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  1. I'm kind of liking it. @Loneshade I agree with your take on the learning curve. Poking around on the forums here it seems like almost everybody I once knew is pretty much gone, but if there's a group of current or ex-Wurm players that are interested in MoE, particularly one of the official PvP servers drop a note in here. It might be fun to see a bunch of BL, MR, JK folks working together for once to fight for control of a server.
  2. I actually started to post here earlier to see if anybody was playing. It's pretty cool so far, pretty in depth some ways, kind of shallow in others. I'd probably be interested if somebody made a Wurm clan on one of the servers. Right now I'm just farting around solo on a personal server and on one of the public PvP ones.
  3. I'm afraid I don't quite get it. Over the course of the hour the proposal sounds like it's going from say 30 casts and 30 sacs to 25 casts and 1 big sac and 24 waiting for favor to fill sessions. Much less time sacing but more time spent waiting so fewer casts. Either you're staring at the screen waiting for the item to sac (current method) or you're staring at the screen waiting for some favor pool to refill (proposed method). Either way you're not casting and not getting skill or enchanted items. If they're identical in casts per hour what's the point. If the proposal results in fewer casts per hour it's a loser and if t's faster by say 10% then why not just reduce the sac time, surely takes less effort and generates the same rough result.
  4. Hmm, guess I'll have to wander back for this. Frankly really glad to see this. Be nice to see some old folks even if they're wearing a different name.
  5. There's a lot of reasons people don't play Wurm for long, the ability to buy a res stone probably ranks around #1034 on the list. The number one reason is that Wurm caters to people enjoy a long slow paced directionless game with fairly intangible rewards. That's a very minor subset of the gaming population, so folks outside that population try it, don't like it and quit. It's not a huge mystery.
  6. Is that hell horse from the plane of hell where My Pretty Ponies go when they die ? That's a lot of pink and purple or maybe my monitor is flaky. Nice work never the less :).
  7. I had expected to just fiddle around on Mystic and ultimately spend most of my time on Xanadu but I realized this morning I hadn't logged into Xanadu in weeks (I still carry 2 deeds and 3 prem players on WO and will continue simply because I want to continue to fund WO but how I spend my time is my business). I'm still very much enjoying playing here. Every weekend there's some form of community event. Last weekend was a fishing contest which sadly I had to miss due to some RL demands. The pace is slow, which I'm fine with. I like that I can't just wander around roflsmashing anything that gets in my way or throwing up a huge castle in a week. Everything you have matters, and a 35QL pick with no casts is your best possession. If you can only play a few hours a week and your goal is 'end game content' whatever that means this isn't a server for you, one of the 10x servers is a better fit but if you want to enjoy the journey as much or more than the destination Mystic is proving to be a fine server.
  8. Thanks a lot Nadroj, if somebody else had suggested it we probably would have gotten it along with magic unicorn shoes, but no, you had to bring it up and now we'll have to wait 2 years and it will likely involve a change to chieftain titles.
  9. I've been on the server for a bit over a week now. Most of the folks I used to know in WO are gone, there's not much I haven't done or can't do easily in WO so I figured I'd give it a shot. It's not quite like starting from scratch was years ago but it's certainly enjoyable to face actual hardship. The community is very good and server is quite a bit more responsive than Xanadu. Wulfrock and company are doing an excellent job responding to players but not coddling them, in that sense they're much like WO GMs, they'll tell you how to get out of a jam but not wizcast you out. The economy and need to pay for deeds is just steep enough to make money worthwhile but easy enough that it's not a grind. All in all, for me at least, it's breathed new life into my Wurm interest. So if you want to try something different that's more along the lines of survival with a purpose than Wurm PVE normally is I'd definitely give it a shot.
  10. I have to say I don't see the reasoning (technical or subjective) for treating canned recipes and the ability to add recipes as mutually exclusive. It sure seems as if WU should have a wide swath of base recipes, heck maybe even the same ones that WO has *and* the ability to add some. If it's possible for a server owner to create a large list and add it then presumably it's possible for the base server install to add it. I could see a 'keep the recipes a secret' argument if WO and WU had released at the same time but by now the WO recipe cat is out of the bag, has wandered down the street and narrowly avoided getting run over by a car. It will be as it will be but I don't really get it.
  11. I like it. One of the more original ideas I've seen in quite some time.