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  1. Wurm VR?

    I hope I'm not going to spoil the surprise, but in case someone is planning on buying VR set for Christmas to play WO: You won't be able to perform most of the actions in VR mode. You'll be able to use the 'repeat last action' feature to do things like cutting trees and mining. It is going to be a vital part of 'exploration update'. The idea behind it is - you can build your deed and neighbourhood in 'normal mode' and then switch to VR to look around and admire what you've built. You will be also able to sail the seas, 'rivers' and canals. Imagine getting on crow nest of your caravel and just sailing around discovering other people projects. I'm not sure how fighting is going to be implemented, but it is possible to use current system and manually target mobs and other players legs, head, arms etc. The accuracy of attacks will still be based on your skill, but it will allow you to go hunting in VR without the need of mouse and keyboard. This information is not confirmed and I'm not in any way associated with Code Club and Game Chest.
  2. THIS! Can we please add more skin colours? It's 2020...
  3. I would say so, I didn't have any problems logging in during the launch (well, when servers actually went live). I've met some of those players over the decade I played wurm and I think they deserve response.
  4. No, it's about bunch of long time players who couldn't log in to Wurm for few days straight during steam launch, because of network error. I was hoping they got compensation or at least any response from staff member.
  5. Bump Any updates on this one? Anyone contacted you guys?
  6. You don't actually play on a phone, you stream it to your phone.
  7. Sure... another server, lol... There's always spike in new players when new server starts, next year this time you will end up with maps full of ruins and nobody in local for days if you keep adding new maps. Maybe improve server performance instead? That would help the game and population waaaay more than those temporary fixes. There's plenty of space and almost no lag (except Xanadu) up north... Sure you can try to keep those mythical 11k players for the rest of the year just feeding them new maps every time there's a server lagging or you could focus on long term solutions and finally start advertising this game with all this cash you got from steam launch! I'd rather see 11k new players over the next 3 years, than over the next month.
  8. I'm really sorry for you Gumbo. You're here since I can remember, hope they will get things sorted out for you and others who love Wurm and couldn't play for so long. I get frustrated when servers are down for half an hour, can't imagine how you guys must have felt. That's outrageous...
  9. I guess 'old server only' events or features would be awesome. Something to help the grind perhaps? New server gets +30% skillgain during event and old one gets +90%? This way old cluster would be more fitted for people who wants to see their projects coming to life sooner. Old accounts could finally get those 100 skills and titles, that they always wanted :D.
  10. Wow, that's a lot of passive aggression. Impressive! (I'm actually impressed, not being sarcastic or anything like that. Somehow your signature fits perfectly the way you write. Would love to see your twitter if you have one!) I guess... keep on Wurming!
  11. It happens when the wood type changes. It might work as intended.
  12. How would you know that? It's that Code Club official position or just your personal thoughts?
  13. A lot of people won't stick. Be patient. New server at this point would be an obvious money grab.
  14. -1 Let's not spread this population thin, like at the old cluster.
  15. Epic Fail

    But most of MMO at least tries to have successful launch. Client update and resurrection of GV at the launch - there was 15k people with wurm on wishlist? GV can't handle more than 80 at the same time... There should be special forum title here - White Knight...