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  1. Good luck with them, was a true adventure and we would have lost everything due to them if we didnt switch when we did. We had multiple rollbacks and major server issues, but I hope your experience is better.
  2. We have around 15 active pvpers, and 20 active pvers, come join the fun!
  3. Server is hopping and lots of new stuff added weekly! We are not stopping till it is the perfect place to play!
  4. All new to Pvp GoW stronghold, raidable by all, but in a risky position! New ruins on PvE offer some great challenges and some new faces trickling in! Come visit today!
  5. Lots going on every day! New Custom Creature for august is : Great White Shark New Ruins for August include a Ancient Underground village and a Pirate Shipwreck! Come see us today!
  6. Big thanks this week to Solmark! So much help and not sure we would of made it through without you. Lux map, now live and updated Hourly!
  7. So many things to do, and places to explore. Active GMs with true passion for the direction of the server, come say hello today!
  8. Nessy is alive and the server is growing fast! Join today to be part of the foundation of Statera! Custom Creatures with loot, Ruins to discover and raid and natives past, Skill Scrolls and Affinity tokens! More added monthly, come see us!
  9. Tomorrow 7/21 We will be doing some pretty cool stuff on both Vex and Lux. Lux (PvE)- Special Custom Creature will be released into the wild and will contain a drop package and a rare bone! This creature will take everything Statera has to bring down! Check the website or discord tomorrow for details Vex- (PvP)- The hunt for the Crown is on, each kingdom will have a respected chief of times past to hunt and kill for the crown! It will take a group effort so diplomacy will reign supreme!
  10. It made the volcano fine, I did alter the area around it slightly but I dont think that would make it not function... It is not in a kingdom owned area... For some reason it is not producing a server event message or boulders...
  11. Does anyione know roughly how long it takes the volcano to activate? I used the rod but days later still no event message or boulders?
  12. PvP border opening in 2 hrs Anyone who logs in today gets a free sleep powder and spin on the gambling wheel! Sorry for the down times this weekend for reapiring our mods! There are also unlocked boats along the inner rivers for those looking to hop over fast and grind away! Perks for going to pvp Addy Volcano Affinity Tokens Monument Park ( Refilled Merchant) + .5 CR against mobs
  13. PvP map borders opens Sunday, with a first period. We are featuring Affinity tokiens, Scroll skills and Custom Creatures that drop loot! All 4 kingdoms are up and running!
  14. With a few deeds popping up and some awesome adventures already had, Statera just needs you! We are paid for the year on website and server, and will stay as long as we have a few players! Dont lose your creations , come try Statera!
  15. Our first Scroll of Skill was found tonight! Hoping to see more of you give it a shot!