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  1. Does it mean I won't be able to cast Oakshell on myself on PvE? That would be a shame, cause I really enjoy playing my naked berserk monk... I'm glad priest overhaul is finally happening. Well done!
  2. Well, I've been on early morning Rifts, where there was 6-7 of us fighting. Staying in Rift Area and actually doing damage to mobs instead of leaving every 3-4 minutes makes the difference. It's not about being 1st on the list, it's about closing the Rift so it's not open for 3-4 hours. Also I agree, Rift feels like grind, not like a fun event. Especially when there's more than 20 people participating and they're tagging.
  3. Update failed

    Yeah, got the same couple minutes ago, seems fixed now.
  4. I think he meant the cost of gems? I play Sme priest as a main for couple of months already and I burn through 20-40 full 30ql+ gems per Rift. I know I could use altars for favor, but what's the point of playing as a battle mage if I would need to go to altar every 3 minutes to sacriface some veggies? Also, for Gods sake, can someone fix bracelets? It's been 1.5 year since it was promised to be done 'soon'. Thanks!
  5. Nope. That's good tactic, but won't get you to the top of participation list if someone else is tagging. You don't need to be engaged with dying creature to get points. I tested it. You only need to be engaged once with mob (so it's enough to swing, you don't need to deal any dmg) to get points from killing it when it dies. I'm not to sure about being in combat range, but what is the combat range? IMO around 4-5 tiles. Oblivionnreaver might be right as well (about not having to swing at mob at all).
  6. It doesn't really work as you think. You can still play tagging game and a lot of people do. Usually you fight in a group and there's sometimes 5-20 mobs in your range every pull, so people just target, wait for a swing (you don't need to hit) and then target another mob, wait, and target another and another and another until 'pull' is finished. Rinse and repeat. You can get 60 participation this way with multiple alts without even getting in real danger, it's all about timing, binding target and remembering what mobs you've already 'scored'.
  7. @Retrograde Maybe we could also get update on bracelets not working properly? It's been 476 days since Budda wrote:
  8. Stop trying to make Wurm easier - its already couple times easier since I started playing. Keep Wurm special and niche.
  9. Yeah, I lost couple of banners already. Please, bring it back!
  10. +1 Can we make it priority? Together with fixing other broken mechanics (bracelets anyone?)?
  11. Well, I'm grinding stone cutting at the moment and my stone chisel went from 89CoC when I bought it to: [12:10:58] Circle of Cunning has been cast on it, so it will increase skill gained with it when used. [72] I would say in 2 weeks, but actually I'm fine with it. I just wished there would be something to do with 70+ casts, since nobody is really buying them anymore. Maybe add enchants to base price so I could reuse the favor on my priest? I will grind some more today and will give you exact numbers how fast CoC is coming down. Edit: I'm also grinding pottery on other toon, 1-28 pottery, without sleep bonus with low ql, 90+CoC tools: Spatula 90 -> 90 Shaper 90 -> 90 Water 94 -> 94 Clay 93 -> 92 Not so bad.
  12. Well, until now I thought it's normal and never paid much attention to it.
  13. PC: 400-500 euro IMO Really nice skills, couple of years ago you would get much more for it.
  14. Ok, there's always problems with animations and sometimes all items seems dyed (but I don't know how to reproduce it, it seems random, but I tried to change settings a lot lately): Also, I just checked and there's no rarity glow or colours on dyed items with GLSL on / off. Is there separate setting to turn it on?