Steam API) Access to every command and page is able to be customized for the different power levels Basic server information (Players Online / Up-time) Live listings for Players/Villages (along with information) User-claimed voting rewards system Player controls - Give Item, Give/Remove Money, Ban/Unban Player, Change Power Map Page with an iframe for linking to an online map Live Online Map Viewer Development has been taken over by LordOfAwesomnia, please go to his forum post for any questions/bugs. Download: Live Example: Note: Using the live (index.php) version requires the RMI API to be running, otherwise use index.html Features: Displays deeds, guard towers, structures, bridges, and player locations (player locations require the RMI API) Live map shows player locations, guard towers, and structures in real time Fast multi-threaded map generation. Made using Leaflet Easily customizable - many addons/options to choose from for leaflet
  2. Edit 6/2018: Project deleted (GitHub = sellouts). Hello, I'm working on a simple Google Maps generator for WU. It's actually continuation of my older project (Google Maps for WO). Current version: v0.9-beta.5 (2015-11-16) GitHub repository Download User guide Example maps (possible spoilers!) Generated maps are standalone (only HTML, CSS, JS and images), not connected to WU in any way anymore. Maps can be viewed locally (using any modern web browser) or uploaded to a web server (no PHP or Java needed). Generator is written in Java, so far working only on Windows (Linux fix coming soon). Future features: - more configurable options - bridges - walls, doors, fences, gates (only when zoomed enough) - in-game map annotations - altars - dens - source fountains - source springs - custom markers and labels (non database stuff: points of interest, road names, sea names, mountain names, canal names, tunnel names...) - tower zones (guards response, building restrictions) - settlement zones (deed, perimeter) - bigger zoom - progressive zoom - more... Any feedback or ideas are welcome.
  3. Wts fully rare scale set Black. High castes web Looking for 300s or best offer . also willing to trade for the right items. Thanks.
  4. I wanted to release an application to the community that I've been working on for the past two days. My problem was that I wanted to assess skill gains on a daily basis to see how well I've been doing, particularly for farming in my case. I concluded that this was best presented in a pivot table format. URL to access: How do you use it ? Click on the 'Choose Files' button. Navigate to your /players/logs folder of your wurm directory. Select your _Skills file(s). 1 Click open to select the file What is this ? This is a column based heatmap of the skills on a daily basis. You can filter by clicking on the V arrow You can move skill/date/gain by dragging them to the top or left sides. You can change from heatmaps over to just a table or bar chart. 1 Skill files are rolled monthly and you can select multiple files. If the file is not a _Skills file, then you will see an alert saying the file is not supported.
  5. Been gone a few months, not sure whats happened to the markets so just taking offers at the moment.
  6. WTS Adamantine Great Helm. 83+ QL Has 73 Web Castee on it to slow enemies down. 30 Silver Buyer pays Cod. Will accept offers and trades just private message me. Ty
  7. I have recently acquired a 60+ web chain set and probably wont sell it but I'm curious how much freedomers would pay for this chaos enchant set at say 80QL? I'm wondering because I rarely see it getting sold on the forums. Please discuss web armor prices.
  8. Auctioning off 3 extra items I want to get rid of I can try and CoD some of them for the winners, they're located on chaos, I can travel to Indy/Deli to meet up with winners. Item #1 iron longsword 71ql 87rotten touch Starting bid:1silver Min inc: 20copper Item #2 iron medium maul 87ql Humans Demise 73rotten touch Starting bid: 1silver Min inc: 50copper Item #3 Delicious iron chainset with rare pieces with a steel great helm, aosp pieces, pants have WEB armor Starting bid: 10silver Min inc: 2silver
  9. I was just curious if this had ever been considered. I think it would help a good deal in making the game more usable as player could access the full wiki (which is a fairly comprehensive documentation set) in game and see how to make all the sub components for making things and follow hyperlinks without having to jockey windows or use multiple monitors. It would also let players better multitask when performing repetitive tasks in game. Additionally there are open source java based web browsers out there that you could probably acquire usage rights to at a nominal fee (if any) to minimize development time, such as Lobo or more commercial options such as JWebEngine.