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  1. Ok, there's always problems with animations and sometimes all items seems dyed (but I don't know how to reproduce it, it seems random, but I tried to change settings a lot lately): Also, I just checked and there's no rarity glow or colours on dyed items with GLSL on / off. Is there separate setting to turn it on?
  2. Client is very buggy with GLSL on, it's much better without it, but when it's disabled I can't see colours on dyed items and no rarity glow. On stable client I can play with GLSL on and there's no problems. Will you get it fixed before release of unstable? I play on Archlinux, Radeon rx 460 4GB with AMD-GPU drivers (the only version, that seems to work with unstable).
  3. Hi guys! I'm buying Valrei mission items (under 90dmg), you can CoD it Boldheart without asking. Paying 20c each! Thank you! Got enough, thanks!
  4. -1 for compass markers in Wurm But maybe new non drop item, that allows you to cast Locate Settlement on PvE every 30 minutes for 24h?
  5. Did you try to raise this tile with concrete and then dig it up again? It may help.
  6. No, it shouldn't. Just make sure you upload it as an update to the same character (don't start new one).
  7. I know we have Golden Valley and there's a tutorial there, but, I'm sorry, it's bad. It's better, but still feels like interactive novel. Well, interactive is a big word, because you can't actually interact with world there. You can just walk, watch and read. So, after passing the tutorial, newbie is being sent straight away to wilderness and getting killed. Come on, what other MMO kills their players in the first hour of gameplay? No map, no way to navigate back to corpses in the forest. At least when I started playing, there wasn't much of spare space on Independence around The Howl and I haven't met any aggressive mobs for the first 5 hours? If I would end up on starting deed surrounded by forest and ruins of past glory, wandering for hours without meeting other players and getting killed frequently - I wouldn't be here today, 9 years later, writing this post. Wurm is a sandbox, but it used to be a community simulator. Can we please keep new players on GV (or new tutorial server) for longer? Let them join a village (Wurm Academy) run by some experienced players (CA's), let them gather some resources, learn how to make tools. Set quality caps on items there, boost decay by 300% on constructions, keep it small so newbies would actually see other players. Spawn some wild cats, rats, mountain lion etc. Build Zoo there, build Colosseum, show bridges, ships, different PMK wagons and a lots of decoration items, maybe underground city? Show them, that the game isn't (only) about dying in forest (at least not after couple of weeks of playing) looking at decade old UI. Ultima was awesome game, but ultimately died... Advertising is pointless at this moment, because player retention is so low and first impressions don't help at all (also I haven't seen single Wurm Ad on Internet, we're not even on Ubuntu Software Centre, come on, it's free for God sake).
  8. I'm afraid we're all dead, Jackals won...