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  1. So.. mend

    btw I was just trolling with the catapult anything, I was hoping the noob would make some post saying he blew up his rare items or something lmao
  2. So.. mend

    fixed that for you
  3. So.. mend

    keep playing around with it, I could tell you exactly how to do it, but I'd rather not, gotta keep it interesting
  4. So.. mend

    ql of the item you shoot does not matter, although i'd suggest keeping ur effective ql above 25 to avoid shatter chance upon firing. for items lower then 25ql I reccomend using a lava tile, it might not be the quickest but it will achieve the result you desire.
  5. So.. mend

    im able to do 20 dmg to items I fire out of a catapult, just tested this
  6. So.. mend

    if ur only doing that little damage you need to modify how you shoot
  7. So.. mend

    you still can use mend, just use a catapult to lower its quality
  8. who says its a bad play style? Is that your personal opinion? My personal opinion is that they should exist, in my opinion the game should stop being modified every time a player cries about something.
  9. -1 bring perma death back for champs
  10. tangleweave? Whats your next response? "I can't tangleweave if im not a priest, priests are op" you mean to tell me that a magic user can out magic a non magic user? wow!
  11. Keep em coming lads and ladets
  12. Fantastic bone vs random peoples feelings hmmm