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  1. Sorry for the late replies, been working on a project for work that's been taking most of my time. For the any tool, that's where the service section will come into play, you'll be able to list the service you offer, i.e making any tool' Yeah I can see what i can do with auto filling, I can probably add those details on the account profile level so one you pick a server it will auto fill pickup location if selected Not every item has been added yet or materials, I add them once someone lets me know it's missing! As for enchantments, I was working on a section where you can list what the enchants are but haven't finished it yet Great idea and I can add that as an alternative to what I've been working on here and there. The plan is to be able to "request" an item right off the site which would send a notification to the seller. Yup it's still in development phase, was hoping to have it done a couple of weeks ago but got busy with IRK work project. I will have more free time this upcoming weekend so hoping to get it complete then.
  2. Hey! I need to add the wood materials into the tools dropdown. Which I can do this weekend! As for the ship, could you tell me which wood type is missing?
  3. Thanks for all the feedback! I appreciate it Based on the feedback these are the changes I'm thinking about: Add a "Any QL" checkbox when creating a listing which will disable the QL input field Should this checkbox only show up when creating a "Available now/WTS" listing or in "Made on request" as well Add another checkbox next to "Price per quantity" called "Price per" and if that's checked then show another input field where you can supply a number for the "quantity" So the price you set will be per the quantity you set. (Idk if what I just wrote will make sense but it does to me so.... lol) So the price will so 1s/1000 and the quantity will show the total available. I thought about creating a wanted section but felt like it would be a waste, because they can use trade chat in-game and if they wanted something, they can just browse what people are selling. But that being said, if people want a Wanted section, I can add one Yes I can add a new category for natural bulk, there are a few I need to add already and items as well, but one thing I've been working on is ability add multiple items in a listing, i.e if someone is selling an armor set, they can list each item in that set, it's quality (eventually if any enchants on that piece) all in one listing. So that's been taking most of time when I do get to work on WurmTrade.
  4. Some of you informed me that verification email weren't being delivered, so I've gone ahead and added a "Resend verification" button in the "My account" section. If you continue to have issues to verify your email please send me a DM here on the forum!
  5. Sorry about that, I thought I added all the sets as well but looks like I forgot them in cloth armor. I can add that in!
  6. Thank you! Just updated the UI a bit more, I've added tabs on the home page, so now you can tab between trade and merchant ads(made on request) listings. You can also copy URL to a single listing or click on the seller name to view all their listings/share the page with other people.
  7. I have added a new category called Forestry
  8. Other clusters and viewing based on availability has been added.
  9. Thanks and being able to add listings for other clusters will be going live tonight! I've added a new filter that allows you to filter between "Available now" and "Made on request", it will be going live tonight as well! Tonight = 12am EST.
  10. Haha yeah I recently decreased the font from 16px to 14px to allow more room in the table for future columns. One thing I would love to add is picture but I don't want to spend hours taking pictures/grabbing them from the wiki. I'll have to see if any of the devs could give me all the icons they use in the inventory so I can add them to the site. I'm glad I wasn't the only one thing about this! If you have any suggestions please let me know! And nope, a friend of mine actually told me about after I was showing him the site. I checked it out and the it just looked confusing to be honest, but that's probably because I've never played the game so have no idea about the item system.
  11. Thank you for the feedback, I really appreciate it! I will add separate areas for available now and made on request or make a drop-down for it for people to filter on. As for auctions, I do plan on adding those in the future, I didn't want to spend too much time working on this and other adding additional features just to have no one use it. But you are correct, the site needs to be spread in order to become useful for everyone. Added a new category called Furnaces I'll be finishing the 'request new category' form tonight so everyone will be able to do it on the site.
  12. Yes for now, if people would like to have other clusters on the site I can definitely add them.
  13. Hello my fellow merchandise sellers! I have created a wonderful tool that takes the guess work of what who is selling, what they are selling, and for how much. WurmTrade was created to make trading in Wurm easy (no sales experience required). This tool will help you from missing out on great deals brought to you by other Wurmians. is a centralized marketplace for anyone to use to list their WTS listings. Feel free to check it out and start using it! If there are any missing categories, items or materials you would like me to add please let me know as well as any suggestions or feature requests! To-do: Enchantments on a listing -- In development, eta 9/20/2020 Allow additional items to be added to a listing (combos) Add request/buy functionality to a listing Add auction and service listing types Add seller "online" status Auto close listings from sellers who are inactive on the site Add site/email notifications Add other wurm clusters Add filter for "Available now" and "Made on request" Make site mobile friendly
  14. When embarked as commander on my male character the sail boat is sliding to the left doing ~2km/h. But when embarked as commander on my female character the boat is moving forward around ~5km/h. Here is a video of the bug: Also, on the female character, my sail boat is going above the max speed, here is a screenshot:
  15. Can you tell me what OS you're trying to run this on? Windows or Linux? I think the reason you're getting this error is because WUA can't read/write to your Wurm Unlimited databases. If you're running it on Windows, please make sure IIS_IUSERS and Users have read and write permissions to the sqlite folder for Wurm Unlimited. Thanks! And I'll add these to the roadmap that I put somewhere on my computer Should probably move it to GitHub. When you say sort, would you like some checkboxes that you can check/uncheck to show the different types of tickets? As for players online, I was trying to get that working in 1.0 release didn't have too much time spending on getting it working so left it out. Would you or anyone on the forums know if the RMI has a method I can call to get a list of players that are online or would I have to code it in? Added to the roadmap