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  1. thank you
  2. Thanks for the PC
  3. Let me know what you want for codding them and hwo many youre willing to sell
  4. Thanks alot for youre pc! i know its a weird character haha.
  5. Im thinking of starting fresh so im just curious as too how much my account is worth right now haha Giving on the path of love.
  6. deal cod it to vonsanden plz thanks
  7. necklace of focus (Ql 75 seryll). How much to cod this?
  8. 71.41 woa 81 2s cod to vonsanden plz
  9. Would you be willing to cod me this for a total of 30 silver?
  10. The rare 2 hander for 10s
  11. nvm
  12. See Title and leave youre offer here or in pm I prefer it to be high ql and enchanted
  13. fine fishing rod, willow 70ql COC79 - 75c stone chisel, iron 90ql BOTD93 - 2s45c shovel, iron 70ql WOA78 - 60c shovel, iron 70ql WOA78 - 60c rake, iron 19ql COC72 - 40c rake, iron 19ql COC75 - 45c pickaxe, iron 70ql BOTD79 - 90c hatchet, steel 8ql COC84 - 70c carving knife, iron 70ql WOA83 - 75c carving knife, iron 26ql COC92 - 1s20c lantern, iron 90ql RGB245 (white) - 1s20c large rat pelt 100ql 0dmg COC90 - 1s20c toolbet, leather 90ql - 1s cod to Vonsanden plz
  14. Iron Stone Chisel 80q 93coc 2s cod to vonsanden plz
  15. QL 89.8 Rare Short Sword LT91 C82 N79 Ms75 (10s) QL 90 Willow Fine fishing rod c98 (330c) cod to vonsanden plz