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  1. whats the pay rate? hrly? I have 99 digging
  2. Name and Shame: Oblivionnreaver

    Fantastic bone vs random peoples feelings hmmm
  3. WTS Jukimo account

    Lets get back to the topic of giving me money
  4. WTS Jukimo account

    gotta have that money baby
  5. WTS Jukimo account

    still for sale, someone throw me like 2 grand thanks
  6. WTS Jukimo account

    bump still taking offers.
  7. Fix Stealth

    I've done lots of testing with stealth, and I can assure you it works quite mechanically well, just ask the loads of people who have died to me because of it.
  8. Patch Notes 14/AUG/18

    dat lockpicking buff tho
  9. WTS Jukimo account

  10. WTS Jukimo account

    Be the best
  11. WTS Jukimo account

  12. hey bud, I hope ur getting paid for doing this
  13. WTS Jukimo account

  14. WTS Jukimo account

    Still for sale
  15. WTS Jukimo account