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  1. Weird thing is - doesn't matter how many times I mark emails from Wurm as 'not a spam' new ones always end up in spam folder on Gmail.
  2. @Retrogradedo you guys have any marketing / advertisement budget? Or is it solely based on volunteering?
  3. Yes, he is paying for it, it's paid advertisement. Sorry, I thought it's clear. We've noticed large influence of new players on polish Discord. I'm not following this guy, but FB decided to show me his ad. I just appreciate, that he decided to pay to promote Wurm (well... I know he paid to promote himself, but he could choose more popular game for the ad).
  4. This ad just showed on my facebook feed: ('Sponsorowane' = sponsored) I've checked him out, he's a polish player. Well... technically silesian. Well done! I think it's the first ad featuring Wurm Online I've seen and I was shocked. Where else have you seen Wurm advertised?
  5. There's a file called 'LaunchConfig.ini' in your Wurm Unlimited Server directory. You can assign there maximum RAM you want your server to use (MaxHeapSize), default value is 2048. I know PingPerfect doesn't give you an access to this file, because 'anyone could put there whatever value they want to!' - lol . The problem is - when you buy extra memory for your server, there's a huge chance they won't update this file, so you don't really get what you paid for. So... if your server is still laggy after buying more RAM - make sure to check if your provider updated this file (you can check how much RAM is your server using in logs). Happy Wurming!
  6. Well, my original suggestion was different. What about promissory notes or better - bills of exchange? Make the transaction now and pay with one of those when you ready!
  7. Okay, let's try again :). Buy original account now and gift it now to your friend (before 1st of March). Obviously don't play on this account after 1st of March.
  8. If you want to keep any original accounts for your friends - buy it now and gift it to them. They can use it whenever (or if) they decide to come back. -1 for the idea, let's not complicate it more
  9. Server started on 21st December 2019. The original ad was posted on WU subreddit. We don't want people who are just looking through WU servers to join. You should at least read Server Documentation before you start, preferably join our Discord channel. Link to discord is also in server name. We prefer quality over quantity .
  10. Reserved Spawn Town Stories by Arathok: The Horde Stories by Archer Visit our Discord Channel for most recent stories and updates - Join 'With Our Own Hands' and write your own stories! Let's make history together!
  11. "This Wurm Unlimited server project is my attempt at doing something for the gaming community and building something big online. Best thing that can happen is a community of players finding new friends." This is a server open for everyone who is looking for like minded players, enjoying a round of wurm or finding new friends to play with and build something meaningful together and serves as a place where you can retreat from the stressful life and dive into the world of Wurm and be whoever you want to be." - Arathok [GM] Server Features: - Custom 2k Map - X3 Skill, X4 timer - 25% Aggro, 25k Animals (going up systematically) - Free Deed - Lowered Upkeep - No Priest Restrictions - Libila available for everyone - Bounties and burning corpses for Karma! - Treasure Map Hunting! - Hunt of the Ancients - Password Protected - Get your crafting skill to 50 and get a free Merchant! - Monthly in-game meetings, democracy and voting on server matters. - Friendly GM and community! Hardcore Start: - All Skills start at 1. - Characteristics start at 7. - Starter Gear - Shovel, few branches, some rocks and pocket money. Important Links: Discord - Custom Map: Current Mods [13/01/2020]: Server Skills Progress [13/01/2020]: Server Password:
  12. Does it mean I won't be able to cast Oakshell on myself on PvE? That would be a shame, cause I really enjoy playing my naked berserk monk... I'm glad priest overhaul is finally happening. Well done!
  13. Well, I've been on early morning Rifts, where there was 6-7 of us fighting. Staying in Rift Area and actually doing damage to mobs instead of leaving every 3-4 minutes makes the difference. It's not about being 1st on the list, it's about closing the Rift so it's not open for 3-4 hours. Also I agree, Rift feels like grind, not like a fun event. Especially when there's more than 20 people participating and they're tagging.
  14. Update failed

    Yeah, got the same couple minutes ago, seems fixed now.