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  1. It felt like living in North America and North Korea at the same time. Funny business aside, My friend came and visited me, He was a kid the age of my brother when I met him so of course, of course I never treated him the same as you fellow low life adults I came here, got happy. Then read a ton of shananigans, but I get it. So can we just move on. I am still the hottest topic on Chaos? Cmon guys someone Innovate without me
  2. We arent allowed to post things about peoples in games actions right? Like if someone rigged an election or setup a kingdom member for theft and then kick killed looted them? I am not allowed to link those events to a certain person correct? I am actually looking for the ruling on this, not being smart...... Your teeth called, your breath stinks.
  3. Well funny alot of bad was said about me for a week and no forum mods touched it, staff insulting me. But now I feel like I will be warned or for responding. I guess we will just remove the whole thing, dont want the staff looking poorly lit.
  4. I was just thinking that, but he and I talk daily and I had no idea about this post. He is like a true brother to me, ate my food, shared my shelter for nearly a month. Its sad I had to come here to read that, get all buttered up and then get fired up lol But yes it was amazing, and to state it here. He is coming back and we are going to take over the world. I love ya little bro and im sure he needs not hear that from me after being welcomed to my casa. People in life make a lot of lofty promises. Jonas and I are of the 1% that hold them Seacrest out
  5. Man , where to start. Thanks Jonas for the kind words and it was so cool making that idea a reality. I enjoyed my time as a villain to all of you and a friend to a select few. I played the game my way like Sinatra. I would love to know the stats, but I bet my resume shadows over many here put togethor. I did not play to make you all like me, see where that mind set has gotten DD since I left. @Emoo just lol dude. You were an amazing battle leader and my favorite to fight behind. I can see at least where you have reason to dislike me as I caused you headaches while in MR, I also was part of getting a ton of players involved in pvp from day 1 stepping on the server. @Red You are the lowest of low, a thief. A true scumbag. I love reaping the benefits of people like you on a daily basis. I want to get a beer with you so bad, truly man! @Nadroj you got caught cheating your own kingdoms election because it was and still is your greatest life accomplishment. 7 ft 90 lbs. Cancer This is also the giy listed as staff that set up a kingdom member for stealing his supreme sail boat. Convinced the whole kingdom this player had stole it. Meanwhile he actually had another player hide it on freedom and transfer ownership to the accussed thief. They kicked , killed and looted the innocent player , all while knowing the truth. Just remembering your incompetence makes me feel so great about your pot calling the kettle black post. @Nikki being torrched by you is like being lifted on a podium and handed a trophy. Scumbagcatcreep @Jakerivers never heard of him, at all. @Evilreaper Im not sure what world you live in, but noone wanted you. We had a first election, you lost. You decided that the election didnt count, bought the form and made yourself king. After a few months realizing you were terrible at the game, decent guy just too dumb to lead. We had another election which you canceled the night before the vote and tried to kick me out of the kingdom lol So your words here are just like angry vomit. PS. ROLANdt was weak, and still had nearly 75 kills and 9 drake traps. I only recall you losing drake and then leaving... @ Nicedreams I cant be captain save a hoe for chaos again right now But I love ya bro, and ya brothers argue and brothers get over it. Some people have never left their chair like we have a played a real sport or game, like life. @ Bloodscythe you offered the unbias opinion I respect you for. You made a few remarks in your day about pvp that you have no room to make as someone that is a known coward, otherwise All good to me. @Angelklaine I regret many reactions I had, yours included that evening. Great unbias opinion and that beer can happen anytime! Im a Cop!! Maybe I should come back, but wait all the people tht talk ###### wont be there to fight. They are all grooming on freedom whining about people like me,
  6. Server is on fire, if you want to get in on the early pvp. give this place a chance. If you want a amazing PvE map to call home for your trades and skilling,give this place a chance!
  7. Good luck with them, was a true adventure and we would have lost everything due to them if we didnt switch when we did. We had multiple rollbacks and major server issues, but I hope your experience is better.
  8. We have around 15 active pvpers, and 20 active pvers, come join the fun!
  9. Server is hopping and lots of new stuff added weekly! We are not stopping till it is the perfect place to play!
  10. All new to Pvp GoW stronghold, raidable by all, but in a risky position! New ruins on PvE offer some great challenges and some new faces trickling in! Come visit today!
  11. Lots going on every day! New Custom Creature for august is : Great White Shark New Ruins for August include a Ancient Underground village and a Pirate Shipwreck! Come see us today!
  12. Big thanks this week to Solmark! So much help and not sure we would of made it through without you. Lux map, now live and updated Hourly!
  13. So many things to do, and places to explore. Active GMs with true passion for the direction of the server, come say hello today!
  14. Nessy is alive and the server is growing fast! Join today to be part of the foundation of Statera! Custom Creatures with loot, Ruins to discover and raid and natives past, Skill Scrolls and Affinity tokens! More added monthly, come see us!