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  1. Quiver QL+50 Can you imp this to 90ql then sent it to "Vonsanden" if not jut send it anyway! thanks!
  2. 10x Wurm University Banners____________________1s each ( 8s all ) Cod to "Vonsanden"
  3. 2x left layered shoulderpads 1.2s? if so cod to "Vonsanden"
  4. PM me or leave youre offers here! Thanks! ~Vonsanden
  5. Mask of Rebirth Right layered shoulder pad, 75ql Cod to Vonsanden please! Thanks! ~Vonsanden
  6. 19s and indeed unfortunatly no kitten picture
  7. Thanks! PM me anytime you cant get rid of them my offer will stand. Good Luck!
  8. Hello! Pale Mask - 1s Skull Mask - 1s Star Diamond 73ql - 1s Snowman Stattue - 3s Cod to Vonsanden
  9. Hello fellow wurmians! Ive been having crashes lately at random times and intervals. Cant make out what to do and what happens so i thought i might get some help with this. the crash log: Thanks in advance i look forward to all of youre help! Greetz, Vonsanden