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  1. Rather than removing a function on account of what clearly is harassment and abuse of the function, I would rather see the database include the player's unique ID tagged on when coins are named. Color added to highlight the proposed solution. The culprit should then be held accountable in whatever is deemed suitably painful. I would personally delete their existence entirely but I'm mean and have no patience. If that causes some of you to "cry" (as seems to be the popular term) because it's the internet and you should get to be a moron... don't fret. You can still be a moron, you just can't be that much of a moron more than once.
  2. I like the idea of being able to forecast weather conditions ahead of time so we can plan ahead. Being able to do things while hanging out on a boat would be nice too, such as imping as Amber suggested or I've seen someone else somewhere suggesting fishing while sailing. I'd rather see things added to sailing to make it more interesting than seeing things removed from sailing. It's a cool facet of the game that seems pretty unique. The variety of boats could also affect what someone can do while travelling. I wouldn't want to cook on my sailboat, but kinda seems like a caravel has plenty of room for all kinds of options. It would be nice to make better use of its long distance purposes.
  3. Not a good idea to force a merge. Somehow I just don't see General Patton and John Lennon looking forward to spending some quality time playing Wurm together. Would you really want to be the mediator putting them in the same room, then coming up with a set of rules they're both going to be happy with and they'll suddenly sing coombaya while loading up the M60? Do they ride off into the sunset in the Sherman or the flower-painted VW? You're entering a world of hurt here, a world of hurt. Just put the rule book down and back away slowly, there's still time.
  4. oh, thank goodness. For a minute there when I saw the title, I thought Wurm had been sold to Netdevil. WB.
  5. Or, maybe, some people have a different but equally valid point of view from your own. I did look up the definition of the word smug to confirm my suspicion after reading what you wrote, and you do a very good impression of the very thing you're accusing others of. About the topic... It's nice to see some numbers. While it certainly wouldn't bother me to see more mobs out there, I do very much like the idea of different servers/continents offering different experiences. It makes it more worthwhile to even have different servers in my opinion. I've had much more reason to use my tracking skill, as low as it is, on Xanadu than I ever had before and I've enjoyed that. To me, sitting in a blind with a 12-pack of Budweiser picking off an abundance of animals as they happen to walk by is not hunting. Every definition of hunt involves searching, pursuing, scouring, chasing, etc. Again, by all means, more mobs is fine, but please don't demand your experience on Xanadu be just like the experiences you've had on every other server in the many decades you've been playing Wurm. So far, the experience I've had on Xanadu has felt more authentic (in some ways) than what I've experienced on other servers. It's a nice change of pace. No doubt the experiences I've had in the past are still very much available in the places I had them to begin with. I've never valued a few simple pelts as much as I do now. I've never had the kind of satisfaction tracking bison, then catching bison, while avoiding the bear tracks I found, before Xanadu. No, I won't be frying up hundreds of meals in an attempt to synthetically raise my cooking skill. Meat is at a premium. My cooking skill will rise organically. No, I won't grind my way through an abundance of animals to raise my fighting skill as quickly as possible. I do have the option of travelling, adventuring, my way over to a more dangerous continent if I decide I must raise my fighting skill faster. I even have the option of travelling all the way to Chaos if I feel my dying skill needs a grind. It's okay for something to be different than what you've always known, particularly since what you've always known is still very much available. It's also okay for people to enjoy adapting to something new, even if you don't.
  6. Stumps

    I like this idea a lot. I think the stumps are graphically a nice touch. It's like trees actually falling, it's not necessary but it's a nice bit of immersion. I also wish we could use stumps for something. Carve them into a statue, or use them as a base for a large flower pot, etc. Right now, they are a nuisance but I think they're worth salvaging.
  7. Makes sense. Friend of mine got lag on Serenity as I chatted with him from Xanadu, where I also lagged to a freeze for a minute or two. Not server specific.
  8. Please close

    I'm going to venture a guess that it's 10s per... but luckily dreaming is free ::edit:: pretty sure even Captain Obvious could have figured out the intent on this one
  9. Would love to see this happen. I had designed a house with this on the 3D house planner thing, only to find it didn't work in-game. Granted, they're probably stored as fences in some database so it might be more complicated than I can really imagine since they need to have different properties than a wall, but I'd still really like to see it happen
  10. I was under the impression you could not use gates inside buildings on the first floor, only on higher floors is allowed? Or maybe the first floor is not allowed only on outside walls? Would change my plans if we can. Don't mean to derail the thread though +1 to ideas in the OP.
  11. those look awesome! I'll be staying far away from them. About the screenshot, when did Lieutenant Commander Data start playing Wurm?
  12. Breeding issues

    Hi, I live very close to Cista so figured I'd chime in with what I've experienced thus far. Got 3 mares pregnant, once each. One has given birth. The foal has 3 good traits, no bad. The other two mares do seem to be taking their time in comparison, but I haven't been very scientific about keeping track. It does appear it's taking longer than the number of days indicated. The mare that has given birth has not been willing to party since, though both horses are "Venerable" so not 100% if the mare or the stud is the problem. Weirdly, the mare and stud that spawned the foal did refuse to breed the first time I tried. They went ahead the next day and wound up the first to birth. I've gotten one cow pregnant. Gave birth to 1 male calf who "will fight fiercely." Not sure if that's a good trait but I like it. She has not been in the mood since. Gotten 2 bison pregnant by one bison dude, one of them last night. Waiting on the births. Not sure if it has any effect beyond XP but I do tend each animal at the very least once every real life day. If there is a cap based on geographic area, please report back and I'll cease all breeding until neighbors are set. I'll not experiment or breed any animals further until I hear back. I would hate to be affecting a neighbor's business as I myself have no prospects on profit! Good luck to all.
  13. Xaniacs comes to mind. Somehow would rather be an onion than a potato, but then potatoes did manage to keep another mythical island alive (reckon with a good pint of Guinness or four), so who am I to argue with that. Withholding my vote though, as in the end it's unlikely I'll consider myself anything other than Teksan
  14. Found Foal

    Near Double Oak Ranch at ~H8. Aggressive and unually strong-willed so might be a release, but wanted to make sure. Contact in game if you live around the area and lost a foal.