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  1. PC Account

    Honestly I don't know how much of a market there is for a character like this. That being said, I will be generous and say 50e pc.
  2. WTB 80+ QL Plateset + 90 QL Studded Set

    I have a 93~94ql Studded set with 80 (average) aosp. I am asking for 9s
  3. wtb 2g pm me

    Happy to see you're still around.
  4. 3 Moon Metal Weapon Combo

  5. PC SotG Sme

    Beautiful account, I really hope you don't decided to sell though. Some nice crafting skills but great as a sme priest, options for every buyer though. I would value it around 350~400e
  6. Cheap Life Transfer & Skiller Weapons

    coc 93 longsword sold.... will update later